Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So What Wednesday!?! With Random Stories..

What What!?

Hey Cats!    As always, #hwgy!    Yes, here we go, yo is now a #!    I made it up and it's official.  And Real.  

***SO WHAT if I've had the kinda crazy week where I literally just had to stop mid post and say... 
"Wait…is today even Wedneday?!?"     Yes. Yes I did.

***SO WHAT if I'm fairly certain that the Bachelor is making me dumb??   I was glued (glued!) on Monday and felt like I could barely perform in the workplace on Tuesday.   Not kidding.      Sadly, I've roped many innocent bystanders back into this show.   I'm basically bringing down society as we know it.

***SO WHAT if I'm over these upcoming school V-Day parties that haven't even happened?    #curmudgeon #sns
A) Crocodile tears over less than perfect handwriting on Valentines?   Yes.    
B) Crocodile tears over some type of alleged writing or print marginally showing through tightly pink wrapped box prior to it being decorated?   Yes.
C) High on life and in love with box, Valentines, all things pertaining to said upcoming parties, love,  rainbows, unicorns, and puppies, all things Valentines and love and stuff just 5 minutes after crocodile tears?   Why, yes….
If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was dealing with a prepubescent girl.  
Lord, help me.
I'm serious, Lord.   
This is actually my moms fault.
She put this spell on me when I was just an innocent child myself.  She warned me that I'd have the same kinda drama in my life when I became a mom if I didn't simmer down and basically shut up and give her some peace.
  Well, now I feel like her spell was real.  
And I'm scared.   I'm real scared.
I'm kinda serious.

***SO WHAT if I ate cashews for dinner?   After the above said incident, nobody got time for anything but cashews.    And a glass of wine.   Keeping it real.

***SO WHAT if I'm majorly excited that so many of you are signing up for one of my favorite half marathons in the history of the world… The Cap City!
This race rocks and I'm super pumped to see some familiar faces.    Such a fun environment and the weather is cooperative and awesome.  
 ….Except for the year that I moved back to the 614 from out west..
  Ps-  did you guys know I used to live in Las Vegas?
 I loved that Vegas running weather and used to run like a gaselle in the morning in January in a tank like no big thang.   
Anyway, so I'm back in the C-bus… I decide that winter/ spring running will not defeat me.    I won't be defeated.  Not gonna happen.   The End.
I immediately sign up for the Cap City….
 Legit snow storm.  
We were running in 5-6 inches of snow that never stopped.     This was approximately 2005.   Please tell me I'm not the only person who remembers this travesity? 
However, every year since then… the weather? Perfection.
In summary, sign up if you're on the fence.  You'll love this race.

I've still got Fabletics and StitchFix reviews ready for posting.   And a bunch of other shenans happening too.   Stay with me. And love me through it.  I'll be back within 48, per usual.

Laters Babes.

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