Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So What Wedneday!?

As always, here we go, yo!

**SO WHAT if I've been watching YouTube videos on the zillion and one  ways to fully utilize my Erin Condren life planner?   The options are simply endless.  And the stickers and pens are beautiful.  And make me crazy all at the same time. 

**SO WHAT  if Christmas is a week away and I'm kinda scared?   About not having my shiz together.    These prezzy's ain't gonna wrap themselves.   Mama needs an elf.    An elf that smells good and arrives with Frangelico.

**SO WHAT if my last Fabletics get up arrived and I immediately put that outfit on, straight from the shipping envelope, and drove straight to the gym?     Y'all know I'm not the only one.  Pics of my latest goodies to come.

**SO WHAT if for a split milisecond, I contemplated buying a sewing machine and becoming crafty and posting my creations all over the Insta?     Then I remembered that I ask my mom to sew my buttons back on and decided to stick to running.   These Amazon lighting deals are killing me doe…

**SO WHAT  if my Target Cartwheel app and I are tizight?!   I feel like I practically work for Target corporate at this point.   I've been selling the Target Red Card, with a side of Cartwheel app like a boss.     If you don't have both of these,   you need them immediately.  You'll save a zillion dollars.   I'm cereal. Kinda like Ebates..only easier.  

**SO WHAT  if the last two weeks have been a flurry of holiday shenanigans and I basically need dialysis with a side of having my mouth wired shut?

**SO WHAT   if I've relapsed and got shellac on my nails again?   I know.   I was doing so great and had been clean for weeks on end.    However, somehow all is right in the world when I look down at my hands and see the perfection that is shellac.     Sorry that I made you guys by Vinylux.   I still love it but dang, this is still easier.     I feel dirty.

Happy Wednesday!   On deck… a post on damage control products.   'Tis the season.  Don't miss it.

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