Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Sunday! Mama's on the Challenge and Tonight's Din...

Ahhh…. I've never been so happy to start the 24 Day Challenge in all of my days.   I was bummed that I didn't get to start on Wednesday with the rest of you 90,000 or some odd challengers.  However, I knew I had way too many reasons to stray between Wednesday and today so made an executive decision to wait.

 You guys, I basically feel like I've been involved in one big party/eating frenzy/ free for all that basically started on Thanksgiving Eve and ended last night.   

Oh, plus I've been outta hand with the peanut butter.   Like way more than normal.  And as much as a love that delicious, tan goodness, overconsumption never equals good.

In turn, I've been doing a little of this…..

And then swooning at this…..

I've been eating clean 100% of the time…hmmm…..about 65% of the time…..  
You do the math.   In my defense,  my workouts have been on point, I've been drinking copious amounts of water, and using my regular products like a boss.  

Howevs, it doesn't take long for the other stuff to catch up.    And well,  I woke up today feeling less than stellar.   

So last night… last hurrah for the longest birthday celebration ever.   Ma girls.

And today….a monumental grocery haul…two monkeys in tow….ice storm on the way….  It was super relaxing at that grocery store… but you already knew that.
 It appeared that all of the midwest was preparing to be iced in for 19 days and nights.    I did get the last bin of organic spinach though so hells yes on that.  


Oh and then this happened…

Ya feel?

Let's get down to biz.    Back to my story…I woke up today and couldn't suck down that Fiber Drink fast enough.

Lots of food prep and meal planning went down.   This sounds scary, I realize but I swear it takes me about 75 minutes if I'm focused.


I stole this recipe from


Sooo easy!  I subbed the coconut oil for a splash of olive oil.   I did this simply because I'm out of coconut oil.  

However, I followed the rest of the recipe.

I also threw it on the George Foreman for a couple minutes right before serving it.  Mainly because I like a little crisp.  And crisp it did.

Her beautiful pic….

And mine…

Bah!!!!      #nailedit!    Just kidding.      I swear this tasted a zillion times better than it looks.   The top was Cris-Pay! and I love that.      She's not pretty but I promise you the flavor was awesome.  

A side of greens with baby cucumber and tomato.  Drizzled with balsamic.  A small sweet potato with a sprinkle of cinnamon.    #allthecinnamon And ps-  I obvi forgot to add the rosemary topper before I took the pic.
Clearly I would be fired as a food blogger approximately 28 minutes into the job.   Zero doubt.

So yes, put this recipe on your rotation.    Seriously.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

And ps-

614 friends…can I get an O-H!?!?   

An oldie but goodie...Take us back…warmth, 20 mile run, the horseshoe, game day…  #bsmh

Go Bucks!


  1. Would love to see a post about your grocery haul/ typical week's groceries! Again, Happy Birthday, lady! You deserve ALL the celebrations!

  2. Thanks love! And that is a great idea for a post! Perhaps next weekend when I do it all again!