Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Here!

Hi Friends!

I'm here but have been super busy in these parts.     Do you follow me on the  Facebook and Insta?   Cuz if you do, you probably know what I've been up to.   But if you don't, you're gonna wanna.     At any rate, allow me to summarize.  

Things like…

1.  Harrassing young, innocent Target employees for $30 tablets on Thanksgiving night.

This poor, sweet soul didn't have a chance.   After I basically cornered him, he was nice enough to do some investigating and drum up another one of these for me.  ps-   I'm really hoping this janky tablet passes for an Ipad Mini for the little one.    Surely she's not big enough to discriminate yet, is she???  (and don't call me Shirley).  

2.   Running Turkey Trot's

7th in division-30-39 year olds.  Not my best 4 miler but not bad, considering I'm tipping over with  the 40-49 year olds here in a hot second.   #40isthenewblack



Mile 1-  8:04
Mile 2-  8:11
Mile 3-  8:15
Mile 4- 8:40

Loved this race.  Right here in my community.   #winning

3.  Taking family pictures

Ummmm…does anyone else find themselves with a sweating butt crack by the time pictures are said and done?    I'm real sorry that I have to share such graphic content  but  I can't be the only one.    Pretty sure it should be a universal rule that photographers should provide parents with something of this nature on picture day.

  Everybody happy…

4.   Getting spoiled by the monkeys.  

Can we talk about the breakfast in bed in which I was served?   I heard rustling and shuffling in the kitchen followed by…"lay in your bed and don't come out!"

They then proudly present me with….   A "nut platter" and a bottle  of water.    So basically we have….
a copious amount of peanut butter on a spoon with a side of dark chocolate almonds.    I mean????   Be still, my heart.  

5.    Getting ready for the big game!  


So yes, GO BUCKS!

I'm loving your pictures to the first annual Virtual Turkey Trot!!    Keep 'em coming!    We draw a name for the Spark / 02 Gold winner tomorrow night.   

Questions for you…

1.  Are you done with your holiday decor? 
2. Have you started shopping?
3.  Who is running/ working out this weekend?

I want answers.

Have a fabulous Saturday and I'll see y'all back here tomorrow night! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Fabletics Loot and a Side of Friday Shenans

Happy Weekend, Kitty Cats!

Are you guys tired of me talking about Fabletics?   And StitchFix for that matter???

I told y'all I'd fill ya in on the goodies and mamacita don't lie.

Sooo…  If you aren't sure how Fabletics works, it's similar to StitchFix.  Only it's for athletic apparel.  Pretty cute athletic apparel, I might add.    Oh and way less moolah than Lulu or Athleta.  Not that I don't love the Lulu and Athleta, cuz I certainly do.   However, this is a nice change for sure.   I'll be the first to say that the quality is not on the same caliber as Lulu.   You get what ya pay for.   However, it's good.   And for the prices, it's definitely fair.   
  Let's face it,   Lulu's prices are seriously outta hand.     They are.      Not to say I don't still shop there because I can spot one in a 100 mile radius and own that place like a boss.    However, this is a nice change for the moment.     Plus, it won't make us poor like Lulu does.

The bottom line is, I'm addicted to athletic wear.  I obvi wear it for it's intended purpose but I love it for running around town, running errands, and lounging around my casa.        I'm actually surprised I waited so long to cave.

So here's the nitty gritty…..

Fabletics, Kate Hudson, women's activewear

If you haven’t heard about Fabletics, it’s the brainchild of the JustFab group to bring affordable, stylish workout gear via monthly subscription.

How it Works:
1.  Fill out a Lifestyle Quiz – The answers you provide to the activities you enjoy, workouts you do most often and styles of activewear you normally wear will help personalize your monthly outfits.
2.  Fabletics chooses outfits (tops, bottoms and/or accessories) just for you.  There are 2 levels of membership available.
  • If you are a Regular Member, you can choose what you want and shop whenever you like.
  • If you are a VIP Member*, you are offered complete outfits on a monthly basis that start at $49.95 (which qualifies for free shipping), 20% off individual items and Reward Points for purchases and referrals.
*VIP Membership is available to everyone and you can convert to VIP Membership from Regular at any time.
3.  Monthly VIP Outfits:  If you are a VIP Member you will be notified on the 1st of the month about your customized outfit options (chosen by Fabletics based on your lifestyle quiz answers).
You then have one of the following options that must be envoked by the 10th of the month or you will be charged $49.95 to be used as a future credit:
  • You can choose one of the special outfits chosen by Fabletics beginning at $49.95 and it will be sent to you with free shipping.
  • You can choose another combination of tops, bottoms, and/or accessories.  If the items chosen are less than $49.95, a $4.95 shipping fee will be incurred.
  • You can skip buying any product that month with the click of a button.

What to Choose – VIP or Regular Membership?
Since it was free, easy to cancel and allowed me a skip a month without penalty or payment (which seems to be different than other monthly subscription services), I chose the VIP Membership.   
Not sure what I'll do long term but for now, it's working. 

First up…

I loved these the second I saw em on my girl, Lauren.   Love that they're black and grey, versus the old army green.   I've worked out in them twice now and they have stayed put.    I got a small in these and the compression is comfortable.  

Next up:


These pants were a fun print  The tank  is just okay and washed up decent.  But for $12, it's a good basic black tank that I'm sure I'll continue to throw on when I need a basic.     I realize the sports bra is hard to see due to my equisite picture taking skillz….  However, it has a cute band around the neck.    I definitely couldn't wear it for running and there is minimal support.  However, I wore it to Crossfit one a day when we did a lot of rowing and it was all good in the hood.   I ordered a medium in all of these and the pants are slightly loose.  I definitely couldn't run in them as I'm sure they would fall down.   However, they are awesome for a low impact day or weights.   

I currently have a jacket en route so will fill you guys in stat on that.

Mmmmmkayyy…. What else?

Let's talk about some funny stuff I've been seeing on the Insta….

#guilty  #withoutareasonabledoubt

Can we please talk about how hilarious this really is?    Oh em gee.  I love this dog and wanna make him mine so we can be hungry together.

No words.  Dying.

For my old hospital co-workers….   This should also read "or seen in public together…"    Simply not capable of behaving.

This pretty much had me rolling….

Ha!!!   It's coming, friends!

There's just no other way to go about this….

True Story….Add lounge time with the ladies…we could be looking at 3 hours.   

Wheeeeee!   Love all of these.

Hope you all have a great weekend!    See ya'll within the next 36!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November StitchFix Review! #whatwhat?!

OMG, I'm still loving this service.    I am.   I know lots of you have created your free profile but if you haven't, you can do it HERE.

 If you aren't familiar with how it all works…allow me to summarize the rules from last month's StitchFix review.  

Step One:    Go online and set up your profile.  It's super fun and easy peasy and you get to answer a bunch of questions about what you like and don't like.  You look at a handful of outfits and accessories and say yada or nada.  Even if you aren't ready to take the plunge, create a profile.   Because it's fun and I'm kinda sad mine is over.    To create your free profile, go here.  

Step Two:    Schedule your "fix."   Scheduling your fix will set you back twenty billzzzz….  However, this $20 goes towards your styling fee and more importnatly is a credit towards anything that you happen to keep from your fix.    Either way, #winning.

Step Three:    Rip that box open like a kid on Christmas morning.  But wait, before you do that, post the sealed box on the Insta and proclaim to the entire first world that your StitchFix is here!  Oh wait, that's just me.   #predictable.

Step Four:     Try on all 5 pieces in the comfort and privacy of your own home…with your own shoes, accessories, etc.  Loved this.

It comes with a special little card like this, which gives you awesome ideas on how to wear your loot.  Absolutely loved this and will keep the card for further assistance.   A great reference to have on hand.

Step Five:     Log into your account and "check out."   Decide what you want to  keep and what you don't.    Give feedback about what you liked and didn't.  This helps your stylist figure out how to best suit your desires for your next "fix."  Within three business days,  put your rejects in the postage paid envelope and drop it in your nearest mailbox.  No big.

Step Six:     Strut your yes's like the boss that you are. 

Okeeee dokey…. What did I get!?

1.    Maylynn Asymmetrical Soft Moto Vest-    KEEP

I didn't love this out of the box and then tried it on with the white flowy shirt you see here as well as a long sleeve casual dress and boots.    Loved this both unzipped and zipped.   Way fun and I could see myself wearing this well into spring/summer.

2.   Brixton Stone Collar Necklace-    RETURN

This was cute but for the price was just "meh" for me.   I have several collar necklaces and bib necklaces that are just as cute that cost me less dinero.  These are such trendy pieces that it just didn't feel worth the $32 for me.

3.   Daxton Floral Split Tank-  KEEP

I debated on this one as the little strap across the back is slightly odd.  However, it looked cute with skinny jeans as well black leather pants.      I also loved it under a blazer as well as a leather jacket.    I liked the originality of the split back at the bottom.      So at the end of the day, this was a keep.

4.   Shermineh Faux Leather Detail Ponte Pant-    KEEP

Again, something that I was unsure of when I took them out of the box.  However, I think these would be super fun for the holidays.   Love the "leather" detailing down the sides and these are actually much more versatile than I originally thought.   I can't wait to rock these bad boys.

5.  Chrisley Raglan Seam Sweatshirt-  KEEP

This is a great little throw on sweatshirt that's technically casual but could be easily dressed up.  I already wore this over the weekend with jeans and booties.    Plus, it's super cozy and we all know I love that cuz deep down I'm a granny at heart.  

So 4 outta 5….hollah!    You guys, I also haven't bought one clothing item at the mall or online since my last fix.  This is just way easy and fun for me at the moment.   So do I dare to say I'm saving money????   I'd have to crunch the numbers but it kinda feels that way.  

Sooo….if you haven't created your profile.  Do it HERE.    And if you've got a Fix on the way…I  need every single deet when that bish arrives.  I'm cereal.

My next Fix arrives early December and y'all can bet you'll be the first to know all about it!

Happy Tuesday, loves!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday Sentiments, Two Races…and Stuff and Things...

Hey girl, hey!

I mean????  

So two races.  Both in the tundra.  Both awesome.

First up.

Salt Fork Trail Challenge 

Dude, this little trail challenge was kinda hard.  Not gonna lie.   It was actually 10.4 miles and for some reason, the .4 put me over the edge.   2000 feet of elevation change and there were points of the trail where running wasn't even remotely an option.   Was crazy awesome.   These were real deal trail runners and at times I really didn't feel qualified.  However, I muscled through and loved it.      And from what I could see, this place was crazy beautiful.  Especially when I could look up and take it all in when I wasn't trying not to die on a rock or giant root.   Or tree trunk.   Or mud pit.   

Will definitely do this one again next year.   Midwest people, it sells out quickly so if you are even remotely interested, sign up when registration opens.

ps-  Did I tell you guys that I'm kinda in love with trail running?   I literally feel ZERO pressure.    I'm already on the look out for another.   (Obvi).

Race number two…

Hot Chocolate 15k

This is a fun one.   There is also a 5k option.   Another race that sells out every year.   If you have this race series in a city near you, do it.    It's kind of a novelty race so not a super competitive field.  Still way fun and festive. Marshmallows and tootsie rolls along the course.  Yes, please.   Hot chocolate and other delish goodies at the finish.   #winning.

Weekend Swag

Big sweatshirts and leggings are basically my indoor winter uniform.  This clearly means I can deffy get down on these sweatshirts.   Not running material but I seriously don't hate em.

Other Weekend Highlights:

Why do I always gets a kick out of my kids ever changing Christmas lists??  Maybe it's the "I Need This" that prefaces the list that makes me laugh…  At any rate, I kinda love a Christmas list.

A fun pre-race dinner with these kitty cats…

And this…

Why yes….. Yes you may…

Oh and this….

Right?   Beautiful.   This also meant no school for these monkeys 'o mine which is kinda ridiculous, considering that I still have pumpkins sitting on the front porch.   #ghetto

Oh and this….

And he was pretty awesome.   But ya wanna know who I loved even more?  

This cat who played keyboard for his opening band.  Totes entertainment and I kinda wanna be his BFF.


Oh and since I ran 20 miles, I thought the right thing to do was partake in dissss….

Bakersfield..  True Love Always…..
Queso, chrorizo, margarita…#bsmh

And I felt like this guy was lurking around the corner  looking at me like this…


So back to the grind this week.   Crossfit is back in my life and this makes #misohappy.      I'll share some of my Crossfit pre-workout products in an upcoming post.  Cuz I'm loving them.

On deck this week:

**My Fabletics review!  Hollah, hollah!
**Some additional random shenanigans sprinkled in
**Part Two of "Ask Me Anything"
And I may or may not have some questions for you guys.  Cuz I love you and stuff and things.

Hope you all are having a fab five freddy start to your week!

Laters Babes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Answers…. Part One

**Disclaimer…No idea why this post is filled with different fonts and sizes.  It's making me homicidal and I can't fix it so #lovemethroughit.

Soooo…...You guys are awesome.   And I legit love your questions.   Partially because a lot of them made me think.  Big time.    

 But mainly because I suddenly feel like we're all kinda one big happy family here.    A family who doesn't take themselves all that seriously and at the end of the day we're just real, normal people.        And we're young at heart and we're pretty goofy and really, we just wanna do what we love and half the time we don't even know what that means.    For all of this… 


A common thread at the end of  a lot of the questions was "thanks for being an inspiration."   I was all like….

"who... ME?"

While I love that, I need to tell y'all that I'm just like the rest of you.   I am.
   Yes, I somehow do love to run and God blessed me with that.     However, at the end of the day, I'm the girl that wants to eat the whole basket of chips and salsa just like the rest of you.     But deep down I also probably want a donut on  the side.  
 I'll never hide that.      So yes, our struggles are pretty much all the same.     Sometimes I have to dig deep into my heart and soul to practice what I preach.   Anyone that knows me #IRL has witnessed it.    And for the rest of you, sometimes it's not pretty.     So #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou but I have great days of health and wellness and all the goodness and butterflies and stuff.    But listen up, yo's…I have trainwrecks too.      But perfection is boring.    And life is meant for living.  

I clearly digresssssss…   With a zillion S's!

Back to the questions.

Christine Writes: 

   I was wondering if you count calories (when you're not in Marathon training). Pre-Advocare I used to and since AdvoCare I haven't counted a calorie since February. My weight/inches has remained pretty consistent through the summer and it's been so nice not logging everything I eat. I do normally gain a few lbs during the winter and want to avoid that this year. This will be my first winter on AdvoCare products and pretty much following the Max Phase as my daily lifestyle. I guess I'm just curious what you do and what you recommend.

 And along the same lines, Nikki writes:
Do you use MyFitnessPal?

I do not count calories. I may be in the minority but I find that when I truly count calories, I almost get too obsessive and the whole thing ends up backfiring. Meaning, I start wondering when and how my next meal is coming and how that bish is gonna look. Then I wanna haus down on copious amounts of nut butter and well….I've used up my calories and feel like I can't eat again till Tuesday.

When I'm not counting calories and eating clean and basically just living my life…. I'm happier and healthier and stronger. While #iifym and calorie counting works for a ton of people (hey Lauren! hey girl, hey!) , it doesn't seem to work all that well for me. Life isn't one size fits all and ya gotta find what works. For me that's eating healthy, real foods as often as I can. Oh and working my boot-ay off in the gym, cuz I like dat shiz.

Whitney writes:

Hi!  So, my burning question for you is in regards to your success in Advocare.  I am a relatively new advisor with a strong, successful up-line.  That said, building a business in Advocare is not as easy as some like to make it out to be.  So, since you have found success in Advocare, what is the single most important thing you did from the starting line that you feel has directly led to your success?

Thanks in advance!  I do love reading your blog and following you on instagram and twitter as I also have a passion for running:).  God bless you for being an inspiration and motivator to others!

Ya know,  it's NOT easy to build a business.     It's not and I'll never deny that.    I think for me, I've been very true to myself from the beginning.   Honestly, I never wanted to do this as a business.    I was strictly a product user.   However, the better I felt, the leaner I got, the more I improved in my running, I couldn't help but share my story.   

Now it's become a very lucrative little side business.   
 If you speak from your heart about the products and your goals, people will never question that.   And if they do, move on.   They'll be the ones that are kicking their own asses for not staying the course 2 years ago.    

In regards to building my business, it's all about finding a few people who ultimately see the business as you do.   Which essentially is a real opportunity.     You won't get rich selling products.   You won't.  You need business builders.   Howevs,  to get the business builders, you need products users who love this shiz just as much as we do.

Oh and don't hesitate to call on your upline.   That's where you'll learn everything.      And they'll somehow teach you everything without making you feel like an idiot.    And you'll do the same for your peeps.  

Anna Writes:

I started to run about 3 months ago and do about 2-3 runs each week, ranging from 3-7miles each. I saw your Columbus Marathan pics and wondered what kind of socks you are wearing and how important they are when it comes to stability for your foot. I used to play soccer but had to stop due to a laceration of the capsule in my left foot. Ever since them I am looking for footwear or bandages to give me extra support. Anything that you could recommend? 

Thanks so much in advance

PS: I adore your strength and motivation, your blog has been a great inspiration for me :)

Believe it or not,  up until about 2 months ago I always  wore Target c9 brand super thin no-show socks.  Honestly, I loved them for years.   No problems to speak of.     However, the last time I went to buy  running shoes, those fools talked me into buying Balega's.  Ummm…yeah, I'm in.   Unfortuately they're $10 a pair and you have to literally stalk them in the dryer to make sure they aren't being eaten like all the other disappearing socks.   They do provide some slight compression, which I love.   They are amazingly thin and wick like no other.  Plus they're just a whole new kinda comfortable.   I do sometimes run in comptression socks, which I wore at the Columbus Marathon, and feel that they do aid significantly in recovery.  

If you aren't sure exactly what you need with your current situation, I can't recommend going to a running store enough.   They'll hook you up in 5 minutes and you'll wonder why you didn't ask the professionals to start with.

Rhianna Writes:

 What is your favorite TV show(s)?

Ya know, I have minimal time for TV these days and honestly, I don't miss it much.   In fact, if it weren't for my innocent small children, I'd probably cancel cable completely.   However, I watch the Today show almost every morning.  I love most of what is on HGTV.  I love some TLC nonsense.  My kids are obsessed with Extreme Cheapskates which is kind of our mindless, guilty pleasure.    I typically won't turn down a Real Housewives of wherever series.   I was obsessed with Breaking Bad back in the day.  I do love Orange is the New Black but I'm majorly behind.   Oh and Parenthood is pretty much awesome.

 How did you get turned on to Mizuno running shoes?

My love affair with Mizuno started way back in the day when I finally went and got properly fitted.   Every time I stray from my beloved Mizuno's, I regret it.   I get re-fitted every couple of years but somehow always end up in the Wave Rider.   #groundhogday

 How did you ever decide to start writing a blog....I'm a little obsessed with reading yours BTW.  

I had a blog way back in the day called The Perfect Balance, which was all about juggling being a new mom, working, and fitness.   I loved writing that blog but life got busy and I neglected it.     For me, writing the blog is a way to share the things I love, a way to document life, and an outlet.   I feel a sense of accomplishement here.   Not to mention, it helps to be stay plugged in with running, Advocare, and again, the things and people that I love.   I've met some great people who read this blog and I'm grateful for that.

What is your Advocare did you get started, and how did you build your business to be at the Ruby level?

I answered a little of this above.   Really, it's all about believing in the products and figuring out your "why?" (why are you doing this business???  what's your goal?).   I've always had a passion for health, wellness, and fitness.  It was just a good fit and as my baby daddy always used to say….this business is truly a natural extension of who I really am.   
Since building a business, I do have financial goals that come with that.    I feel in charge of my future, both financially and on a personal level.   And that's a great feeling.   Will I ever quit my day job?  At this point, that's not my goal.   I love that day job of mine and I feel a whole different sense of gratification from that.   So yeah, we'll see but for now, I'm managing it all and feel at peace about that.

You can read a little snippet of the beginning of my story on my webpage.  

In the interest of not making this the longest post in the history of the world, I'll have part two up in a few days.  In the meantime, keep 'em coming if ya got em!