Monday, January 5, 2015

It's January! And We Feel Like Hell. But It's Time to Talk Biz.

Wow, guys!  What a whirlwind.  For starters this upcoming 24 Day Challenge has been off the rails.   So many of you are All In and that kinda makes me happy.

Lots of positive is happening in the world of Advo these days…. .   Allow me to share thy ways.   I've received a handful of emails lately with some pretty dang good questions pertaining to Advo and how this biz really works.  And lastly, is it real????  The business side, that is.  It's funny, because I wanted to know the same thing.  Not gonna lie.

1.   If you've never heard my Advo story,  it goes a litte something like this….  and also this….

It's really been a lifechanger for me…physically and financially.    I was the biggest skeptic of all.   But I can't deny how I physically felt and my increased performance in doing the things I love.   I also couldn't deny the money I've earned as well and the money my team has earned and continues to earn.   The list goes on, you guys.   The benefits outweighed my skepticisim about 6 months in.  #facty

2.  Do we really make money with Advocare?  Why yes…. yes we do…

Again, allow me to share they ways…

As y'all know, I'm a Ruby leader and on pace to hit 6 Star Ruby as sooooon as I can help it, which really means, it's gonna be a hot second.  If my calucalations are right, it's gonna be less than a hot second.   It is.

     If I'm not mistaken, that's a pretty good income for a VERY part time side job.   It is, folks.  I work this biz about 8-10 hours a week, bloggy and Facebook pages included.    Now granted, it wasn't easy at first and took some grunt work.   Just learning the business in general, it takes work.   The ex husband was a crucial part as were some of the members of my team who were All In from the get go.  However, I will say, when you are doing something that ya kinda love,  it doesn't feel all that much like work.   

The first pin was Silver and I thought "perfect…the goal has been hit.  Bullseye.  An extra $1,000 a month. I'm done."  

Who doesn't want that!?   What can you do with that?  An extra $1,000 per month.   Yes, please.

But then, I stayed the course.  I ebbed and flowed, but the point is, I stayed engaged.     And I stayed engaged because these products are awesomesauce and I believe in them from the bottom of my 2015 Boston Qualifying legs.   (how's that for practicing The Secret?  ps- do people still practice The Secret? Cuz I kinda just did.)

But anyway...
It suddenly kinda happens… You're feeling amazing, you're making extra moohlah…you're helping the team that you're buildilng do the same.  It's gratifying and amazing, really.  

As I've said in THIS POST…  If you only focus on product sales….you'll never, ever reach financial success in this biz, nor will your team.

    You need people who see the the business exactly as you do.   People who stay the course and are focused on helping others succeed just as they are and just as you are.   
That's where the reward and gratification will come.  And that's where the dinero will come.  For your team, for you, for your family.     It'll come.   

Trust me….  when a member of your team calls you outta the blue to tell you that they've been trying to save since the beginning of time to take their kids to Disney….   However,  this crazy thing called "life"  happens, which includes new timing belts on cars,  braces on kids teeth, and broken sump pumps and a million and one other things that are anything but fun.  Oh and they always seem to drain the Disney account get in the in the way every time…. 
However... it's finally happening.   After 5 months of working the business.   They're going to Disney, folks.    And that's gratifying to me in a way that's a little bit indescribable.   Cuz they're real people, just trying to make it.   And really…aren't we ALL real people just trying to make it???   Yes.  Yes we are.  

  Advo is humbling.  Humbling for sure.  It is.   It's got a whole "looking out for each other" component that's pretty cool and that I've never experienced in a work or business setting before.  

So yes, I've digressed big time but that's just one little itty bitty reason why the income opportunity in Advocare is amazing.

3.   You're in.

 HOW do you build your business?
   Reach to your upline.  Promise you…. They want to help you.   That's why they engaged you in the first place.   Lean on them.   Get them in front of your peeps.   Have them help you to package your story.   Ask them dumb questions.   Know they've got your back.   Educate yourself.   There is SOOOO much education out there, that it's almost overwhelming.  Have them plug you in.   Have them help you set your goals.   But above anything,  stay in the game,  stay positive, and again…good stuff is coming.   It is.   

So yes, Advo is projected to be off the chain in terms of growth  this year so if you're on the fence about "dabbling" on the business side…. The time is NOW.  Promise.
   My biggest regret in this business is that I didn't committ about 10 months before I did.  That's when I  was initally appropached with this opportunity.   I was a skeptic and I sat on the sidelines and watched.

  I'm also pretty sure I would have been reaching for the Emerald pin right about now, instead of the 6 Star Ruby.   Not a #fwp per say, but this I know for sure.    Big regret.  And I own it.  

Alright cats, I know that was deep but it's been on my mind for a bit and we all know I have zero filter at best, so let's all just #lovemethroughit.

Be back soon!   Seriously, don't move.

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