Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It's been a minute since I stole my girl Jen's Thursday Thoughts button.   So let's do dis.

1.   Ummm…. my ALL IN 24 Day Challenge peeps are already killing it.   This I know for sure.    Still want in?  There is still time.  Want a discount?  Still time for that too.   You guys know the drill…  
 I'm back on the clean eating plan big time but am not starting the full challenge until Monday.   I have more birthday celebrations this weekend.   I know.     A wise friend just told me that I'm gonna be 41 by the time I'm done celebrating this 40th birthday, 'o mine.   Yes.  And???

2.   This is currently happening.

See that part in the middle of the state where it says Columbus with a 4?   As in degrees?   4 degrees?  As in 1,2,3,4…?    My house is right there.    Basically I live on the 4.   And it's 4 in the middle of the day.   Not at 5 a.m.   At 5 a.m. it's negative 10.  Or something else ridic.

I don't remember this kind of cold since I complained about it this exact time last year.   Lord Jesus.

This also means I've been drinking Coffecinno like it's my j-o-b.   And then some.

3.  Sooo I had the pleasure of going to a Serbian Christmas celebration last night and what a cool experience that turned out to be.  Basically the Christian (Serbian) Orthodox religion celebrates Christmas on January 7th, just like my/ our December 25th.   It's a production for sure.   The food, the noise, the homemade vino, the cheer, the openness, the traditions..
The meat…. Copious amounts of it.   Yes, please, thanks.
 Almost like my beloved Schwarma, only bettah.   And I'm pretty sure it had been cooking for days. 
 Such a fun experience.   And by the end, I think I almost had myself convinced that I'm Serbian too.   Kinda not kidding.
As an adult, I've attended and currently attend a mostly non-denomonimational Christian-based church.   Christian traditions, if you will.   So cool to see inside the Christmas celebration of something so different than what I know.

Readers…do any of you practice anything of the such?  There are bloggy readers as far away as China (can ya believe that?) up in here.    Certainly we've got somethin'.  

4.    I keep almost  pulling the trigger on  this Run 2,015 in 2015 Challenge that's all over the innerwebs.


Ya even get a cool medal and everything.


So there is an option to do it all on your own, an option to split it with a parter, or an option to run 3 or 4 man teams.

My problem is that I'm #certifiable and won't be satisfied unless I do it all on my own.

My other problem is that I really don't have the time or desire to run 2,015 miles when I live by the 4.  (see above).

However, some of this could be done on the dready.   It's Jan 8th and I've already logged 33 miles.   So that's only 1,982 to go…. technically...

The bottom line…..

A)  Is anyone else that is also kinda crazy considering this?

B)  I need to decide like yesterday because again, it's already January 8th.

C)  I kinda want someone to tell me to "just do it" so I can sign up and stop thinking about it.

5.   Who is watching the Bachelor?

Why am I watching the Bachelor?  I could have sworn I outgrew this.    But suddenly, there they are.   All pretty in their red dresses and I need to see what's happening.   And my girl Jen that I steal the button from already googled the winner.  Can you believe this?   Kinda reminds me of my other friend who googles the results of the Olympics well before they air.   In fact, I'll bet Jen does this too.

Alright, laters babers.   Off to Crossfit.   Mama needs muscles.

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  1. pull the trigger and RUN! i signed up. i ran just over 1500 last year, so this is a stretch but it can be done! also? the supposed winner of said bachelor? is my friend. :) good ol' louisville, KY girl (even though the city in which she currently resides is listed).