Monday, December 8, 2014

My December StitchFix Review.. with a side 'o 10 jamz

Awww, yeah, y'alllllz.

If you read Friday's post, you know mamacita got herself a new fix.  

For the newbies, here's how this works….  For the non-newbies…#pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.  And non-newbies, If you still haven't created your free it HERE.    Are we still having this discussion?

Step One:    Go online and set up your profile.  It's super fun and easy peasy and you get to answer a bunch of questions about what you like and don't like.  You look at a handful of outfits and accessories and say yada or nada.  Even if you aren't ready to take the plunge, create a profile.   Because it's fun and I'm kinda sad mine is over.    To create your free profile, go here.  

Step Two:    Schedule your "fix."   Scheduling your fix will set you back twenty billzzzz….  However, this $20 goes towards your styling fee and more importnatly is a credit towards anything that you happen to keep from your fix.    Either way, #winning.

Step Three:    Rip that box open like a kid on Christmas morning.  But wait, before you do that, post the sealed box on the Insta and proclaim to the entire first world that your StitchFix is here!  Oh wait, that's just me.   #predictable.

Step Four:     Try on all 5 pieces in the comfort and privacy of your own home…with your own shoes, accessories, etc.  Loved this.

It comes with a special little card like this, which gives you awesome ideas on how to wear your loot.  Absolutely loved this and will keep the card for further assistance.   A great reference to have on hand.

Step Five:     Log into your account and "check out."   Decide what you want to  keep and what you don't.    Give feedback about what you liked and didn't.  This helps your stylist figure out how to best suit your desires for your next "fix."  Within three business days,  put your rejects in the postage paid envelope and drop it in your nearest mailbox.  No big.

Step Six:     Strut your yes's like the boss that you are. 

Sooo…What did I get!? 

1.  Olive & Oak Alyah Abstract Tie Dye Latttice Cutout Detail Top -KEEP

As always, I wasn't sure about this one outta the box.  However, I threw it on with leather jeggings and black wedge booties and somehow I liked it.   I'm not a huge fan of cutouts but kinda dug this.    I also tried this on with skinny jeans and again, cute.   So yeah, keep.

2.   Kut From the Kloth Harrison Faux Leather Textured Jacket-  RETURN

I did like this.  However, I already have something almost identicial in my closet.   Plus, I felt like it was a tad too tight across the shoulders.  If it were slightly cheaper than the $120 price tag,  I may have wavered.    At any rate, it's a super cute basic.

3. Mavi Gold Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean- KEEP

You guys, these weigh in at the equivalent comfort level that your typical pajama pant would bring.    Only they're jeans.   But not pajama jeans.    Because they're cooler.  Oh and because they have a button and zipper and stuff.    I could wear these for days.   Slightly distressed.  Would look super cute with flip flops all summer.  No brainer.  

4.   Collective Concepts Forester 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Printed Tie Waist Dress- RETURNNNNNNN!  

I have no words.    BUT... we all know that's not true…
 I mean, this dress has basically been beaten with an ugly stick.   Everything about this was horrifying.  The cut, the fit, the print, the length, the material.   It was basically a maternity dress in disguise.  Only worse.   I felt like I could have fit a family of four plus possibly a next door neighbor or two in this dress.    Then I got sad because I felt like my stylist and I were practically becoming besties and suddenly I felt like we didn't even know each other at all anymore.    So I sent her a long email.  I did.  Yes I did.      #mostunflatteringdressinamerica #rip

5.  Jill Michael Gracie Stone Bead & Nugget Bar Necklace-  RETURN

I can't even believe I didn't snap a picture of this necklace before I returned it.    It was your everyday gold, thin chained necklace with a few black beads.  I wasn't impressed.   No big.  I popped it right back in the envelope and off she went.

So yes, overall, this wasn't my favorite Fix.  Not gonna lie.  However,  when I look at my closet, some of my favorite pieces are definitely from StitchFix.  

Lo and behold, my next one comes in 2-3 weeks so giddy up, yo's.  

Let's talk music.  Y'all know my 5 zillion playlists are ever changing.  Whatchoo got?   But first, let's talk about my current faves.

10 of em.

1.  Lips Are Moving-  Meghan Trainor -  Universal.  Everybody loves this one.  Errrbody.

2.  I Bet My Life- Imagine Dragons-  Yes, I agree this sounds like it should be a track in the Lion King but I can't help that.   I love this song.  

3.  Thinking Out Loud-  Ed Sheeran -  The shiz.  His voice is buttah.

4.  Shotgun Rider- Tim McGraw-   4 seconds in, several moons ago, and I loved it.

5.  Beg for It-  Iggy Azalea-  Title Boxing peeps, giddy up.  Playlist.  This week. Be there.

6.  Hallelujah-  Leonard Cohen-  Have you guys heard this?   Crazytown.

7.  Ain't Worth the Whiskey-  Cole Swindell-  Loving Cole lately.

8.  Clean- Taylor Swift-  Yes, we've talked about this before.   However, I simply can't get enough.

9.  Get Low- Lil Jon-   OMG, I recently rediscovered this oldie but hellza goodie.  So bad.  Yet, so fabulous.

10.  Night Changes- One Direction-   Cuz 1D can do no wrong.  #sns #39yearoldteenager

So yeah, if you don't have these.   Get 'em asap.   And I wanna hear what you've got that you're loving and I don't have.  I do.   We all do.

Hope you're Monday was funerdful!

Laters Babes. 

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  1. You look straight up pregnant in that dress!!! I would love to know what you said to your stylist. LOL!! But I do like the rest!!!