Saturday, November 1, 2014

Here We Go, Yo! Breaky Ideas for Week One!

It's on, friends!  

It's on like donkey kong and stuff.   Seriously.  

Sooo….as you all know, our plan is to start Monday, November 3rd.   We wrap this baby up beautifully on Wednesday, Novemeber 26th.    This is the day before Thanksgiving.   We couldn't ask for better timing.   

Newbies, if I haven't added you to the private FB group, message me.  I think I got everyone but just in case. You really don't want do this without proper coaching and instructions.  Promise.  Don't try it.   I can't have you failing.  And you can't have you failing.      So yes, message me if you haven't been added.

First things first…   

Read my 24 Day Challenge prep post if you haven't.    Secondly, read my helpful tips post while you're at it.     Oh and thirdly, read my 10 Day Cleanse tips too.  As we all know, the 10 day cleanse is the first 10 days of this here whole challenge that we're about to embark on.   If you're a newbie,  read up.  

Seriously, you've made the financial committment.  Don't waste your money by not educating yourself before you jump in.  I would hate that.  And so would you.


Let's talk about the good stuff.  What are we eating!?

*** ps- Don't forget to follow me on the Insta because I'll deffy be posting some of my eats next week. Advorunner,  get there.

Here are some of my go to's….


******1/2 c steel cut oatmeal with 2 tbsp almond butter, top with cinnamon

(any and all oatmeal should be unsweetened.  You can have regular quick cook oats too but please o please make sure they're not sweetened.   mmmkay?)

*****3 scrambled eggs, no oil, 1 piece of Ezekial toast topped with ONE tbsp natural almond butter or peanut butter.

*****Egg Muffins!

You guys, these are so good.  And so easy.   

All ya need is: 

Eggs, veggies and Evoo.  Oh and a muffin tin.

See the whole recipe Here.   Easy peasy.

*****Breakfast Burrito

3 scrambled eggs
1/4 slice avacado
salsa or hot sauce
1 gluten free tortilla (Udi's or Ezekial)

*****Buckeye Smoothie

Ummm…I'm obsessed with this.

1.5  c unsweetened chocolate almond milk 
1 frozen banana
2 cups fresh spinach
1 tbsp unsweetned bittersweet cocoa powder
1 tbsp PB2   (if you don't know about PB2, you need to become BFF's with it immediately)
1 tbsp natural peanut butter (for protein, good fat, and staying power)

Ummm, hello lover.  Seriously love this and so easy and clean. 

*****Overnight Oats

Again, so easy!  If you're running to a 4 alarm fire every morning like me, these are perfect.  Throw em in your work bag and go.

Okay so….

1/2 c oatmeal (again..NO Shoog!)
1/2 c fresh fruit (I usually do 1/2 c strawberries and 1/2 banana)
1 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
top with #allthecinnamon!!

I use a glass bowl and lid but a lot of people use cute mason jars.   Place lid on your concoction, give it all a good shake, throw it in the fridge before bed, stir that baby up in the a.m. and enjoy.

*****Egg and almond butter get up

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you know I'm basically obsessed with this concoctinon.

But ps- Did I really take this pic?  OMG, was I blind when I took it?     Horrific.

Anyway here's whatcha need…

2 eggs
1/2 c egg whites
2 tbsp almond butter
**I would def leave out the stevia if you challenge.  

Anyway, make this.  I'm serious.

Other easy breakfast related tidbits….

Always have boiled eggs on hand.   Always! 

Don't be afraid to eat non-breakfast things for breakfast.  For example, I've been known to eat grilled chicken with my scrambled eggs like it ain't no thaannnng.    Lots of staying power and perfectly acceptable.

Make sure your nut butters are NATURAL.  No Jif or Skippy up in here.  (I know, I'm sad too).  No added sugars.  If the nut butter slayer of the universe (Yours Truly) can do it, so can you.

No dairy, no cereal, no butter.   #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou

Super pumped for you guys!  I've been super lax over the past couple months so definitely need this challenge just as much as everyone else. 

Is anyone have "the last supper" this weekened?  If so, I'm clearly gonna need to know all about it.  

See ya'll back here tomorrow for some LUNCH ideas!


  1. Hi there! Jif makes a natural PB is this ok??

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