Saturday, November 8, 2014

Things You Need!! Just Because Edition

Happy Saturday!!!

First of all, I'm loving your questions for Ask Me Anything!    Keep em coming because they're kinda awesome and they're also making me think!    Scary, yes.  Yes indeedy. 

I'm hoping to have the post up tomorrow night or Monday.

Secondly, loving the comittments on our first annual Advocarerunner Virtual Turkey Trot!!!   Just for fun, we're taking it up a notch and here's the deal....

The Rules:

**Minimum of a 5k  (more if you like)

**Shoot me a pic of YOU on "race" day on Columbus Advocare Runner and I'll enter you into a  random drawing for a box of Spark and a bottle of 02 Gold.  Two of my VERY FAVE EVER in the history of the word running products.    This combo together is the bee's knees.  

So yeah, that's it.  We're all winning.

So…let's get down to biz….I know you all have a love/hate relationship with my Things You Need posts due to the fact that they make us poor.      And for that, I'm sorry.   But I love you guys and … need to know what you need.    So as always, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.

So here's the thing…. I was very deep into the cult of getting shellac or gel on my nails.    Our world can be falling apart, but if you look down at your hands and your nails be seriously looking fab…well suddenly things are looking up.  

The problem is, shellac is a cult.   And it's difficult to get out.   You can't stop getting it because your nails are kinda dead underneath.  And not pretty.      Oh and it's an expensive little habit.   It is.  Oh, plus it's kinda like a part time job because you've gotta sit there and be bored for 45 min. every 2-3 weeks.    But you do all of this in the name of having fabulous hands and feeling put together when the rest of you is a hot mess. 

So my girlfriend (hi Seana!) kept rolling into the gym with perfectly manicured, unchipped nails.   I initially assumed it was shellac.   After launching an investigation, I finally learned  that it was nothing more than this Vinylux top coat.   "It makes normal polish last well over a week!", she proclaimed.      I was skeptical and obviously very deep into the shellac cult at this point.

I finally caved about 3 weeks ago and words kinda can't express my happiness.     I am not kidding when I tell you this stuff is a miracle.  It's under $8 and makes normal OPI or even Sally Hansen last about 8 days.   I wouldn't lie to you guys.    Buy this.

2.     Fabletics

You know I've already posted on my Facebook page about this and I'm not looking back.       You guys,  I got my first shipment yesterday and LOVE everything.   (Review to come on the blog, ps!) I paid about 1/2 the price of one item at Lulu for THREE things!   Love this concept and in the end, I have a feeling it's gonna save me a lot of dinero.  I pretty much live in workout apparel and athletic wear and THIS. Is serious business for me.

Ummm…do you guys know about this?   Don't worry,  I didn't either.  My two blogging besties (Niki and Lauren) are into this so clearly I had to give it a try.   If you lift weights or workout at al and  listen to music while you're doing it (who doesn't?), you need this immeed.   It does not move.  I had one of those annoying arm bands which was just never in the right place.  Then I tried literally lifting with my phone tucked in the back of my shorts (who does that?).   This has been lifechanging for me.  It's so comfortable, stays put, oh and I kinda feel like it disguises muffin top.  Just saying.     I got mine on amazon for $25.

You guys have GOT to be sick of hearing about this.   And for that, I'm real sorry.  However, I'm that excited about it and kinda need to let you guys know how much I really do love it.   I've already worn the crap outta the pieces I kept.  For the price, I'm loving everything about this.       It's just a really great, exciting, low committment service.   Oh and it majorly gives you something exciting to look forward to.     In summary, I kinda  feel like it makes us look put together and be sassy and well... feel fabulous.  Who doesn't need a little fabulousness in their life? 

These have been all over the Insta and Facebook this week.   I know.    But seriously... they. are. awesome.   And I hoard them.  They sell out every year so get em while you can.   Want a little Christmas party in your mouth?   Here it is.    A healthy, amazingly delicious, decadent tasting snack.  LOVE these and I know lots of you do too.

These are legit.   So cozy and the waist band is just right.  Have I ever told you that nothing irriates  me more than a tight waist band on loungewear apparel???   Nothing.  It's just mean.     Well, maybe people who come to a complete stop when they turn but that's another topic completely.      Anyway, you guys need these.  So cute and cozy to throw on with a sweatshirt.   I wear these pretty  much anytime there is no chance of  being seen in public.  And even that, I'm probably not above.

7. Thanksgiving Morning Candle

I can't find this on the website, and I realize the pic. is wrong but bare with me…… Remember when I had a panic attack that the B&BW Pumpkin Waffles candle was gonna disappear???   Well, me and those gals down at the local B&BW are getting tight with a capital T.      And one of 'em told me a little story about how they were gonna re-relase Pumpkin Waffles into Thanksgiving Morning at any second.  Well, lo and behold, 'tis true.   Pumpkin Waffles is now nowhere to be found.  However, fear not, cuz Thanksgiving Morning is in the hizzy!   It smells identical to PW's.    And I stocked up.  #obvi.   2 for $22 right now, ps!

8.   Track Pants

I am love, love, loving this little track pants trend.   They can currently be found everywhere from Express to Nordstrom.  However, I just found two ADORABLE pair at H&M for $14.95.    Yes.    So cute with casual sneaks, the sneaker slides that I posted about a few weeks ago, and of course dressed up.     Seriously loving this easy, comfy concept.      I am.

There you have it friends.   Clearly I need to know who is buying what.   I do.

Have a great weekend and I'll see ya back in a hot second with some answers to your Q's!

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