Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday Sentiments, Two Races…and Stuff and Things...

Hey girl, hey!

I mean????  

So two races.  Both in the tundra.  Both awesome.

First up.

Salt Fork Trail Challenge 

Dude, this little trail challenge was kinda hard.  Not gonna lie.   It was actually 10.4 miles and for some reason, the .4 put me over the edge.   2000 feet of elevation change and there were points of the trail where running wasn't even remotely an option.   Was crazy awesome.   These were real deal trail runners and at times I really didn't feel qualified.  However, I muscled through and loved it.      And from what I could see, this place was crazy beautiful.  Especially when I could look up and take it all in when I wasn't trying not to die on a rock or giant root.   Or tree trunk.   Or mud pit.   

Will definitely do this one again next year.   Midwest people, it sells out quickly so if you are even remotely interested, sign up when registration opens.

ps-  Did I tell you guys that I'm kinda in love with trail running?   I literally feel ZERO pressure.    I'm already on the look out for another.   (Obvi).

Race number two…

Hot Chocolate 15k

This is a fun one.   There is also a 5k option.   Another race that sells out every year.   If you have this race series in a city near you, do it.    It's kind of a novelty race so not a super competitive field.  Still way fun and festive. Marshmallows and tootsie rolls along the course.  Yes, please.   Hot chocolate and other delish goodies at the finish.   #winning.

Weekend Swag

Big sweatshirts and leggings are basically my indoor winter uniform.  This clearly means I can deffy get down on these sweatshirts.   Not running material but I seriously don't hate em.

Other Weekend Highlights:

Why do I always gets a kick out of my kids ever changing Christmas lists??  Maybe it's the "I Need This" that prefaces the list that makes me laugh…  At any rate, I kinda love a Christmas list.

A fun pre-race dinner with these kitty cats…

And this…

Why yes….. Yes you may…

Oh and this….

Right?   Beautiful.   This also meant no school for these monkeys 'o mine which is kinda ridiculous, considering that I still have pumpkins sitting on the front porch.   #ghetto

Oh and this….

And he was pretty awesome.   But ya wanna know who I loved even more?  

This cat who played keyboard for his opening band.  Totes entertainment and I kinda wanna be his BFF.


Oh and since I ran 20 miles, I thought the right thing to do was partake in dissss….

Bakersfield..  True Love Always…..
Queso, chrorizo, margarita…#bsmh

And I felt like this guy was lurking around the corner  looking at me like this…


So back to the grind this week.   Crossfit is back in my life and this makes #misohappy.      I'll share some of my Crossfit pre-workout products in an upcoming post.  Cuz I'm loving them.

On deck this week:

**My Fabletics review!  Hollah, hollah!
**Some additional random shenanigans sprinkled in
**Part Two of "Ask Me Anything"
And I may or may not have some questions for you guys.  Cuz I love you and stuff and things.

Hope you all are having a fab five freddy start to your week!

Laters Babes.

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