Monday, December 7, 2015

Who Else Is In Denial?

I feel like I'm shopping but nothing seems to be happening.   Meaning, the lists don't seem to be getting smaller.


Oh vey.   It'll happen.

If you've got kiddos, I'm assuming you've got yourself an Elf.   It's basically a full time job...managing these elves.  

You guys, people have spread sheets on their elf activity schedules and everything.    You know who you are.   I still love you but shum on.
Ours basically breaks into peanut butter jars throws a few marshmallows around.  No schedule here.

More importantly, can we talk about the "touchable" elf?   

As if we didn't have our hands full with the original elf,  his touchable friend is now in the pic.   And he's "the thing." 
  And apparently he won't lose his magic if you touch him.     
Of course my kiddos got wind of this prodigy and suddenly we've got two.

The night before these elves arrived, my girls worked feverishly and thoughtfully on  writing a letter to the original elf.   BEGGING, PLEADING for the touchable version.     They gently tucked it next to him before bed.  

Of course, I did what I said I would never do before I had kids and drove all over trying to find these touchable, yet still magical, elves.

Fast forward to 24 hours later...  touchable elves appear, kids are beside themselves with complete and utter Christmas cheer and glee.  


The big one reads the microscopic print on the tag which states... "made in China."     

Within .2 seconds she convinced herself and her sister that these weren't the REAL touchable elves because those elves are made at the North Pole?    NOT China.

Crocodile tears, complete with the kind of crying that looks kind of like hyperventilation with a side of a 102 temperature and a beet red face.   

I'm pretty much speechless by this point as the little one is all...   "mommy, WHY would you GO TO China to get  these fake elves!?   If they were real and really from the elf, they would be from the North Pole."  

I'm basically all.....  "am I on Candied Camera right now??  Because I'm pretty sure I am."

Their dad saved the day by somehow convincing them that the "made in China" is actually where their clothes are made and not the actual elves.      Whatever works.


So now, we've fallen into a trap in which the touchable elves move too.    They moved their first night to "prove their authenticity" and now we're in too deep and can't get out.

In summary.....  We've  got three elves up in here that need moved every night.   


If you missed the winners of the AdvoRunner Turkey Trot, head on over the Facebook.
Two winners.
A 10 day cleanse and a bottle of 02 Gold/ box of Spark.
Winning all around.

Speaking of the 10 day cleanse, we've got a huge group starting up in January.

Giddy up, yo's.   Last year was huge.  This year will be more huge.

Don't get a discount?     You can do it right here.   

I'll add you to the private FB group so you can share the fun with the rest of us.

It's really common sense.    Even if you don't wanna do the challenge... who doesn't want free spark and then Spark at a discounted rate forever and ever?


Some of my favorite Advo ladies this weekend.   Advorunner in the 'Nati.

So yes, the countdown is on....

The inbox is filled to the brim with deals and seductions of 40% off sales...

Speaking of shopping....  I'm still loving the KEEP.  

Looking for cute, personal teacher gifts?

Look no more.

Cute, personal, fun...

The options are endless.  

What's on YOUR wishlist?

Me-   There's really not a thing I need.    Is that good or bad?    I'm having a ton of fun putting together everyone else's gifts and shopping for the little girl that we adopted for Christmas.

Of course, today's message at church was all about putting the "gift/ Santa/ need to put up 5 Christmas trees" focus aside.    Instead, focus on people who have no family or resources for the holidays.   Not even necessarily with money or gifts.   But time and positive, loving gestures.

Yes, I'm pretty much obsessed with managing the elves, as mentioned, which kinda goes against the message, I suppose.   However, my hands are tied here.  We're dealing with Santa/ elf-believing kiddos.  
But for myself... I need nothing.


Hope you all had an awesome weekend.

I did for sure.

ps-  Remember when I used to do the weekend wrap up?  With the weekend's workouts and all that good stuff????

I miss that.

Shall we bring it back???

Saturday, November 28, 2015

What Just Happened?

What's up, Buttercups??

What just happened??

Is November really basically over??    Cuz I'm pretty sure I just posted on November 1st and it was... yesterday?

We've got so much shenanny activity happening, it's not even funny.

The AdvoRunner Virtual Turkey Trot was bigger than last year.  

 In fact, I'm still sorting through all of the entries so that the drawing can be fair and square.  I don't wanna missuh-one-uh-you.

Aiming to do the drawing either later today or tomorrow.     Don't leave me.

Of course, my own Turkey Trot happened in these parts and it was awesome.  And horrible. 

Awesome because isn't it always?   Horrible because my friend and I somehow ended up getting sucked in with a Boston Marathon kinda girl who wouldn't let us leave her.   Liz, we love/ hate you.

We really wanted a nice little leisure run.   

Instead we ended up running 7:40 minute miles.   

The Diet Bet went off pretty awesome and our pot is almost $700.       

Giddy up for winners on that too.   We officially end on Monday.

Ps-  I'm thinking of hosting another one in January for a post New Years start date?

You don't have to use Advo products to play.  (although you're missing out...) 
   Whatcha think?

Who doesn't love gambling???

Speaking of Advocare...

I know.   Rumor on the street is that they'll be gone before the 1st.

And White Chocolate Peppermint finally made it's return (!!!)

I know.

If you're a busy mom that chases monkeys all day, have a job like me where you live outta your car, OR you pretty much don't have a hot second to make lunch, breakfast, brunch, linner, or a snack during the day... you're gonna need these.    22 g protein and pretty much the perfect portion of balanced nutrition.        200 calories.    Here's the deal... we all know I'm a haus.   And I swear these keep me full until I can make a rational decision.

$79 gets you $69 worth of Spark... PLUS 20% off anything you ever order.  Including these delicious White Chocolate Peppermint drinks of heaven.   

Still confused?   Message me and I'll help.

Plus, I'll add you to my team page and we'll all be one big happy family and live happily ever after in peppermint bliss.

Thanksgiving came and went.

We had such a fun day.    Oh and ps-  it was basically summer in Ohio on Thanksgiving day.    The weather was #OTH.   Thankful.  For many things.

Other important things....

You guys need this MAC holiday set lipgloss IMMEDIATELY!  I can't stress the importance here.

This is the Nude set.   There are other varieties but this was by far the most versatile and beautiful.

And here's the deal.... I paid $35 for this a week ago.  It's currently on sale for Black Friday for $26.   Say wahhhh?

KEEP is having a Black Friday sale as well, which apparently never happens.  On the fence?   Today is the day.    50% off some of my faves.

I wear the bangle in some capacity every single day.  Not lying.

Not on sale right now but I'm also obsessed with the believe bar. And cobalt, per usual.     Right?

May as well knock out your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your couch.    

I'm also working on my Crossfit comp post.  It's coming.  

I basically spent half the day like this...

And pretty much made this face all day...

Nobody said Crossfit was pretty...  But somehow we love it.

Hope you all had an amazing holiday with those you love! 



Sunday, November 1, 2015

November! And We've Got a Post!

Coming out strong right outta the gate!!!

This was me approximately four hours ago.


Turns out that now that the official "fall back" has hit that 5:30 p.m. is  the new midnight.


All kinds of fun.

And all kinds of Milk Duds.   

This ain't your first rodeo.   You guys know the Milk Duds get me every year.

Three days of shenanigans = two tired monkeys, two belly aches,  and a tired mama who was ready to hit the hay at 5:30 p.m.   As mentioned, this is technically the new midnight so this was practically acceptable. 

Soo....the little one was all prepped and ready to be a mermaid.   Then at the last minute, she decided that mermaid costumes are for babies and they're super embarrassing and...all the kids are gonna think she's a toddler...  and.... crocodile tears....and sobbing on the floor....and.... the school party starts in like 5 minutes....and.... I just bought this God forsaken costume from Pottery Barn Kids and you're gonna be cute and wear it just like we planned....

Next think you know, my butt crack is sweating and I'm whipping out a witch costume from the toy room circa 2012.   

It's never easy is it?    But somehow we sacrificed and she did end up a mermaid for approximately 30 minutes the next day.  

So winning...kinda.

Diet bet starts tooooomorrrow.....

The pot is right at $500 and still growing.     STILL time to get in!  

Missed the story?   Here ya go, yo.

Now that it's November, we can start getting serious about talking about how we're gonna get our Christmas shopping done early...

.... And then still wait till December to panic.

But seriously... we CAN start talking about how we're gonna get our Turkey Trot on! 

Start getting your plan mapped out.    It's #GDFR.

In case you  missed the deets.

Run/ walk/ crawl/ move forward in any manner.    Must be the distance of a 5 k and must happen on Thanksgiving Day.  

Post a pic on my Facebook page or post a pic on Instagram with #AdvorunnerTurkeyTrot.  One of my monkeys will complete the live drawing.  

Two Prizes involved this year...  
1. One full 10 day cleanse! Who doesn't need to do a 10 day cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas????  Exxxxactly.   
2. My favorite running product with a side of Spark... 1 bottle of 02Gold and 1 box of Spark of your choice.  
Get your plan down! We're all in it together!

Did I tell you guys I've got a partner Crossfit Competition coming up??

I'm pretty pumped but this pretty much sums up my partner.   Da Crossfit PoPo.  I love her though.

This day is gonna be all kinds of awesome and hilarious.

I'll be giving you guys a full update on how I fueled once again.     I'll be anxious to compare my last comp and the products I used to this one.  

That is coming up in exactly 14 days so time to get serious up in here.

For my Diet Betters and 24 Day Challenge peeps... good luck tomorrow!   

For the rest of's Monday.. give it hell!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lose Weight with AdvoRunner BEFORE the holidays- And win moolah too!

Let's talk about the facts.

**We've gotta act fast.**

AdvoRunner is working with DietBet to get us svelte  BEFORE the holidays.    

Lose 4% of your body weight in November AND be held accountable.   Don't wait till the New Year.  Enjoy the holidays with that special "I'm feeling good about myself" glow.    
Girl (and boys too)...You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Here's the story.

1.  We've got a special "Lose Weight BEFORE the holidays" link set up on Diet Bet. 

2.   Place a one time bet of $35 bet that you  lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks, starting on Monday November 2nd!

The peeps at Diet Bet manage all of our bet's, which means they manage the moolah.

3.   At the end of 4 weeks, anyone in our Diet Bet group who has lost 4% of their body weight ,  splits the entire pot.    Meaning, you'll make your money back and THEN some.

4.  But it gets better....  Anyone who uses the 24 Day Challenge  to lose said 4% of body weight and purchases from someone on my team or myself , automatically gets entered to win EXTRA moolah from yours truly.

After I get the final word from Diet Bet on who achieved the 4% loss ...

Yours truly will be giving THREE RANDOM winners:

1.   $75 in cold hard cash.
2.  $50 in cold hard cash.
3.  A canister of the new amazing formula of our beloved Spark.  

***ANYONE can participate.      However, the additional above mentioned prizes will only be available to the Advocare users.   EVERYONE can win a cut of the pot, though, so everyone... SHUM on.

And did I mention...?  

I just paid my bet to Diet Bet and have already received the email telling me what to do next.  

Wanna know WHY I'm in?
It goes a little something like this...

You know I am not a big believer in the scale and when I weigh in on Monday, this will be the first time I've weighed myself in ages.

However, I have reason to believe I'm probably up about 5 or 6 lbs.    I'm normal too.   And I love queso.  After all.... #everykissbeginswithqueso   And I love #AllTheNutButters.    We all know that.
 And I've been way to lax in general.

Yes I work out, eat healthy the majority of the time, and take the most awesome supplements in the world...


I've still been falling into bad habits.  An unplanned happy hour here and there,  stress eating when my kids need to be in 14 places at once, not drinking enough water.   You guys know the drill.

So I'm in this with y'all.  

We start on Monday!    If you're 24 Day Challenging, we finish that the DAY before Thanksgiving.   #hollah.

The 4 weeks will officially end on November 29th.   Either way, we've got to contend with Thanksgiving in there but we're all in the same boat.    A splurge on T-Day is probably to be expected.   However, we'll definitely hold each other accountable.

Let's answer some burning questions.

1.  How does it REALLY work?   

It's simple.  I promise.

2.  How does Diet Bet know people aren't cheating and how do the weigh ins work???

You can read the official rules and how it all goes down here.  

But in a nutshell...

*Diet Bet sends you an email with a private, "secret weigh in word."

You take two pics of yourself. 

One in plain "airport security attire"on the scale.
One of the actual scale with your "secret weigh in word."

Shoot those pics straight to Diet Bet from your phone and you're done.

You'll repeat the above process on the last day of the contest and then hopefully sit back and collect your winnings. 

So get yourself locked in, if you're challenging with us, get that loot ordered TODAY.   

The direct link to our game is here.

Feel free to share with all of the universe.  The bigger the pot gets, the happier we get when we win that moolah.

Happy Wednesday.  Let's give it hell.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Sentiments

Ahhh... once again, it's like the olden days!

Sunday Sentiments!

Let's see....

It's fall, y'all.   

Who else's running route looks like this?   I couldn't get enough.   

Honestly, this weekend was pure fall deliciousness.

Speaking of running and fall deliciousness,  are we ready for the second annual AdvoRunner Turkey Trot???


You know the rules...

Run/ walk/ crawl/ move forward in any manner.    Must be the distance of a 5 k and must happen on Thanksgiving Day.  

Post a pic on my Facebook page or post a pic on Instagram with #AdvorunnerTurkeyTrot.  ‪#‎AdvorunnerTurkeyTrot‬. One of my monkeys will complete the live drawing later that day.  

Two Prizes involved this year...  
1. One full 10 day cleanse! Who doesn't need to do a 10 day cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas????  Exxxxactly.   
2. My favorite running product with a side of Spark... 1 bottle of 02Gold and 1 box of Spark of your choice.  
Get your plan down! We're all in it together!

What else?

A little 5k with my favorite 9 year old.

Running 9 year olds are my favorite 9 year olds.
'Specially this one.

Speaking of 9 year olds...   Ummm... Target's initial loot is back.    

Obviously, I strapped those kids in the car and drove mach 90 to Target to score this...

The initial tassel keychain.   There's more where this came from...

According to the Facebook, lots of you here in the 614 ran this....

Which makes me very happy.

4 miles.   Finished on the 50 of my favorite stadium in the land.     Yes, please.  #advocoasttocoast #gobucks #614 #hashtag #hashtag 

This was followed by this...

Followed by brunch which entailed this...

Oh mylanta.   You guys.    Gourmet doughnuts at brunch are kinda the thing.     Good Lordy.

I made the executive decision that this here caliber of doughnut just doesn't roll around every day.    So basically these beauty's served as an appetizer.  

Don't even feel remotely sad about it.

We've got a whole slew of 10 Day Cleanses and 24 Day Challenges coming up between now and Christmas.

Yes and yes.

I'll see you guys again this week.


Love you, miss you, mean it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The benny's and other topics, of course.

Sooo...  I can't take it any longer so love me through it.   We've gotta talk about the benny's of this here little Advo distirbutor kit, friends.  

Over the course of time, lots of you have gone to my website, ordered your Spark, paid FULL price..... because " It's just easier to pay full price / I don't wanna be locked in / I don't wanna sell anything / I didn't know about the distributor kit/  I'm not ready to do that.."   rinse and repeat....

In all honesty... I get it.  I was that person too.     

So....Years pass by and you're STILL my people and you're STILL paying full price for your Spark.     

Time to cry for me, Argentina.

This pains me for numerous reasons.

It's such an easy peasy thing.

Lemme do some 'splainin.

#1.    You don't have to sell anything.  At all.  Ever.   The End.  Unless you want to.   However, that's a whole different post.
 But srrrsyly.  This kit unlocks your discount.    And provides you with free spark.  That's it.  Prommy.

#2.    For $79, you're RECEIVING $69 worth of Spark.  3 boxes.  #turndownforwhat

#3.  For the same $79, you're also getting 20% off anything you ever order again.  Forever and ever Amen.
    Run out of your three boxes of Spark?   No probs.

20% off your next order.  And the next, rinse and repeat.

It legit.  Promise. 
No commitment to sell anything, no minimum orders required, no auto shipment.  
It's truly as easy as it seems. 

#4.  You also get to be a part of our little Facebook community in which we say things like 
"ummm... when is Rehydrate Gel coming back??? I'm dying a slow death here!"   And  "OMG, I ate more than 5 lumberjacks this weekend and need to do an emergency 10 day cleanse, who is with me?"    
Ya know, the basics.

Do you order Spark from someone on my team?
Do yourself a large and contact them.  Tell 'em you're ready to roll.   

Still ordering from me and still paying retail?  

Do yourself another large and take the plunge.  Right here.   

You'll have your Spark AND your discount in a hot second.

Now.... still haven't had Spark?   

We need to talk about that too.  

THIS post from a million years ago is one of the top read posts on this little bloggy.   Who doesn't wanna know why they need Spark?  

The thing is, this post was written before the new formula was released.   WHICH is even more amazing.   Less calories, less carbs.   Winner.  All day.

Other things we need to discuss.

1.   Do you know about Apple Music?

You guys, apparently, I'm the last person in the free world to know about this.  However, it's a true Christmas miracle that just keeps on giving.    You all know I download music like it's my 4th job.    However, I'm now paying $9.99 a month for whatever I desire at any given moment.   I mean?

If I'm being honest with myself, I was spending that and then some in one week  on I Tunes.   I partially blame my friend Nikki.   But still...

2.    My 9 year old turned... well...9 today.   And honestly....  the time flying aspect is frightening me.

And while we're at it, can we talk about the 5 1/2 year old growing up too?   

3.   Thank you to my Keep Collective lovers.  

You guys rock.  

Interested in free KEEP from the comfort of your couch and pj's?    Message me and I'll set you up with a painless online Facebook social.

The new holiday line drops tomorrow to designers and soon thereafter for everyone else.   Now's the time.  Getcho self some.

The majority of my hostesses earn around $100 in free loot.  Not bad for playing with bling and telling your story via arm candy.

4.   Is anyone else having a love affair with their crockpot?

What I really need to know is if anyone else has ever done this...?

Because I'm about to.    All the prep done.   Remover from freezer and crank the crock pot.   

Here's the other thing.    My crockpot makes me a happier person in general.     Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous.. but wait for it...

** I have an automatic sense of accomplishment when something is placed in the crockpot before I leave home for the day.  

** My day then involves zero food related dinner stress.

** I anticipate the smell of delicious said crockpot dinner all day.

**The actual smell upon arrival.. #hollah

**Minimal clean up, minimal kitchen mess, just minimal dinner chaos.

Ya feel?

Shall we start a crockpot revolution?