Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Here!

Hi Friends!

I'm here but have been super busy in these parts.     Do you follow me on the  Facebook and Insta?   Cuz if you do, you probably know what I've been up to.   But if you don't, you're gonna wanna.     At any rate, allow me to summarize.  

Things like…

1.  Harrassing young, innocent Target employees for $30 tablets on Thanksgiving night.

This poor, sweet soul didn't have a chance.   After I basically cornered him, he was nice enough to do some investigating and drum up another one of these for me.  ps-   I'm really hoping this janky tablet passes for an Ipad Mini for the little one.    Surely she's not big enough to discriminate yet, is she???  (and don't call me Shirley).  

2.   Running Turkey Trot's

7th in division-30-39 year olds.  Not my best 4 miler but not bad, considering I'm tipping over with  the 40-49 year olds here in a hot second.   #40isthenewblack



Mile 1-  8:04
Mile 2-  8:11
Mile 3-  8:15
Mile 4- 8:40

Loved this race.  Right here in my community.   #winning

3.  Taking family pictures

Ummmm…does anyone else find themselves with a sweating butt crack by the time pictures are said and done?    I'm real sorry that I have to share such graphic content  but  I can't be the only one.    Pretty sure it should be a universal rule that photographers should provide parents with something of this nature on picture day.

  Everybody happy…

4.   Getting spoiled by the monkeys.  

Can we talk about the breakfast in bed in which I was served?   I heard rustling and shuffling in the kitchen followed by…"lay in your bed and don't come out!"

They then proudly present me with….   A "nut platter" and a bottle  of water.    So basically we have….
a copious amount of peanut butter on a spoon with a side of dark chocolate almonds.    I mean????   Be still, my heart.  

5.    Getting ready for the big game!  


So yes, GO BUCKS!

I'm loving your pictures to the first annual Virtual Turkey Trot!!    Keep 'em coming!    We draw a name for the Spark / 02 Gold winner tomorrow night.   

Questions for you…

1.  Are you done with your holiday decor? 
2. Have you started shopping?
3.  Who is running/ working out this weekend?

I want answers.

Have a fabulous Saturday and I'll see y'all back here tomorrow night! 

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