Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy "Fro Yo," The Playlist, Holiday Prep, and a Shoe Obsession.

Morning Sunshines!

First of all, it turns out you guys are even more awesome than I thought.   I can't begin to thank you  for the support and kind words from this weekends' bloggy post.      Some of you have been reading this blog from birth and it felt good to fill you guys in.     

From the pointy part of the bottom of my heart…  Seriously…Thank You.  

So let's get down to bizzz….

1.  Apparently I'm running a marathon and throwing two parties this weekend.   Can you believe that I actually had family pictures scheduled on top of this?  Who DOES that?!?   Thank goodness that a little birdy told me to seriously simmer down and reschedule those bishes.  And I actually listened.    Because only a certifable person would schedule pictures on top of it all.  Even I know this.

2.  You guys need to try this.   Today.    This is straight up lifted from socalrunnergirl's Insta and it's straight up delish.   It's also so easy that the little one practically  made it.   I mean???  3 ingredients?  Mmkay!   It's also somehow mysterisouly satisfying on a sweet tooth emergency.   

3.   We had a packed out weekend of soccer, a football game, shopping, and shoe buying.  Is anyone else addicted to slip on sneaks? I legit can't stop.

Am ps-  I the only one who texts my friends when I shop?   A 10 minute text convo in the shoe aisle on why to buy what is totally normal.  

This is what you'll look like in said slips…. Calm, cool, skinny, collected...

4.  The big one celebrated her birthday, which has apparently turned into an 8 day celebration.  Not even kidding.  There is no end in sight.    Good thing she's kinda awesome.  

5.    Five days until 26.2 and mamacita needs some new songs for the playlist!  Whatcha'll loving right now?    As always, I'll post the whole list later in the week so you can get ideas too.    Help a sista out.

6.   My next group challenge starts on Monday Novemember 3rd!    Why not get prepped for the holidays and actually feel a little lighter going in?   Guaranteed you'll make BETTER choices during the holidays as a result.  

Allow me to share thy ways in which this is a fabulous date to start…

A)  Halloween and candy eating season is ovahhhh!   
B)  What an amazing kick start of health, wellness, and going into the 5 week stretch of gluttony that we call Thanksgiving through New Years.   And if you're me, that extends into my birthday…which is RIGHT after New Years.
 Don't go into the holidays feeling gross.  Don't do it.   You'll be so behind the 8 ball come January and you're gonna hate that.  Trust me.  
C)  We END the challenge the day before Thanksgiving!   The timing couldn't be more perfect.   The plan is to have a little splurge on Thanksgiving and get back on track the next day.
D)  You'll get tons of support from my private FB group.  This is a group of around 700 people that I developed for my product users, my team, and their peeps.   You can print grocery lists, see specific instructions, ask questions, the whole 9 yards.  Trust me, you can't do a challenge alone.

So commit and join us!   Message me with Q's at advocarerunner1@gmail.com or reach out to my team!!

Countdown is on!


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