Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and Five Day One Tidbits

I still love to admire my new Sunday Sentiments button.   I just do.

Soooo….Day One for lots of  you!    Howzabout five tidbits that I just posted on the FB board?

Here we go, friends!    Five little tidbits for day one…

1.  Check out "tips for the fiber drink" under the files tab.    Lots of people initially struggle with the fiber drink so be sure to check it out for helpful tips.   

Since I love you all, here they are…

1.  Best to mix in very cold water modify the amount of water…some people like less water and chug it, others prefer lots of water to dilute it.  Find what works best for you.   I typically only use about 4-5 ounces and chug. 
2.  You can add a little Spark if you want.   Mandarin orange spark seems to give it a little more of a pulpy OJ consistency.   Try this if you are really struggling with it.  
3.  Stir and drink quickly - Do NOT leave it sitting. It will get thick quickly.  Seriously, chug it like a college boy.   
4.  Try drinking with a straw.
5.  IMPORTANT:  Drink 1-2 full glasses of clear water immediately following.

Remember, the Fiber Drink will get easier over time.  So just get it done  - it's important and the results will make it oh so worth it!  You will also likely find that it keeps you feeling full which is an awesome added bonus.  

2.   Weigh yourself this morning.   Take measurements too.    Do NOT under any circumstances weigh yourself again until the morning of day eleven.   Please, oh please.    Your weight will fluctuate a ton during the first few days, especially with the fiber drink.   Don't do it.     Be patient.   

3.  It's not uncommon to feel bloated at first.   Drink tons of water and stay the course.   This is normal as your body takes in the good stuff and prepares to rid the bad.

4.  As always, have a plan.    Think ahead to lunch, snacks, etc.  Have a plan for every situation.   

5.   Change your mindset and look at this whole thing as a positive.     You're doing something amazing for your body.  Giving it a break from all of the abuse that we don't even think about.   Seriously, think positively about the whole cleanse /challenge and I guarantee you'll have better results.   Don't dread it.  Embrace it.

Giddy up!

Let's talk about the weekend!

Who did what?!

Here's what went down up in here...

Weekend workouts:

Friday-   4 hasty miles.   I had a packed out day and barely recall squeezing this in.   Kinda like when you eat a Big Mac when you're stressed.  Only different.  

Saturday-   A little 3.5 mile run on the treadmill and then I did my favoritest ever at home full body strength workout.  

Seriously, I love this workout.  It's quick, efficient and if you push yourself, you'll be sore.  And we all love dat….

Sunday-   7 glorious miles.    The morning started out freezing with a capital F.   However, at 1 p.m., I found myself running in a tank top.   #win

Weekend Hightlights:  

The ever original dueling witches.  I know.   I really wanted them to be something super cool, original and fabulous.  But yeah, no.   Witches it was.

And you really can't argue with this kind of witchy-happiness.  So there's that.

As ususal, our weather for trick or treat was equivalent to the weather that one might see on The Deadliest Catch.   Rain, wind, and the whole hootenanny.

The baby daddy took the witches out while my job somehow looked like this….

I didn't hate it. 

I actually slept in this weekend!  I had to screenshot the time on my phone because I couldn't believe it myself.

When I woke up I thought I was either dead or had mono, but nope...  Turns out my body was craving the type of deep slumber that makes you wake up wondering what day it is and where you are.    Was amazing, not gonna lie.

I somehow found myself in a human squat challenge with the monkey girls.     Just squatting a belly laughing 8 year old (100 times!!)  with a #runnerdog looking on.   Nothing abnormal here. 

My buns were on fire as a result.   It's becoming more apparent that we need our own reality show.

I also ate the most delicious boneless wings in the history of the world.

What you see here was amazing.  Spicy wasabi wings?   #gimb

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm already craving the salty, sweet combo again. 

The rest of the weekend was spent being uber productive.   Lots of to do lists checked off, a mound of laundry that rivaled Mt. Ranier got slayed, oh and I did lots of food prep for the 24 DC  that we're saddling up for!

Is it really November???   Is this shocking to anyone else???

Hope you all had a great Halloween / weekend!   

See you cats soon.  

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  1. Please tell me how you took a selfie while drinking wine and also holding the candy bowl. That takes skills.