Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts and A Couple of My Fave Advo Girls...

Stealing my girls' Thursday Thoughts  button for just that..some Thursday Thoughts.   How about some Thursday Thoughts in question form, nonetheless?

  She steals my Sunday Sentiments on the reg, so we're all good.  

My mind kinda needs a break from running so how about some everyday randoms.   Again, in question form, because that's a little more fun.

1.  Does anyone ever feel like this?   Like this right here exactly?    This right here?  Exactly.

Why is showering and getting ready so much hard work and manual labor?    Staying on the couch with no bra, slippers and a glass of vino is just so much more relaxing, fabulous, and easy.   You can't deny that you know what I'm talking about.  

2.  Why can't I stop posting videos on the Insta?   I mean, all of mankind has been doing this for years and suddenly I get the bug and boom!  I suddenly think you all need to know about my latest water drinking dilemma, amongst other things.  

3.   Who else is pumped for these?!?!

Dude… Everybody knows that everybody loves #allthepumpkin.  And those folks at Advo corporate aren't fools.  They know if they make pumpkin, the pumpkin people are coming.    If you need these like myself and the rest of the world, order them now because I assure you…. They WILL sell out.   The holiday release stuff always does.   #facty  

4.  Who else is in to get buff, fabulous, happy, and energetic before Thanksgiving?!  You..  Yes you are…. Next group 24 Day Challenge starts in dos semanas….(that's two weeks if you weren't the Spanish club prez like me.)   

Can we please look at my friend Lauren, who started her journey with just this…the 24 Day Challenge????

Exactly.    I mean…Hot sauce, with an extra side of hot sauce, no???

And how about my girl  Niki???   Her team is joing us for said challange.    
Double the fun!

Right?  Did I mention that she legit just had her third baby like yesterday?   She's a huge product user and is now back in the gym after the new bambino.     I know, it's kinda not legal to look that hot this early in.  It's not.  But I love her so I can't be mad.

What I'm trying to say is that, we're normal people.  Just real moms who have the same crazy physical and emotional struggles as the rest of you.    We are.   We try our best to work hard and love these products.

So yeah.   In summary…join in on the party.  You won't be sorry.  

See ya'll back here at some point this weekend for the playlist!

Laters Babes.


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