Monday, December 1, 2014

It's December. And Monday. Cyber Monday, that is.

Word on the street is that it's December.   And Monday.   How did that happen?    You know when you have 4 days off work and think you're going to accomplish a zillion and one things but all you do is eat, drink, and be merry?       Yeah, that  accidentally just happened.

Sooo…who is getting down on some Cyber Monday???

But first, if you missed the Virtual Turkey trot drawing, head on over to the Facebook to find out the winner.  

Back to Cyber Monday….

FYI, before you order a thing…go through Ebates to find your store.   I never, ever buy anything online without going through Ebates.    Over the past couple of years, I have recieved over $300 in cash back.  All for going through Ebates.  It's truly free money.  If you don't have an account, do yourself and immediate solid and set one up.   Some stores are not on Ebates, including American Girl.  However, these days, most are.   

Okay dokey…here we go, yo.

***American Girl is having a huge 60% off sale.    Enter code 179780 for an extra $10 off.   If you have a red blooded daughter under the age of 14, you know that American Girl makes us poor.    This sale is pretty legit.    Be patient with the site.  It's slow.   However, I saved a small fortune so muscled through.    

***Target is offering this huge Crayola color block for $12, plus free shipping.   200 pieces and perfect for your little arteeest.

***Nordstrom has their BIG bottles of Philosphy bath/shower wash for $10!   Plus free shipping AND three free samples.    #winning!   Time to stock up, buttercups.   AND Nordstrom is offering 10% cashback through Ebates.  I can't make this up.    Remember how I told you that you need Tom's wedges?   Yeah, those are 25% off, which hardly ever happens.   

***Amazon is having amazing deals on their GPS watches.   Basically illegal to run without one if you're training for a race.       

***Gap / Banana / Old Navy has 40% off, sitewide.  Use code CYBER at checkout.   Lots of good deals on kiddos pajamas, coats, and winter wear.   

***Victoria's Secret  is offering TWO free secret reward cards with any $10 purchase.    The cards are worth a minimum of $10 but could be worth up to $500.   Almost like gambling, but not quite.   Looking for an easy way to spend $10?   These little perfumed ornaments are right on the money.    At any rate, you're kinda making money with this deal.

***LOFT is offering 50% off sitewide.   Enter code MONDAY at checkout.  I kinda want this pretty little lace peplum.   Also, lots of great jewelry deals that would make for great gift exchange items or stocking stuffers.   

***Athleta is offering 20% off sitewide, which never happens.   Use code CYBER20 at checkout.  Loving their plaid chaturanga capris.

***Kate Spade is offering 30% off sitewide.  Enter code CYBER30 at checkout.   Can we please talk about the adorable, easy peasy Cedar Street Monday?   At 30 percent off, I'm super tempted to make her mine.   I am.

Just a few of my favorites.  Don't forget to check deals on local gyms, yoga studios, etc.  If you've been wanting to try a new class, chances are your place is offering something.  Anything.     Feel free to add your favorites as well!

Clearly I'm going to need to know what you all bought.   Go get em and happy shopping!

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