Friday, December 5, 2014

It's Friday and We've Got Lot's to Discuss!

But first… Can we all agree on this?

And this???   Dying.   I wanna make this white girl pug all mine.    Cuz she's an awesome white girl pug.

Let's discuss things.


Remember how I used to be in love with this?   I kind of forgot all about it.  Well last night, I whipped it up and let's just say I couldn't resist leftovers for breakfast.

If you haven't made the "pizza" bake before, do it.   It's all the deliciousness of pizza, only you won't feel like a linebacker after you eat it.   So.dang.good.   And if you buy low sugar sauce and forego the parmesan, it's completely cleanse/ challenge friendly.     So yeah,  you're gonna need to make this asap.

2.   Another Race??

For the love of the Lord.   Nothing about this race looks appealing.   Nothing.   Yet I have reason to believe I'll be running it.      I'm doing the half.  The End.  Don't even try to talk me into anything further.   Yes, crazier than me running friends, I'm looking at you.

This little beauty was on my stoop last night.   She glistened in the soft glow of my headlights as I pulled in the driveway.    I nearly drove through the garage door wall and locked the kids in the car in a speedy attempt to have this baby in my arms.     Just kidding.   Kinda.  

Stay tuned for a review of my latest goodies within the next 72!

4.     My PreWorkout Concoction

I'm loving this little "cocktail" lately.  I've been using it for everything from boxing to Crossfit to strength training on my own.

Here we have….

Most of you are already Spark drinkers but if you're not…read my post on Spark and why you need it immediatley.  

Love this product for helping to increase physical endurance and overall muscle building.  It contains a little creatine, which in essential in muscle building.      Mass Impact also helps to preserve muscle glycogen, which promotes muscle volume, strength, and mass.    In a nutshell, it kinda makes me feel #BA.

Ahhh…BioCharge.  For starters, this will give you a little non-caffeinated boost of energy and who doesn't love that?   But that's not why I love it.     This tiny little pack  contains a ton of good shiz.  Everything from your happy B-vitamins to our BCAA's (branch chain amino acids for the newbs) which are awesome in aiding in muscle leaness.    It's also amazing in recovery.  I can be taken pre-workout or intra-workout.  I always take pre-workout because it's part of this little cocktail in my book.

Loving this combo.  

Hope you all have an an awesome weekend and I'll catch ya back here on Sunday!

Laters Baby.

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