Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Our Valentine's Day Wishlist and A Question

Hi Loves!   

Back from the Flo-Rida and ready to roll….

Who wants to talk about Valentine's Day?   Ummm… every girl bloggy reader up in here.  That's who.

 Here's what we need…

Remember how I broke up with Lululemon?  Sometimes I take back everything I said and see cute people wearing cute things on the Instagram and then cave.   Like I did with these special pants.   Cuz they're cool in a zillion ways.    Right?
I'll be posting a selfie on the Insta the second they arrive.   Obvioulsy.

Now I don't own this watch…. But I want to.   Real bad.   It was basically made to be a Valentine's prezzy.   And the gold is gold but not in your face gold.    We all know this means it could be easily mixed with all metals like it ain't no thang.  

So Meghan is my friend.  And she has this fabulous little jewelry business.   And she gave me this adorable quatrifoil necklace for my (go's your)  birthday.      And it's the perfect little necklace for everything from big deal… to layering with long, bold necklaces.  Every time I wear this, which is basically 5 outta 7 days in some capacity, I get a compliment.  Y'all need this.  Even if you have to take matters in your own hands.    Affordable.  Adorable.  You need it.

Clearly, you need these in pink.    These are the headphones that I nearly cut a man on Black Friday to get.   I can't express my undying love for them.    They don't move and the sound is amazing.    Again.  You need them.  In pink.   Cuz it's Valentine's Day.  Plus, it'd be kind of amazing if we all had pink Beats.

Nike Pre Montreal Sneaker

Wanna look cool at any given moment?  Morning, noon, and night?  We need deeez.   We need them for distressed skinny jeans.   We need them for baggy boyfriend jeans.   We need them for black leggings and sweatshirts.   The universe wants us to have these.
 Now our problem is, the universe knows that everyone needs these and they're sold out in all the good sizes.   Everywhere.  Basically.

Tory Burch Kira Mini Chain

You guys, I hate that this little perfect bag is $250.   I do.
So allow me to defend her….
   Tory Burch doesn't play and her quality is legit.    What this tells me is that this bag would be with us till the end of time.   Plus, she's timeless.   And pink.  And just like the KS watch…she was made to be a V-Day prezzy.     Plus, look at her.  She really wants to be.

StitchFix Gift Card

What better way to try the StichFix?    Although I'm a certifiable StitchFix addict…. I got a gift card for my birthday…(Thanks Dana!)  and it was like money in the bizzaink.   Honestly, it thrilled me to the bone.   So yes, on the fence?   You need a SF gift card.

The Perfect Pajamas

I realize that anything from Victoria's Secret is so cliche and predictable for V-Day.
  You guys can't even be annoyed at me for this gift since I acknowledged it beforehand and everything.
  However, the hibernating/ comfort conisurour/ pajama hoarder that I am…calls it like it is.
VS "The Cotton Mayfair's" have it going on.   In many ways. I'm serious.
   Worth the price tag?  
  Do you wanna be happy, warm, cute, and comfortable?   All at the same time?
 I think we've got our answer then.

See you back in a sec for a small Florida recap and the goods on my bootleg 3 day cleanse.  

Laters Babes.

PS-   You guys, I'm reading Gone Girl and down.
Why did no one tell me about this book?????
 How have I been living in the 2010's this long and not know that everyone else in the free world was reading and talking about Gone Girl??

Well, I'm sure people did mention it.
 However,  I didn't listen because I'm like this…

And a lot. but mostly sometimes.


But seriously.   I'm already having premeditated saddness about this book being over.

What's next?
I need something similar.
I'm serious.
Gimme some recs, babers.

Laters Babers….For real this time.




  1. The author of Gone Girls other books are awesome too- Sharp Objects & Dark Places.

    1. Nicole, someone else recently suggested the same! Thx!

  2. Yat we can be twins in our matching lulu's!!! I cannot wait to rock them again, and for a night out too!!!

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