Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So What Wednesday! With Illustrations...

Hi loves!

Howza bout some SWW..with pics to boot?!   It's been a minute.

As always, here we go, yo...

**SO WHAT if I'm obsesssed with making meme's with the "one does not simply" generator?  For example, when my friend mentioned volunteering to pass out bibs at a race last weekend…I simply responded to the text with…

It's such a quick, articulate way to get your point across, ya see.

**SO WHAT   if I may be close to dying??  From this mornings workout.    Overhead squats kill me and I'm basically not even qualified to do them.    But I kinda did.  
 And then I promptly  made a collage in order to really drive my point home.   Plus, anything involving Napoleon Dynamite pretty much makes me happy.  So yeah, I somehow felt like I could lift your mom after this morning.  

**SO WHAT if my kids have dentist appointments next week and I've somehow convinced the little one that the dentist is watching?  Kinda like Santa, only scarier I guess because the only thing involved at the end is a crappy bouncy ball or slinky if you're lucky.  No prezzies.     Anyway, this dentist is apparently watching to make sure that she brushes for length of the whole alphabet.  Oh and that she gets a good nights sleep.  Because everybody knows the first question a dentist asks is if you're listening at bedtime.

Ps-  Is that bad???

**SO WHAT  if AdvoNation is going down this weekend and I'm just a little pumped?!   Don't be scared...

Some of my team from last year…

**SO WHAT  if my treadmill is not working and I'm on the verge of needing inpatient psychiatric treatment???  Possibly tomorrow.     I've had the manual out, googled every problem possible, followed every instruction on how to solve what I think is the problem and no bueno.   And lesbeeereal...  There is negative zero chance that I can live like this.   Pretty sure I've had this tready for 7 years so I'm thinking she may be dead.   We're tight and she's got a million miles on her so saying goodbye almost feels like losing a pet.  Okay not that horrific, but dang, I'm sad.

**SO WHAT if my next Stitchfix is supposed to be here tomorrow and I'm panicked that I haven't received so much as a "Your Fix Has Shipped!" notification!????   Clearly good reason to panic but seriously, where is the email!?  And why does my fix still say it's coming tomorrow?   Something isn't right friends.   It's not.

Wahhh…I need that beautiful box on my doorstep.

S'all for now!  See you cats in the next 48.

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