Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Talk About the Marathon!

Have I ever told you guys how amazingly awesome the post marathon high really is?   You're depleted, exhausted, taxed physically and emotionally, but dang…You're high on life!

  We over post on the FB and Insta, we tell our friends/family how sore we are in attempts to get more questions about said marathon, we limp in public so we can tell people we just ran a marathon, we try and get everyone we know to sign up for one,  and WE immediately start researching the next one.   

It's pretty fabulous.  Really.  

Ps-  Have I ever shown you guys my adorable medal plaque/hanger/display thingy?  Etsy.  If you're addicted to medals like me, you're gonna need one of these.

We headed to the expo on Friday for packet pick up.    The expo was pretty organized, per usual.   However, we arrived about an hour after it opened and they were already sold out of the Columbus Marathon zip up I really, really needed in my life.  Come on Columbus Marathon, you gotta be more prepared than that.  #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.    No seriously, I do.

Here's my running wingman and I.

Ummm….I failed to mention that my right ankle swelled up like that of which belonged to a 400 pound man on Friday.  I kid you not.  It was bizarre.  No pain.  Just a huge ankle that screamed "don't run the race!" every time I looked down.

This was me all weekend…neon slippers and a compression sleeve.  Hot stuff, no?

The weekend was a flurry of birthday parties at my casa which made it all fly by.  Next thing you know, it's Sunday and somehow my ankle miraculously resembled one that belonged to me!

Race day began like any other race day.  If I'm a betting man, I got less than 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night.     This is primarily due to the fear of oversleeping.  Oh and this is all despite having two alarm clocks set and  runner friends who would likely burn my house down if I'm late when the ride comes.  Nothing unusual here.

At 3 a.m. I got up for the day and immediately soaked in this.

I did this while sipping on my first drink of the day which was a combo of 1 scoop of Spark/ 1 scoop of Rehydrate.  

Next thing you know, my clan pulled up and I found myself downtown awaiting the race, wearing this...

Wait for it…….


Laugh if you may, but truth be told we were the warmest fools and stars of the the start line.   If you're a new runner, Goodwill for throwaway clothes is where it's at.  Seriously.

At 7 a.m, I drank my Runner's Cocktail (all prepped and ready to go) and took two 02 Gold.  

Once again, the start line was amazing.   Thunderstruck by AC/DC blaring as usual, tons of fireworks, just amazing energy.

By 7:35 we were off.

Splits and Fuel:

Mile 1-  8:52
Mile 2-  9:00 (we had to make a quick pit stop..long story)
Mile 3- 8:23
Mile 4-8:22
Mile 5-  8:36

Took a Rehydrate around 5.5 

Mile 6- 8:17

10 K split-  54:03, average pace- 8:28

Mile 7- 8:29
Mile 8- 8:31
Mile 9- 8:17
Mile 10- 8:15
Mile 11-  8:58

Took another Rehydrate somewhere along here.

Mile 12-  8:39
Mile 13-  8:32

Half split  - 1:53:18, average pace- 8:37

I ran with my wing man pictured above and we were pacing great.  However, she started having some serious GI distress, which is what was responsible for the pit stop at mile two.  I felt horrible for her but she is one of the toughest cookies I know and somehow trudged on.

Mile 14-  8:29

I took two more 02 Gold somewhere around here.

Still feeling great.  Still happily moving forward.  

Mile 15- 8:32
Mile 16- 8:47
Mile 17- 8:46

My friend with the GI issues was in severe pain. Another running friend (who wasn't running the race) found us.   I told her to go with GI friend and catch up to me.  GI friend is FAST.  Long story short, her issues were worse than we thought.   However…she finished when she probably really should have stopped.  Seriously.   And she finished in 4:01, despite multiple stops.   Right?   Amazing. 

Anyway, back to the splits….

Mile 18- 9:03 (boo!)
Mile 19-  9:04
Mile 20-  8:48

20 Mile Split-  2:54:37, average pace-  8:54

Mile 21- 8:39

Took a final gel around here in hopes of a final push.  Yeah, no bueno.

Mile 22- 9:12…Starting to die a slow death. Send help. Please.  Right now.   No end in sight.    What sane person pays money to do this?   
Mile 23-  8:58-  Back under 9's. Praise SBJ, yet still dying. 
Mile 24-  9:35 (!!!)
Mile 25-9:58 (!!!)   Dying.  I can't do it.  Dying.   You people on the sidelines are so lucky. 
Mile 26- 9:27

And within minutes, I kinda can't wait to do another.  

Official Time-  3:52:59
Average Pace- 8:54
410 out of 2478 females
70 out of 415 females in age group

As you can see, I started to slow down at mile 19.  Things got mental and I knew I wasn't going to run a 3:45, which made me sad for a hot second.   Then my legs  became filled with lead, I was having trouble getting my breathing steady, and it just was HARD.  And I kinda wanted to die.  And I kinda wanted to tell everyone I was never doing this again.   Nothing unusual here.  

But let's be real…this is what it's about...

The beautious, glorious finish line… the moment we live for.

I'm technically happy with my time.  But let's get down to biz…. marathoner's are crazy.  And for some reason, we're always feeling like if we didn't PR (personal best, for the newbies), then we somehow didn't run a real race.

Last year I ran a 3:49.  This year I added a couple minutes onto that time.   Do I wish that didn't happen?  For shizzle.   Did I run my heart out and give it my absolute all?  Absolutely.   The thing is, we just never know how it's all gonna go down on race day.  The stars could align beautifuly and you finish with the Kenyan's.   Or, you can feel like you've never ran a mile in your life just a couple miles in.  It's a scary thing.  Which is what makes it so ridiculously awesome.

You guys know me well enough to know that I'll be signed up for another marathon in a hot second.    Stand by for that.

Congrats to my friends who ran this race, ran miles with me, and gave it their all.   You're all amazing.   And to you readers of this little bloggeroni, thanks so much for all of the support on the FB and Insta this weekend!   I loved it and appreciated it more than you know!

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  1. Congrats on an amazing race!
    This was my first time in Columbus (I only ran the half). Great city, great start line, great course, great support! I loved working the expo, which was very organized and meeting lots of great people! I look forward to being back!