Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Giveaway, Latest Fabletics Loot, and Do you Know about Keep Collective???

My 300th post on the bloggy!  Who knew!?!?  

I'm thinking that entails a celebration.  Which basically means we need a giveaway.   Yes?    

Howza bout a box of Spark and my beloved Catalyst?      Never tried Spark?    You can read about why you need it here.  

These two go together like peanut butter and...everything.. so clearly I can't give away one without the other.

To enter... All ya gotta do is leave a comment on the FB page and tell me where you're from!  Easy peasy.  I did this on the Insta awhile back and I loved reading your responses.   

I'll have one of the future runners that I'm breeding randomly draw a name.  Just like we did for the virtual turkey trot.


Latest goods.

I seriously love the Salar capris and think I have about 5 or 6 versions between the pants and capris.   Great compression, and super fun prints and colors.     Yes.  

Okay, my new obsession would be the Oula tanks.   They fit amazing and are $19.  Seriously.     Remember how I used to buy Lululemon Cool Racerbacks on the reg for double that price, then some?   Yeah, haven't done that in months.  These are awesome for running, crossfit, boxing, name it.   No built in bra so you can wear whatever your tatas need for the workout at hand.   The quality is awesome.   'Specially for less than a twenty spot.   

Now this t-shirt... it somehow ended up in my cart on a whim.   I don't love it but it was cheap and I'll find something to do with it.   At this point, I feel like it's more work than it's worth to fill out the special paper and send it back.    Ya feel???

So yes, still loving Fabletics and completely look forward to the 1st of the month in order to see the new releases.

Next up... Do you guys know about Keep-Collective?     

I didn't either.    But now I do and mamacita likey.  

My girlfriend on the west coast discovered this little gem and has been posting the most ridiculously adorbsy and customizable stuff.   "Adorbsy"...  I just made that word up and I'm real sorry but it works so let's go with it...

 So yes, I'm obsessed with the wrap watches, the mesh bracelets, and a zillion and one other things.   Oh and adorable little gifts for bridal showers, a bachy party, a new bambino...the options are endless, really.   Stay tuned for my latest goods.   

Local friends, I'm hosting a little shin dig in a few weeks so giddy up.   We'll get the selfie stick out and everything.    Obvi.

And lastly... my friend (hi Meg!) who is kinda like the Pioneer Woman, but not really, sent me this spicy shredded pork recipe today.

Oh em gee.

Okay, this is clearly the Pioneer Woman's pic.

She's fancy with her pics and everything.   However, I've already snuck a couple bites of mine and you's ridic.    Obviously, I'll post a pic of the finished product on the Insta later.

Disclaimer...her recipe calls for 1/4 c of brown sugar.    I opted for the poisonous version and used this.

Splenda trolls, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.        I own the fact that I put the poisonous splenda in this recipe so I'm serious, you can't be mad.   Or send me mean splenda emails.      It's practically illegal.   And sorry, not sorry but 1/4 c of brown sugar blend splenda probably won't kill me.
  Actually, it might....but so might everything else...

   Like the sun and the cell phone that's glued to my palm and my favorite lotion and my favorite seasonal gum and my kids Laffy Taffy that I steal and the fact that I lifeguarded my way through high school and college and the fact that the Chipotle meat scooper may or may not have washed his hands after he used the bathroom.
Know what I mean?    Risks everywhere peeps.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

So yes, we do the best we can.    Live life, hope for the best, and use the brown sugar splenda if we want to.

It's 46 degrees and practically summer here in the C-Bus, OH.   And since I'm basically a weather man.... I have reason to believe we're moving on up to the 50's this week.    This pretty much equals runners in shorts everywhere.   I'm serious.  Florida people, I know you'd be wearing your lined running tights in this situation but us, we're shedding layers!  And happy as clams about the whole thing.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

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