Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Shenans… Howza bout 8 of em?

Care for some Friday Shenans???

1.   I'm beyond pumped about eating fried cheese on a stick at my hometown county fair next week.   Wish I were lying.  #biggirlinanormalbody

  2.  Is it just me or should we be scared about the constant threats of this being the "worst winter ever?" I mean…???   

3.   I feel like #runnerdog needs a giant dog friend.   I kind of want a white #runnerdog so I can legit have Ebony and Ivory and they can be BFF's.   Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything stupid.    But it's tempting.  Not gonna lie. 

4.  I'm kinda obsessed with pumpkins.  More than normal.    And reportedly, Aldi, yes the grocery store, is practically giving them away.    Big giant ones.  Big giant orange ones.   For a dollar or something crazytown like that.  So clearly I'll be investigating this within the next 48.

5.  I couldn't help it any longer and finally gave in to Stitch Fix.  Pretty sure this is gonna change my life and make me fabulous.   And put together.   24 hours a day…365 days a year.  My hands were tied.  

6.   You guys kinda made my day yesterday when I was all sad and burned out on running and you basically told me that you understand but to "buck up, buttercup."    Mentally and physically feeling much better today  and have decided to take a couple days off running.    Planning 8 miles for Sunday so I should feel nice and rejuvenated by then.

7.    As much as I love Halloween, I really hate that candy corn is in my face and up in my grill round the clock.  I absolutely love that shiz and have determined that it's almost worth getting real #diyabeetus over.  Is that bad? 

8.   I'm absolutely loving… 
1. The Advo SYS skincare stuff, even after only 8 days of use.  I'm serious.  Review to come.   
2.  That Younique mascara that everyone is raving about.   I posted about it on the Insta a few weeks ago and promised some pics which I'm hoping to get up this weekend.  It's the bee's knees.  I'm cereal.    3.   The new Advo tanks that my boy Anthony  sent me.    Also hoping to get some pics up this weekend.    

Hope you all have a fabulous fall Friday!   

Laters Babes.


  1. OHhhhh I can't wait to see what you think about Stitch fix! After this baby I wanna check it out too! Love your list…and yes, the candy corn is worth it…ah! Happy Friday!!

    1. Jenn, I'm pumped! I'll def post a review on the bloggy!

  2. Gah. I don't know what happened to my comment before. Blogs can be so finicky. ;)
    Anyway, I've been reading your blog a while. I'm a fellow AdvoMomma and runnah.. I'll be in your neck of the woods running the Columbus half and working the expo. Love for you to stop by the Covenant Health Knoxville marathon booth and say hello!!

    1. Kim, I'll be at the expo on Friday and will definitely swing by to say hi! Not sure if you've ran Columbus before, but if not, you're in for a treat. It's a great race! Happy running!