Sunday, December 21, 2014

All IN and Sunday Sentiments

Leo don't lie, friends.  

Sooo…. if you follow Columbus Advocare Runner , you know the deal.  The biggest 24 Day Challenge in the history of the world is going down on January 7th.  We're talking 80,000-100,000 peeps here.

Not only that, but we're offering free shipping and all kinds of other goodies if you pre-order your loot before 12/31.   

So yes, join in the fun.  And join me on my private FB page, just for my peeps.

{Unfortunately I have had to close the Facebook group off to my clients or those that are working directly with distributors on my team.  They all put a lot of time into helping everyone on the board, and out of respect to them I have agreed to keep it private.  The group has become rather large and I hope you understand.     Also, I don’t ever want to step on the toes of the distributor that you are working with.  They should have the opportunity to coach you along throughout the process and be there for you every step of the way should you need anything.  However, if you are not receiving the help and support that you deserve please reach back out to me and we can discuss options in moving forward!  I would hate to see anyone go at the challenge alone, so if you need something please let me know!}


The countdown is on, friends.  We'll all be feeling like crap in no time so take charge and get on board now. 

Fancy some Sunday Sentiments???

Let's see…

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   3 miles in the a.m., Crossfit in the p.m.  I almost died of deadlifts and I'm fairly certain that can be legally placed on a death certificate under "cause of death."    Not kidding.

Saturday-   Crossfit in the a.m., 4 miles of speed work-ish tempo in the afternoon with some other crazy people.  

Sunday-  5.5 mile recovery run.   Slow, easy, chill, music, sun…happy.

I'll be taking at least 2 days off this week.  Don't be alarmed.

Weekend Highlights…Ten of 'Em

1.  Holiday/ pajama partying for the big one.

And apparently the parents look like this…

Hilarious.   Yes, indeedy.  

2.  Wrapping mounds of prezzy's with a side of Fresh Balsam and Bailey's chocolate cherry and coffee.     Sadly, I've still got more to wrap.      I'm gonna need an intervention at this rate.  

3.   Attending various Christmas parties and eating all the Christmas goodies like it's my jizob.  #carbease

4.   Deciding that amongst the chaos, all of my frames need new pictures.  New material, if you will.  

How cute is this selfie of the little at exactly this time last year?


5.     Being mad at Starbucks for running out of red cups.   Who's running this operation anyway???   #basicwhitegirl

6.   Panicking that Christmas is in 5 minutes and somehow I feel like my to-do list won't simmer down.

7.   Stalking my StitchFix delivery.   Tomorrow, peeps.   It's coming.     Which means tomorrow is gonna be an amazing day.   By default.

8.  Eating good food.    Again.  

614 peeps, I broke up with it awhile back, but suddenly I'm loving Mezzo again.  

Foo foo drinks, cuz it's Christmas…  And it's basically the law.  

9.   Mapping out the race schedule.    Up next…

 Doing the 20 k for both races.      I'm pumped.    Now if Jym Ganahl will cooperate and let us have a mild January day, we'll all be happier than a tornado in a trailer park.   And if he could repeat that for February too, that'd be great.

10.      Realizing that I'm gonna be 40 in a hot second.   

Way too late, ps.   

 But ya know, I'm okay with it.   And if you know me in real life, you've heard me say this a zillion times….   For those of you who have been spared…Are you ready???

 I feel a zillion times better at almost 40 than I ever did at 21. 

And an enormous part of that is my Advo.    Yes, we all know I have fun.  (see fancy martini pic above).   But the supplements, the workouts, the 80% of clean eating….that's what i
t's about.    And I'm real in this…
I genuinely feel better.   

  I napped at 21.     I don't nap at almost 40.   Even when the opportunity is wide open.   I don't need to.
   I ran 10 minute miles at 21.   I can bust out a 7:15 if I need to at 39.9.
My pants were a size, if not two, bigger at 21.    I wear the pants I'm supposed to wear at 39.9.

What hasn't changed?  I'm still the same toolshed/goofball/loud laughing/ inquisitive/ impulsive, with a side of shenans, girl that I was at 21.   

So yes… Don't cry for me Argentina.   Cuz I kinda like pushing 40.  

Hope your Sunday has been all you've hoped and more.

See you in the next 48!

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