Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ask Me Anything. Plus some Questions for You!

But first, my questions for you…

1.  Why did my Facebook counter on the bloggy suddenly reset to zero?    Seriously.  One of you has to know the magical answer.  I've been messing around with the html and analyzing the code and nada.  Someone, anyone?

2.   How are you water challengers doing???   I wanna know.   I've been doing stellar and yesterday was not so bueno and honestly…I felt it.   Back on the water wagon today.

3.    Who is up for a little VIRTUAL Thanksgiving Turkey Trot?   Here's the deal… we all commit to 3.12 miles.   That's a 5k for the newbs.     More if you want.   If you're a newbie runner and can't run the whole time, no big.  Walk.  But keep moving.    Do it on your own, with your family, at an organized race but let's do it.  And I want pictures.  Cuz I love you guys and I kinda love when you run.    What better way to start Thanksgiving?   I run every year on T-Day and I two hundred percent guarantee that it helps me make ever so slightly better choices when I'm faced with a giant pecan pie.  (My other weakness).

And now it's your turn….

Ask Me Anything.

I get lots 'o emails pertaining to everything from Advocare to running to lipgloss to injuries and everything in between.    I'm not an expert on anything.  Trust me.    Howevs,  I put myself out there on this little bloggy and the questions come with it.

So here's your chance.   Ask me anything and I'll compile the list and answer it all right here on the bloggy.   

Burning questions? 
Silly questions?
Nosy questions?
Things you wanna know but are too shy to ask?
Ya know, things like how I became a candle hoarder and stuff...

I'll probably answer all of 'em.   Don't be scared.  

And guess what's back!?     What I Ate Wednesday!   #hollah!!

Make it a great alice the camel Hump Day!


  1. Totally down for the Turkey Trot -- great idea! Happy Hump Day, aka Sarcastic Wednesday.....

  2. YES for the Turkey Trot! I live in Naples, FL and we have one - I'm so pumped! And I mean, it burns off ONE bite of stuffing, #amiright?! ;)

    1. That IS the downside. However, one bite gone is better than no bites. And if anything, it helps us maybe make "sligggghtly" better choices that day! Meaning 1 piece of pie versus 10!

  3. Yes to the Turkey Trot! Great idea!

  4. Love your blog and advocare recipes!!! Do you have a myfitnesspal account? Keep up the great work, you look awesome!!

    1. Thanks so much, Nikki! Someone else asked me about MFP! I'll def answer on the bloggy!

  5. I need to know if those donut leggings you posted are from the kids section.....

    1. Jen, there are gumballs too. Clearly, I caved.