Monday, February 16, 2015

The Weekend and my Current Trader Joe's Obsessions

Hi friends!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.  Ummm… did I tell you it's truly 1 degree here in the 614?   As in ONE?    This equals nothing good.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   Crossfit Filthy Fifty.  Ummm…has anyone else endured this torture?   Allow me to share….

I realize that looking at this doesn't look all that terrifiying.   However, I assure you that we were all stroking out by the second exercise.   Basically.

Saturday-     90 Minute Power Hour class at Title Boxing Club

Oh and it was a special event, which involved the most amazing DJ ever and mimosas at the end.   Ummm..if that's not the perfect way to workout, I don't know what is.

 I'm in the baseball hat and basically as close as possible to the music.  

Sunday- 5 mile treadmill run

So I was supposed to run in this 15 mile race

But remember how I said it was legit 1 degree?   Oh and the windchill is -20 or some crazyness. 
I've never backed out of a race in the history of running.  However, even I'm not this certifiable, which is shocking to even myself.   I just couldn't bear it.  No bueno.  

What else?   

Some post workout crossfit shenans…

Wearing my new favorite sweatshirt.  Like every second.   Local friends, I'm real sorry.   You're gonna see a lot of this until the weather turns.   #SNS

Loving on this little Valentine.   The big one was too cool for the pic.

Galavanting around Trader Joe's…

Sooo… I've got some new fave's that I pretty much can't get enough of.   Let's talk about 'em, wanna?

Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snack

These are seriously 99 pennies.    Low calorie, low carb and kill a sushi, salt craving.    They're ugly as sin so don't look at 'em.  But I swear they're delicious.

Beet Hummus

I realize this makes no sense.   The consistency isn't even really "hummus-ey"  (Hummes-ey is obvi not a word….but now it is…)   This stuff is beautiful!  And slightly sweet but not over the top.   I loved it from first dip but could see how it could be an acquired taste.  It's cheap.  And different.  Buy it tomorrow.

Cashew Butter

If you saw my post on the Insta (Advorunner) this weekend, you know I'm basically not even qualified to have this in my house.  You know, like a normal human being.   I simply can't stay out of this.    It feels like more of a treat than peanut butter (#whoami?).  It's actually low sugar and not all that ridiculous.  I drained the oil from the top before I stirred in order to lose some fat and cals.   #fakehealthy

TJ's Coconut Body Butter

I think I've mentioned this before but I feel that it needs reiterating.   This stuff is $5.   It feels like it's $25.  It smells amazing.    Is so rich and hydrating.   I love it year round.   It's amazing in the summer after being in the sun and just as amazing in the winter when our skin is as dry as a Tyrannosaurus.   Y'all need this.   TJ's also comes out with seasonal versions, which I always bite on.   However, the classic is my favorite.

Crisy Broccoli Florets

These are addicting.  Basically a perfect potato chip fix.  Only it's broccoli.   Perfectly savory and crunchy.  I also use these for salads.   Oh and my kids love them.   #winning.

Horseradish Hummus

This has been around for awhile but dang, I love it.   45 calories per serving and a ton of personality.    Hot and horseradishy but not over the top.  I put this on everything from my egg scramble, to salads, to my wraps.   Good stuff.

Our TJ's is expanding and it seems like new items pop up speedier than normal, which is making me super happy.

S'all for now.   Hope you guys had a funderful weekend and are staying warm.    And if you don't need to stay warm because you live in Floridia, California, or Arizona…  I can't even hate on you…just know I've got a huge case of the peanut butter and Jellies..

Laters Babes..

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  1. My kids and I love the wasabi seaweed. Good choice!