Wednesday, May 21, 2014


You guys know I have none.  Ever.   And it's 110% my own fault.  So as always, #dontcryforme,Argentina.    Because I pack my days and nights to the gills and sleep the bare minimum and overcommit and you know the rest.    But the thing is, as much as I'd like to change this.... Unfortunately, I really think I was born this way!   Lada Gaga said it best.
 Anyway, remember when I used to post 4-5 days a week?     Well right now, life is crazy and one day I'll tell you  about it but for now... please continue to #lovemethroughit.   Pretty please?
And here's my other email is blowing up.   And busted up.   And it's not because I'm a famous blogger or Advo Kool Aid drinker (well, I am kinda am that) but it's because you guys are awesome and you have legit questions about these fab, five, freddy products as well as this fab, five, freddy of a sport we call running.   I PROMMY I'm gonna get to every single email.   But right now, my response time is way slower than it used to be.  And honestly, I really hate that.  And honestly, it really stresses me out.   So again, #pleasedonthateme,ilove you and #lovemethroughit.  I'll get there.
Soo...did I tell you guys I was going to Charleston?  For 3 solid days of down time?  I'm thinking not.    Mainly because this bloggy be slacking.  But I did and it was awesome.  And guess what else?  I slept for 8 hours straight on more than one occasion.   I can't believe it myself.   
 However....people who actually sleep...riddle me this.   I am now EXHAUSTED!  It's like the 8 hour nights through me into a tailspin of tiredness.    Can anyone explain the phenomena??    I'm actually being serious.
Okay, so Charleston.   4 girlfriends + an amazing, laid back/ beautiful city =  Nothing short of perfection.
Charleston in pics....I'm gonna try not to "talk."
Taking the show on the road.   I didn't even use the bands!  No lie.
Early a.m. exploratory run.

Cutest hotel ever.  Market Pavilion if you're curious.  So southern and hospitable and adorable.

Amazing rooftop pool at our hotel.  So fun both day and night.  

Amazing eats at awesome restaurants.  Some of our faves... Pugans Porch, High Cotton, Cru.   Oh and O-Ku, which may have been my fave sushi ever.   Like ever.

I mean??? Check out this app. 

Other goodies...Was obsessed with this.   A tartar with layers of deliciousness.  

Oh and this.   Seafood ceviche.   

We got gussied up.   

We also took the coolest little carriage ride though historic Charleston.   

I was kinda in love with the architecture in general.  

Oh and we got our hurrr did.   

Advorunner went big! And wavy.  

We also shopped like fools, which included the market pavilion every day.  

Where I proceeded to lust after any and all nut products.  

Was such a fun little trip and if you've never done a girls trip, you're gonna wanna.  So good for the soul.   

Miss you fools but I'll see ya within 24! 

Laters Babers.   


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cap City Half Marathon Recap and How I Fueled

Was Cap City Half really only last weekend???

They tell me yes.

First of all, thanks for all of the playlist recs.   Me love you long time and I'll be posting the list this week or early next.   For shizzle.

Do you local people remember when this race used to be in April?    And then they moved it to May because April is cold???   Apparently, May is cold too.

I legit spent Friday night like this…

That would be my fave pink flannel pajama draws, with neon orange slippers.   #sorrynotsorry

But yes, it was brisk in these parts.  Packet pickup on Friday was cold.  And I had to complain and get coffee.  Then I still complained, cuz it's May.

Friday night, I had the old standard.  

Trader Joe's Organic Penne Pasta with TJ's Marinara Sauce.   I know. 
 But here's the deal.   We aren't eating for taste or pleasure here, friends.   We're eating for fuel.   Sad but true.   The End.

9 times out of 10, I stick to this as my pre race meal and it hasn't failed me yet.   The other key is to eat it at "Old People Time."    I'm talking 5:30 p.m, friends.    I am.

 Before bed, I always take a stiff hit of Rehydrate.    Always.  I'm talking 2 servings. 

For the Advo Kool Aid drinkers, if you haven't tried Rehydrate, you're gonna wanna.   I use it the night before a race or long run but also use the gels mid-race long, run.  LOVE this product.
Just a 'lil comparison chart on why it's #aweseomesauceyness.

Okay, so race morning.  You guys know the drill.  I've posted it before.   But I'll do it again.  

I usually have either 1/2 a banana with a tiny blob of almond butter OR 1/2 piece of Ezekiel bread with a tiny blob of almond butter.  I am not a person who eats the morning of a race or long run.  Even this, pains me.   But I do it, because I feel like I'm supposed to.   

I drink the magic approximately 1 hour before race time…..   This will likely mean you are drinking this en route or could be drinking it first thing.   Kind of all depending on what your logistics may be.   Yes, I know you'll have to pee.  We all do.   It'll be worth it.  Promise.

 But yes, this little combo is where it's at.

Spark, 02Gold, and Arginine Extreme.   If you're a kool aid drinker and you want to take it up a notch, yo….you're gonna want to try this combo.   I've talked about it a million times and have even talked about it at some regional Advo events.   But just in case you don't know…. here ya go.     You can read all the gory details.  

Alright, so let's talk about the race,  mmmmkay?

I started off in the front of coral B.    The corals weren't nearly as crowded as other races I've done with this type of field.  I was super happy about this right from the get go.


Mile 1-  8:04
Mile 2-  7:36
Mile 3- 7:45
Mile 4- 7:56
Mile 5- 7:51
Mile 6- 8:07
Mile 7- 7:55
Mile 8-  8:06

I took a Rehydrate Gel right around here….

Mile 9-8:03
Mile 10- 8:10
Mile 11- 7:51
Mile 12- 7:47
Mile 13- 8:04

Official time 1:45:20


206 out of 4913 females.

32 out of 752 females in age group. 

And at the end of the day, these little monkeys were waiting for me.

Oh and this monkey too, who is basically my 3rd child, as ya'll know by now.

I wish I could say that I lounged around in those enormous PINK sweats you guys have seen around these parts.    These are legit 100 years old.  And truly one of the things I'd grab if I'm house were going down in flames.   They just don't make 'em like this anymore.     But that didn't happen. 

  The day was kind of a whirlwind.   But #dontcryformeargentina.   I'd still rather race and not be able to recover and lounge,  than not race at all.   'Tis true.

I did throw down my Post Workout Recovery Shake and two Omegaplex.   Cuz it's the right thing to do.    You can read about my love for this here.

I felt pretty good on Sunday and did a little 4 miler recovery run, 1 mile walk.   Was an awesome part of the weekend.

So What's Next??!!!

Apparently, I've signed up for the New Moon Half Marathon on May 31.  Oh and I just discovered that this a night race.     6 p.m. start time!  Who knew?  But I likes it.

And my Facebook running mama thread is currently blowing up this very moment about some race on Memorial Day weekend.  I have zero details but I'm pretty sure I'll be registering in a hot second.  

There you have it. 

I'm back to regularly blogging this week.   Prommy.  As always, thanks for loving me through it.    You guys rock.