Thursday, October 2, 2014

Running Woes… A Real Buzzkill

You guys,  my running is wearing me out.  In summary,  I've kinda been looking like this lately.   Like Homer Simpson in this exact picture.   Right here.  Exactly.  I'm serious.   

 I also look like this lady.  Right here.   I do.  

And then at night, I basically look like this….

Unlike this gal, who is clearly even more of a hot mess than me,  I take a shower first.  

So yeah, the marathon is 17 days away and I'm just tired.  And busy.  And need to complain.

Let's discuss my problems….

***I've had a touch of runner's knee and have been doing some exercises to try and correct it.   However, it strikes when I least expect it and not even necessarily on a long run.   I feel myself favoring the opposite knee, which is really not good either.    So that's irritating me.  Big time.   

***This move has kind of sucked the life out of me and I'm finding myself cramming in miles whenever I can.   No bueno.  The last couple of weeks, my running has felt more like a chore than my endorphin inducing drug of choice, which is what it usually is.  

***My last 20 mile training run was rough.   I didn't get good sleep the night before and well, just felt like crap.   Numerous times, one of my running friends literally had to tell me to keep going and that we were NOT stopping.   I'm generally a very tough cookie and I honestly can't even tell you the last time something like that has happened.   I typically just won't let it.  Mind over matter.   But this time I did and I hated that.

***I'm starving and basically have the hunger of 10 large men all day, errday.  Now… deep down, I know this is par for the course at this point in training when you're logging this kind of mileage.  But...I'm ready to not be starving and get back to eating like the dainty, delicate flower that I am.   
And……THAT. was funny.
 Just kidding on the delicate flower part.  We all know I'm a haus.  Training or not.  At any rate, I'm a legit haus right now.  I just wanna get back to being a normal haus and not a legit one.  

***I'm just burned out.  I'm bored.  I'm already hating the taper and it just started.  


Let's discuss the positives….

Enough of my problems.   Fortunately, this isn't my first rodeo so as always #dontcryformeargentina and deep down, I know that #thistooshallpass.

The Good:

***We had a great 12 mile run before the sun came up today and it was just under tempo.      I felt good for all 12 and that made me happy as a clam at high tide.  

***I have awesome products right at my fingertips to help in my recovery.  I do.  I couldn't live without my Post Workout Recovery,  Omegaplex, and Joint Promotion…just to name of few.

***I've had these exact feelings before many 'o races and then promptly said "Hollah! When's the next one?!?" upon crossing the finish line.   The running woes are temporary.   They are.

***I'm signed up for some trail races, which I'm super pumped for.  Mainly because they feel fresh and like a whole new challenge.  So yes, that is making me happy.

***I'll cross that finish line and there won't be anything else in the world that matters.  Because really, that's why we run marathons.      It's all right there.  In that amazing moment of accomplishment, emotion, knowing that you can trust yourself to set goals and actually chase them, just the overall feeling of bliss.    It's coming.  And that's what makes it all worth it.

Feeling better already.

Stay tuned for some Friday Shenans!  

Thanks for listening, friends.  Love you long time.  I do.


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