Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Sentiments!

How freaking cute is my new Sunday Sentiments button!?   The second I sat down to blog, I unexpectedly received a text from the fabulous Jen, which contained this cute as button little button.   It's the little things.

But more importantly, how freaking cute is it that she matched said button to the print of my favorite pajamas?   Exactly.  

Let's talk about the weekend…

   Is it really October?   Our weather has been ridic here in the 614.  

A beautiful weekend indeed.  Which contained…

1.  A beautiful wedding….

I'm blessed to work with some seriously amazing hospice people.  And I probably don't say it enough but they're kinda like angels on earth.  And I'm serious.

2.  A run outside in a tank and shorts.   A ball of sun and zero percent humidity.  Is this how you San Deigo people feel every day?  I can't even…

3.   Wanting everything that wasn't nailed down at the farmer's market.

#allthepumpkin #allthecheese    Oh yes I did.  #sorrynotsorry.   This stuff is amazing.

Pretty sure I've had 12 apples in 36 hours.  Kidding…kinda.

   It's obvi that I did have to sample these.    Once again #allthepumpkin #suburbanwhitegirls

3.  Watching a nail biter of a football game.  Penn State versus the Bucks.     What a stressful, crazy game!   Sorry but Penn State's white out was impressive, I can't lie.  I was also kinda jealous that we don't pull that kinda jazz here in the C-bus.  

Soooo….my friend here…(who is gonna kill me for putting this on the bloggy…), legit does not like dogs.  Trust, me I don't understand it either.      So, the second she sat down after said game…#runnerdog sat like this.  Paw on leg, the end.    I think she maybe kinda sorta started liking him a teensy bit.    Let's get real.  He's irrestistable.  

4.  Speaking of that #runnerdog, he ruled the roost at Hoover Dam.   614 people, please tell me you go here.  Cuz it's fabulous and beautiful.  Oh and they have a zillion stairs to run.   Today was a rest day for me and I'd by lying if I said I wasn't jelly of the stair runners.

#twopeasinapod  #truelovealways

Enough about me

***Tell me about your weekend….  Who ran what???  It was perfect pretty much everywhere in the midwest so I know some fabulous runs were taking place.  Clearly I need to hear about them on the FB page.

***We also need to talk about how you guys need to order your $15 vests like right now.     Today only, babycakes!   I stock up every year!  For the whole family! (isn't that what they say in the commerical??)   These are an awesome staple.  And for $15?!?!?    

***You also need to figure out if you're joining us for the next 24 Day Challenge, which starts NEXT Monday! 

  I'm joining forces with my girl Niki and her team and it's on like DK.  Check out Niki's blog because she just posted some awesome meal plan ideas.     Don't forget, we finish the DAY before Thanksgiving.  How perfect is that?  

***I'm looking into having the bloggy redesigned and I need to know who you've loved.    When I start searching on my own, I get overwhelmed and then immediately shut down and basically try and avoid the situation all together.    The current design is working but there are things that are bugging me and I can't live like that.  

On deck this week here on AdvocareRunner….

** StitchFix review!!!  #obsessed 

** A couple new recipes for the upcoming 24 DC.

**Another 24 Day Challenge prep post.   I know.  But seriously, there's never enough.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and I'll catch ya latersssss baby.

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