Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Sentiments / Weekend Wrap Up/ Florida Highlights

Look at me being all timely with my Sunday Sentiments!!

Ready for the longest post ever?    Get comfy.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  Crossfit.  Didn't die. Almost did.   Lesson learned.  Never take 5 days off from Crossfit again.   You might die.   And feel like you're on the Biggest Loser.  And basically feel like you've never worked out a day in your life.  Ever.
Speaking of Crossfit, any of my Crossfit readers signed up for the Crossfit Open?   #onlikedk

Saturday-   Quick 5k and the inaugural ride on the spin bike.

Nothing unusual 'bout a spin bike in the bedroom.     Everybody knows that.

Sunday-   6 mile run.   It was balmy and 50 here in the 614.  My hands were tied.

Sooo…. the 3 day mini cleanse….

If you missed the goods on this, go check out my Facebook page.  

At any rate, it was a quick, easy, effective way to get back to reset from too much goodness in Florida.

Feeling back to normal and ready to roll.

Weekend Highlights:

Weekends can't all be great….

My sweet gram, who is almost 100 years old is unfortunately on hospice and actively dying.   Spent the majority of Saturday driving to and from my old stomping grounds to spend some time with her and the family.    

Love this pic of her.   

 THEN, the big monkey  got the stomach bug.  You know, the kind with projectile vomiting.   
No bueno.    Spending today sanitizing and being paranoid that the rest of us are getting struck/ stricken (?) down at any moment.    Isn't that the universal rule of the stomach bug?  One person goes down….everybody goes down???
   The scene from the spin bike above was the start… Ya know, the scene of her wrapped as a burrito on my bed.      The first explosion occurred shortly thereafter.   

Not all horrible….

Had a fab time with good friends and little monkeys on Friday.

Lots of Shopkins negotiations went down.   Ummm…. are your kids obsessed with Shopkins?   Whoever thought these babies up is real lucky.  And rich.   

When my kiddos aren't negotiating a trade, they're basically watching Shopkins videos on YouTube.  Seriously. Where did these come from??
And how do these kids know every single one of them by name?   Yet, they forget to brush their teeth without prompting…hmmmmm….

Oh and bought a new computer so I can properly work and blog from the comfort of my bed.  #granny #comfortqueen #hibernation #sorrynotsorry

Oh and randomly signing up for random races.

Local friends, if you don't know about Granville, you need to.  I think I've talked about it before but need to reiterate that it's so dang cute.   Plus, what's not to love about running 15 miles there in the middle of February?  

Let's talk about some Florida highlights!

Had an amazing time visiting with the family.   

My time there included:


Logged 30 miles in that glorious Florida sun.    I couldn't resist the pavement, which is why I took 5 days off from Crossfit and almost died.   Originally I had planned to hit a CF box there and as predicted, couldn't resist the sun.

ps- Anyone else obsessed with Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy?

pss- Speaking of music…anyone else super pumped about the Grammy's tonight???  Currently watching the pre-show this very moment.    Hello pretties!

**Just lounging in big chairs on the beach and stuff…

**Acting like fools on boats at sunset.

**Loving new friends...

**And having so much fun with the family in general…

The pops and me...

A fabulous getaway indeed.   

On deck...

  ***I've got another Fabletics review as well as a StitchFix box or two that are both waiting for some air time. 

***More 24 Day Challenge peeps are starting over the next couple weeks.  Spring break coming up????    Be there.

Hope you all had a funderfull Sunday.   

See you in less than 48.


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