Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So What Wednesday!?

Aiyait…. Let's do this.

SO WHAT  if I drive around with the Annie soundtrack blaring and then sometimes suddenly realize that there are exactly zero kids in my car?!   Anyone?  So what if I don't even care and continue to belt out Hard Knock Life just like I did when I was 8?  

SO WHAT   if I sit in front of my Light Therapy Box for 30 minutes a day like a boss and I swear it's helping me..…think I'm in Aruba..…?    Seriously though, I think it works friends.  If you live in the tundra like me, do yourself an immediate solid and get yourself one of these.   Use it every morning while you're checking emails and screwing around on the Facebook.   You know I won't fail you.

SO WHAT if I don't know or care (is it even determined yet?!?) who is going to the Super Bowl?  College football is over.    I'm done. 
  Now if you're inviting me to a party with cute, special football snacks though...I might perk back up.

SO WHAT if I'm kinda obsessed with the relationship of  Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden?   Is this an odd pairing to anyone else?    Not hating, but….   I kinda think Cameron is the new George Clooney and will not be walking down the aisle anytime soon.   Ring or not.  Sorry, Benj.

SO WHAT if my friends are drinking this special juice for 3 days straight and I kinda need to know every detail??   They're on day 2.     Stand by for an update.  The girls that work there are super hot with sparkly skin and eyes so I can only assume this juice is magical.

SO WHAT if I have a ton of returns to make and the thought of driving across town makes me wonder if there is a service for this type of hassle?   Kidding.  
  Does anyone else hate returning as much as me?    I would almost rather get stuck behind a moving Buick sedan.  Both are equally time consuming.

See you cats soon!



  1. Uhh, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are married already.

    1. Jen, what would I do without you? Why do I still have difficulty accepting this story as truth?!