Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Random So What Wednesday!

Look who's back!!

Remember when I used to post So What Wed on the reg???
 Like I never missed a week?!    Ever?   I used to write those babies up on Tuesday nights and then have em all perfectly scheduled for 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.     It was a beautiful system really.   If only…

Let's get down to biz…

**SO WHAT   if I'm taking a water challenge and I want ya'll to join me!?    Here's what roped me in…

And then look at this gals mug. 

Tell me you don't wanna join in the fun.  I started today and have pounded approximately 62 oz so far. I was gonna aim for 200 oz. per day but then my friend told me I might die.   We settled on a nice solid goal of 120 oz.     Pretty sure I'm gonna look 22 years old by Thanksgiving.  

Seriously,  I need you.   Join me.

**SO WHAT   if now that I drink 120 oz of water per day, I analyze my pee?   #sorrynotsorry but the girl in the pic above said her pee was perfect and I wanna see if mine is too.  I know it's only been 10 hours, but still...

**SO WHAT  if we made our graveyard gingerbread houses last night and it was even a bigger fail than our gingerbread Christmas houses?     We had a blast...but c'mon gingerbread designer people.  There's gotta be a better way.  There just does.   

Nailed it.  

**SO WHAT if I'm legit addicted to Words With Friends again?   I know this seems very 2009 and I'm sorry about that but I kinda can't help it.     
runjen3 is my handle if you're addicted like me.  Plus we can trash talk on the side.   

Speaking of obsessions, **SO WHAT  if we legit can't get enough of Taylor Swift's new album up in here?   

I know the rest of the free world is obsessed but I've never been a huge fan of Shake it Off.   #pleasedonthatemeiloveyou

However, do yourself a large and download the following.   Like right now.  

1.  Welcome to New York (it'll make you wanna pack and move immediately)

2.  Out of the Woods

3. Clean ( by far my fave)

4.   How You Get the Girl

Bonus-  my monkeys are obsessed which makes my life way easier.  It was exhausting trying to convince them that they loved One Direction when really it was always for mamacita.   #facty

**SO WHAT   if a new Target just opened down the street and a cashier may or may not have commented that I hadn't been in in a few days?!    Surely that's not good.      However, I can kinda throw a stone at this Target and it's all clean and pretty and…right there.     So I'd say I'm justified for now.   Plus, it's a new business and everyone knows that new businesses need human bodies in them to flourish.  Just keepin' in local. 

**SO WHAT    if our next Advo 24 Day Challenge group is amping up to be quite possibly the biggest evah?!!  #hollah!    Seriously.  Big #hollah!  Still time to join.   Monday.   It's on.

**SO WHAT   if this one time last week I contemplated going tanning?     I know.   Trust me, it's not happening.  However, for a teeny tiny split second, I was cold.  And pale.   And missed a blazing ball of sun in my life.    And thought "no one will ever know." 
 However, I'm scared of dying and wrinkles.   Oh and hyperpigmentation.  I'm scared of that too.   What I'm trying to say is thank sweet baby Jesus that the thought left my mind as quickly as it entered.     

And…my mom is calling to yell at me about even the possiblity of this in 3.2.1….

Happy Humpday!

-AR out...


  1. I haven't made this but I saw it on a blog that I read and immediately thought of you. Maybe with a couple changes it might be something you'd try?

  2. Go get some Mystic Tan on you! It stinks, but it works, swear.

    This post has inspired me to go to Target and buy the new Taylor Swift CD. I mean, I could download it, but then I wouldn't get to go to Target. And you know that the cashiers there know me too....... #shoplocal

  3. Rodan + Fields has got the best non-stinky sunless tanner going! Exfoliate, tan, moisturize. No wrinkles or skin cancer!