Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and the January Plan

Is anyone else shocked that I'm actually posting Sunday Sentiments on a real Sunday?  It's just like the olden days!

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  5 miles in the a.m.   Crossfit Hero WOD in the p.m.   

Who does that?    I'm still sore….In a good, partially paralyzed way.  


Legit rest and relaxation.      My body was barking and there was no need.  For anything.  Except for this…

OMG, umm…the Home Alone marathon is awesome.   And we were all super jelly of Kevin in NYC due to his genious ideas.   I'm considering stealing my dad's credit card and pulling the same stunt.   Kinda not kidding.

Sunday-   6 miles at a slow easy, peasy pace.  


Title Boxing Club Holiday Shenans..

Runnerdog and the big one….

You guys, Runnerdog is majorly out of shape.   Remember when he used to run 6 miles like it ain't no thang?   Yeah, he's dying now.   And it's all my fault.  Stay tuned for his New Years goals...… Runnerdog is gonna be svelte.  And his body gonna be banging again.  But in the meantime, he loves his girls.   Like a boss. 

Chirizo wants to be in my belly….

Pretty much every day.  

I can't turn this down.   

And once again, I felt like this guy was hiding in the corner…

Target  Shenans...

These candles are amaze.   Quality.  Like big time.   I became obsessed.  And felt like the names on the labels were gonna make me feel all the special things of the label names the second a fire hit the wick.   And I'm pretty sure that's gonna happen. 

But more importantly...

My priveledged, non-starving to death children were supposed to be choosing gifts for the giving tree.     
Uh Muh Guh.  Has anyone else done this task with Santa believing kids?    In the course of 5 minutes, they somehow convinced themselves that THEY…  are indeed the ones who have nothing to live for and are in need of toys.
Legit, I wanted to strangle them both in a non-Childrens Services way.  Right there in the hot toy aisle. With the rest of the parents who made the same mistake.  

But seriously.   We left without a toy.   And it made me want to immediately place giant lumps of coal under the tree. 

But I'm over it.  And I get it.  They're kids.  But dang.   They were a-holes for a second.  
Surely, I'm not alone.  (and don't call me Shirley).

Grant Hospital girls back in the house...

These girls are my tribe.   And are responsible for 75% of the text messages on my phone.  #sns   And we can all basically say anything and no one is scared.     They're completely and utterly ridiculous.   Just like me. 

(part one)

Y'all ready!? 

I'll give you some hints…..

1.  We aren't spending money.

2.  We're gonna love it.

3.  We're gonna also hate it.  Big time.  

4.   We're gonna realize how much money we flush down the toilet without blinking an eye.

You're in and you don't even know it.

Kinda like you're so money and you don't even know it.  

Stay tuned for more deets!

Hope your Sunday went a little like this… 

And if it didn't, get your shiz together and pretend it did.

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