Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Is This Thing On???

Happy New Years Eve, Kitty Cats!  (meow!)

Have I really not posted since December 21st?   That's 10 days and we can't be having that.   

The thing is, I've been celebrating Christmas…4 times to be exact. 

Annual Christmas Eve birthday cake for Jesus.

   I've also been having pre-40th birthday soiree's and stuff that may or may not have involved bull riding which may or may not have resulted in bruises.    I mean???  Only old people get bruised from riding the bull.  It's practically a scientific fact. 

I've also been doing lots of Crossfit and basically living my life in a chronically sore state.   Hello, Post Workout Recovery…Me loves you long time.

 Oh and working.    And managing monkeys.

getting ready for the biggest group 24 Day Challenge in the history of the world!   

So many of you are ALL IN and that's kinda fabulous.
Today is THE last day for pre-order so message me stat if you still need deets.

And even if you miss the pre-order, you can still order your challenge up through the 2nd to ensure that you'll get it by the January 7th start date.

So yeah….

Let's talk about some goals.  Wanna?

I kinda love this.   I'm one of those people that has to write it down.   (Erin Condren planner, anyone?)  I know this seems like an ancient concept and basically makes me sound like I'm gonna ride my dinosaur to the ink pot and quill store to buy my writing supplies but the bottom line is, I need to write it.  And see it.

So if you're like me, print this baby out and go to town.

I'm still working on mine and since you're nosy like me, I'm gonna share those when I'm done.   Mainly, because they help to hold me accountable.  

So yeah, 2014…   What a year.    

But the good thing is…

….and that's awesome.

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  1. Can't wait to read your goals! Happy New Year, lady!