Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Random So What Wednesday!

Look who's back!!

Remember when I used to post So What Wed on the reg???
 Like I never missed a week?!    Ever?   I used to write those babies up on Tuesday nights and then have em all perfectly scheduled for 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.     It was a beautiful system really.   If only…

Let's get down to biz…

**SO WHAT   if I'm taking a water challenge and I want ya'll to join me!?    Here's what roped me in…

And then look at this gals mug. 

Tell me you don't wanna join in the fun.  I started today and have pounded approximately 62 oz so far. I was gonna aim for 200 oz. per day but then my friend told me I might die.   We settled on a nice solid goal of 120 oz.     Pretty sure I'm gonna look 22 years old by Thanksgiving.  

Seriously,  I need you.   Join me.

**SO WHAT   if now that I drink 120 oz of water per day, I analyze my pee?   #sorrynotsorry but the girl in the pic above said her pee was perfect and I wanna see if mine is too.  I know it's only been 10 hours, but still...

**SO WHAT  if we made our graveyard gingerbread houses last night and it was even a bigger fail than our gingerbread Christmas houses?     We had a blast...but c'mon gingerbread designer people.  There's gotta be a better way.  There just does.   

Nailed it.  

**SO WHAT if I'm legit addicted to Words With Friends again?   I know this seems very 2009 and I'm sorry about that but I kinda can't help it.     
runjen3 is my handle if you're addicted like me.  Plus we can trash talk on the side.   

Speaking of obsessions, **SO WHAT  if we legit can't get enough of Taylor Swift's new album up in here?   

I know the rest of the free world is obsessed but I've never been a huge fan of Shake it Off.   #pleasedonthatemeiloveyou

However, do yourself a large and download the following.   Like right now.  

1.  Welcome to New York (it'll make you wanna pack and move immediately)

2.  Out of the Woods

3. Clean ( by far my fave)

4.   How You Get the Girl

Bonus-  my monkeys are obsessed which makes my life way easier.  It was exhausting trying to convince them that they loved One Direction when really it was always for mamacita.   #facty

**SO WHAT   if a new Target just opened down the street and a cashier may or may not have commented that I hadn't been in in a few days?!    Surely that's not good.      However, I can kinda throw a stone at this Target and it's all clean and pretty and…right there.     So I'd say I'm justified for now.   Plus, it's a new business and everyone knows that new businesses need human bodies in them to flourish.  Just keepin' in local. 

**SO WHAT    if our next Advo 24 Day Challenge group is amping up to be quite possibly the biggest evah?!!  #hollah!    Seriously.  Big #hollah!  Still time to join.   Monday.   It's on.

**SO WHAT   if this one time last week I contemplated going tanning?     I know.   Trust me, it's not happening.  However, for a teeny tiny split second, I was cold.  And pale.   And missed a blazing ball of sun in my life.    And thought "no one will ever know." 
 However, I'm scared of dying and wrinkles.   Oh and hyperpigmentation.  I'm scared of that too.   What I'm trying to say is thank sweet baby Jesus that the thought left my mind as quickly as it entered.     

And…my mom is calling to yell at me about even the possiblity of this in 3.2.1….

Happy Humpday!

-AR out...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My StitchFix Review!

As you know, I finally caved to the StitchFix  phenomena.   I couldn't help it any longer.  I couldn't.  

The thing is, I'm usually an instant gratificication kinda shopper.    This pretty much goes against all of my shopping practices but something about it roped me in.   

If you're new to StitchFix, it goes a little something like this…

Step One:    Go online and set up your profile.  It's super fun and easy peasy and you get to answer a bunch of questions about what you like and don't like.  You look at a handful of outfits and accessories and say yada or nada.  Even if you aren't ready to take the plunge, create a profile.   Because it's fun and I'm kinda sad mine is over.    To create your free profile, go here.  

Step Two:    Schedule your "fix."   Scheduling your fix will set you back twenty benjanmins.   However, this $20 goes towards your styling fee and more importnatly is a credit towards anything that you happen to keep from your fix.    Either way, #winning.

Step Three:    Rip that box open like a kid on Christmas morning.  But wait, before you do that, post the sealed box on the Insta and proclaim to the entire first world that your StitchFix is here!  Oh wait, that's just me.   #predictable.

Step Four:     Try on all 5 pieces in the comfort and privacy of your own home…with your own shoes, accessories, etc.  Loved this.

It comes with a special little card like this, which gives you awesome ideas on how to wear your loot.  Absolutely loved this and will keep the card for further assistance.   A great reference to have on hand.

Step Five:     Log into your account and "check out."   Decide what you want to  keep and what you don't.    Give feedback about what you liked and didn't.  This helps your stylist figure out how to best suit your desires for your next "fix."  Within three business days,  put your rejects in the postage paid envelope and drop it in your nearest mailbox.  No big.

Step Six:     Strut your yes's like the boss that you are.

So what did I get???? 

  *disclaimer-  Yes I have bed head in all photos.    And no makeup.   #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou  Next time I'll get prettied up for said photos.

Here we go, yo.

1.   Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse  - KEEP

Loved this worn as both a tunic and tucked.  I really have nothing similar to this so felt like my hands were tied in making this a keep.

2.   Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan-  KEEP 

This is so soft and cozy.  I may or may not have already worn  it TWICE this weekend.  Once with leggings and once with jeans.   NO doubt this is going to be part of my fall/winter "uniform."     This is actually pretty versatile and I loved it open, partially zipped, and even fully zipped.

3.  Carson Houndstooth Print Blouse- KEEP

ps-  Check out #runnerdoggy sacked out in the background.  Love that #rd

Okay, so this is not something I would have ever picked out for myself.   When I first opened the box, I wasn't crazy about the color OR the houndstooth.  However, I tried it on and something worked.  It looks adorable under a blazer and I loved it with both jeans and work pants.   I had no choice.

4.   Jimmy Ankle Skinny Jeans-  RETURN

I didn't dislike these at all.   And really, the fit was great.    It's just that I have a zillion pair of dark skinny jeans and well, just didin't feel like I needed them.   #whoami?   I was tempted to keep though.  Not gonna lie.

5.  Jason Abstract Print Button-Up Blouse-  RETURN

This was the only real miss for me.  The sizing didn't work (which is why there is no pic)…I somehow looked like incredible hulk in this thing and was legit  busting out like a buttermilk biscuit.    It was quite comical.   I can't make this up.

So 3 outta 5 isn't bad.   I should also mention that if you do keep all 5 pieces, you then get another 20% off on top of the $20 styling fee deduction.   #winning

Overall, I'm loving this service and have another fix coming in 3 weeks.   Clearly you guys will be the first to see the goodies.

So join me in the fun.   Create your profile HERE.

Then come back immeed so we can talk about it.

See you cats back here tomorrow for some more shenans.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Sentiments!

How freaking cute is my new Sunday Sentiments button!?   The second I sat down to blog, I unexpectedly received a text from the fabulous Jen, which contained this cute as button little button.   It's the little things.

But more importantly, how freaking cute is it that she matched said button to the print of my favorite pajamas?   Exactly.  

Let's talk about the weekend…

   Is it really October?   Our weather has been ridic here in the 614.  

A beautiful weekend indeed.  Which contained…

1.  A beautiful wedding….

I'm blessed to work with some seriously amazing hospice people.  And I probably don't say it enough but they're kinda like angels on earth.  And I'm serious.

2.  A run outside in a tank and shorts.   A ball of sun and zero percent humidity.  Is this how you San Deigo people feel every day?  I can't even…

3.   Wanting everything that wasn't nailed down at the farmer's market.

#allthepumpkin #allthecheese    Oh yes I did.  #sorrynotsorry.   This stuff is amazing.

Pretty sure I've had 12 apples in 36 hours.  Kidding…kinda.

   It's obvi that I did have to sample these.    Once again #allthepumpkin #suburbanwhitegirls

3.  Watching a nail biter of a football game.  Penn State versus the Bucks.     What a stressful, crazy game!   Sorry but Penn State's white out was impressive, I can't lie.  I was also kinda jealous that we don't pull that kinda jazz here in the C-bus.  

Soooo….my friend here…(who is gonna kill me for putting this on the bloggy…), legit does not like dogs.  Trust, me I don't understand it either.      So, the second she sat down after said game…#runnerdog sat like this.  Paw on leg, the end.    I think she maybe kinda sorta started liking him a teensy bit.    Let's get real.  He's irrestistable.  

4.  Speaking of that #runnerdog, he ruled the roost at Hoover Dam.   614 people, please tell me you go here.  Cuz it's fabulous and beautiful.  Oh and they have a zillion stairs to run.   Today was a rest day for me and I'd by lying if I said I wasn't jelly of the stair runners.

#twopeasinapod  #truelovealways

Enough about me

***Tell me about your weekend….  Who ran what???  It was perfect pretty much everywhere in the midwest so I know some fabulous runs were taking place.  Clearly I need to hear about them on the FB page.

***We also need to talk about how you guys need to order your $15 vests like right now.     Today only, babycakes!   I stock up every year!  For the whole family! (isn't that what they say in the commerical??)   These are an awesome staple.  And for $15?!?!?    

***You also need to figure out if you're joining us for the next 24 Day Challenge, which starts NEXT Monday! 

  I'm joining forces with my girl Niki and her team and it's on like DK.  Check out Niki's blog because she just posted some awesome meal plan ideas.     Don't forget, we finish the DAY before Thanksgiving.  How perfect is that?  

***I'm looking into having the bloggy redesigned and I need to know who you've loved.    When I start searching on my own, I get overwhelmed and then immediately shut down and basically try and avoid the situation all together.    The current design is working but there are things that are bugging me and I can't live like that.  

On deck this week here on AdvocareRunner….

** StitchFix review!!!  #obsessed 

** A couple new recipes for the upcoming 24 DC.

**Another 24 Day Challenge prep post.   I know.  But seriously, there's never enough.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and I'll catch ya latersssss baby.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Shenans!

Que pasa!

Howza bout a quickie!  I have 10 minutes.   Let's Go!

Some of my faves from the week….

And I legit busted a gut when I saw this one.  So me.   I could live on wings.  #thestruggleisreal

Love this.  LOVE the song too.  

Are you following me on the Insta?   Cuz if you're not, you're missing all kinds of fun stuff.  Including my daily breakfast, with a side of #runnerdog.   Oh and lots of random videos, containing scandalous activity and "deep thoughts."  If you're not folowing,  you probably need to.  

***Who is racing this weekend?   I need to know so I can live vicariously through you.   Plus, I need to send you some good running vibes.   Plus, I need to stalk you in general.  

***Lots of weekend shenans on deck so stand by for some Sunday Sentiments!

***Oh and I just got my first Stitch Fix and I'm kinda obsessed so be prepared for a post on that.

***Have a fab, five, freddy of a Friday!


The End.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Talk About the Marathon!

Have I ever told you guys how amazingly awesome the post marathon high really is?   You're depleted, exhausted, taxed physically and emotionally, but dang…You're high on life!

  We over post on the FB and Insta, we tell our friends/family how sore we are in attempts to get more questions about said marathon, we limp in public so we can tell people we just ran a marathon, we try and get everyone we know to sign up for one,  and WE immediately start researching the next one.   

It's pretty fabulous.  Really.  

Ps-  Have I ever shown you guys my adorable medal plaque/hanger/display thingy?  Etsy.  If you're addicted to medals like me, you're gonna need one of these.

We headed to the expo on Friday for packet pick up.    The expo was pretty organized, per usual.   However, we arrived about an hour after it opened and they were already sold out of the Columbus Marathon zip up I really, really needed in my life.  Come on Columbus Marathon, you gotta be more prepared than that.  #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.    No seriously, I do.

Here's my running wingman and I.

Ummm….I failed to mention that my right ankle swelled up like that of which belonged to a 400 pound man on Friday.  I kid you not.  It was bizarre.  No pain.  Just a huge ankle that screamed "don't run the race!" every time I looked down.

This was me all weekend…neon slippers and a compression sleeve.  Hot stuff, no?

The weekend was a flurry of birthday parties at my casa which made it all fly by.  Next thing you know, it's Sunday and somehow my ankle miraculously resembled one that belonged to me!

Race day began like any other race day.  If I'm a betting man, I got less than 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night.     This is primarily due to the fear of oversleeping.  Oh and this is all despite having two alarm clocks set and  runner friends who would likely burn my house down if I'm late when the ride comes.  Nothing unusual here.

At 3 a.m. I got up for the day and immediately soaked in this.

I did this while sipping on my first drink of the day which was a combo of 1 scoop of Spark/ 1 scoop of Rehydrate.  

Next thing you know, my clan pulled up and I found myself downtown awaiting the race, wearing this...

Wait for it…….


Laugh if you may, but truth be told we were the warmest fools and stars of the the start line.   If you're a new runner, Goodwill for throwaway clothes is where it's at.  Seriously.

At 7 a.m, I drank my Runner's Cocktail (all prepped and ready to go) and took two 02 Gold.  

Once again, the start line was amazing.   Thunderstruck by AC/DC blaring as usual, tons of fireworks, just amazing energy.

By 7:35 we were off.

Splits and Fuel:

Mile 1-  8:52
Mile 2-  9:00 (we had to make a quick pit stop..long story)
Mile 3- 8:23
Mile 4-8:22
Mile 5-  8:36

Took a Rehydrate around 5.5 

Mile 6- 8:17

10 K split-  54:03, average pace- 8:28

Mile 7- 8:29
Mile 8- 8:31
Mile 9- 8:17
Mile 10- 8:15
Mile 11-  8:58

Took another Rehydrate somewhere along here.

Mile 12-  8:39
Mile 13-  8:32

Half split  - 1:53:18, average pace- 8:37

I ran with my wing man pictured above and we were pacing great.  However, she started having some serious GI distress, which is what was responsible for the pit stop at mile two.  I felt horrible for her but she is one of the toughest cookies I know and somehow trudged on.

Mile 14-  8:29

I took two more 02 Gold somewhere around here.

Still feeling great.  Still happily moving forward.  

Mile 15- 8:32
Mile 16- 8:47
Mile 17- 8:46

My friend with the GI issues was in severe pain. Another running friend (who wasn't running the race) found us.   I told her to go with GI friend and catch up to me.  GI friend is FAST.  Long story short, her issues were worse than we thought.   However…she finished when she probably really should have stopped.  Seriously.   And she finished in 4:01, despite multiple stops.   Right?   Amazing. 

Anyway, back to the splits….

Mile 18- 9:03 (boo!)
Mile 19-  9:04
Mile 20-  8:48

20 Mile Split-  2:54:37, average pace-  8:54

Mile 21- 8:39

Took a final gel around here in hopes of a final push.  Yeah, no bueno.

Mile 22- 9:12…Starting to die a slow death. Send help. Please.  Right now.   No end in sight.    What sane person pays money to do this?   
Mile 23-  8:58-  Back under 9's. Praise SBJ, yet still dying. 
Mile 24-  9:35 (!!!)
Mile 25-9:58 (!!!)   Dying.  I can't do it.  Dying.   You people on the sidelines are so lucky. 
Mile 26- 9:27

And within minutes, I kinda can't wait to do another.  

Official Time-  3:52:59
Average Pace- 8:54
410 out of 2478 females
70 out of 415 females in age group

As you can see, I started to slow down at mile 19.  Things got mental and I knew I wasn't going to run a 3:45, which made me sad for a hot second.   Then my legs  became filled with lead, I was having trouble getting my breathing steady, and it just was HARD.  And I kinda wanted to die.  And I kinda wanted to tell everyone I was never doing this again.   Nothing unusual here.  

But let's be real…this is what it's about...

The beautious, glorious finish line… the moment we live for.

I'm technically happy with my time.  But let's get down to biz…. marathoner's are crazy.  And for some reason, we're always feeling like if we didn't PR (personal best, for the newbies), then we somehow didn't run a real race.

Last year I ran a 3:49.  This year I added a couple minutes onto that time.   Do I wish that didn't happen?  For shizzle.   Did I run my heart out and give it my absolute all?  Absolutely.   The thing is, we just never know how it's all gonna go down on race day.  The stars could align beautifuly and you finish with the Kenyan's.   Or, you can feel like you've never ran a mile in your life just a couple miles in.  It's a scary thing.  Which is what makes it so ridiculously awesome.

You guys know me well enough to know that I'll be signed up for another marathon in a hot second.    Stand by for that.

Congrats to my friends who ran this race, ran miles with me, and gave it their all.   You're all amazing.   And to you readers of this little bloggeroni, thanks so much for all of the support on the FB and Insta this weekend!   I loved it and appreciated it more than you know!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts and A Couple of My Fave Advo Girls...

Stealing my girls' Thursday Thoughts  button for just that..some Thursday Thoughts.   How about some Thursday Thoughts in question form, nonetheless?

  She steals my Sunday Sentiments on the reg, so we're all good.  

My mind kinda needs a break from running so how about some everyday randoms.   Again, in question form, because that's a little more fun.

1.  Does anyone ever feel like this?   Like this right here exactly?    This right here?  Exactly.

Why is showering and getting ready so much hard work and manual labor?    Staying on the couch with no bra, slippers and a glass of vino is just so much more relaxing, fabulous, and easy.   You can't deny that you know what I'm talking about.  

2.  Why can't I stop posting videos on the Insta?   I mean, all of mankind has been doing this for years and suddenly I get the bug and boom!  I suddenly think you all need to know about my latest water drinking dilemma, amongst other things.  

3.   Who else is pumped for these?!?!

Dude… Everybody knows that everybody loves #allthepumpkin.  And those folks at Advo corporate aren't fools.  They know if they make pumpkin, the pumpkin people are coming.    If you need these like myself and the rest of the world, order them now because I assure you…. They WILL sell out.   The holiday release stuff always does.   #facty  

4.  Who else is in to get buff, fabulous, happy, and energetic before Thanksgiving?!  You..  Yes you are…. Next group 24 Day Challenge starts in dos semanas….(that's two weeks if you weren't the Spanish club prez like me.)   

Can we please look at my friend Lauren, who started her journey with just this…the 24 Day Challenge????

Exactly.    I mean…Hot sauce, with an extra side of hot sauce, no???

And how about my girl  Niki???   Her team is joing us for said challange.    
Double the fun!

Right?  Did I mention that she legit just had her third baby like yesterday?   She's a huge product user and is now back in the gym after the new bambino.     I know, it's kinda not legal to look that hot this early in.  It's not.  But I love her so I can't be mad.

What I'm trying to say is that, we're normal people.  Just real moms who have the same crazy physical and emotional struggles as the rest of you.    We are.   We try our best to work hard and love these products.

So yeah.   In summary…join in on the party.  You won't be sorry.  

See ya'll back here at some point this weekend for the playlist!

Laters Babes.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy "Fro Yo," The Playlist, Holiday Prep, and a Shoe Obsession.

Morning Sunshines!

First of all, it turns out you guys are even more awesome than I thought.   I can't begin to thank you  for the support and kind words from this weekends' bloggy post.      Some of you have been reading this blog from birth and it felt good to fill you guys in.     

From the pointy part of the bottom of my heart…  Seriously…Thank You.  

So let's get down to bizzz….

1.  Apparently I'm running a marathon and throwing two parties this weekend.   Can you believe that I actually had family pictures scheduled on top of this?  Who DOES that?!?   Thank goodness that a little birdy told me to seriously simmer down and reschedule those bishes.  And I actually listened.    Because only a certifable person would schedule pictures on top of it all.  Even I know this.

2.  You guys need to try this.   Today.    This is straight up lifted from socalrunnergirl's Insta and it's straight up delish.   It's also so easy that the little one practically  made it.   I mean???  3 ingredients?  Mmkay!   It's also somehow mysterisouly satisfying on a sweet tooth emergency.   

3.   We had a packed out weekend of soccer, a football game, shopping, and shoe buying.  Is anyone else addicted to slip on sneaks? I legit can't stop.

Am ps-  I the only one who texts my friends when I shop?   A 10 minute text convo in the shoe aisle on why to buy what is totally normal.  

This is what you'll look like in said slips…. Calm, cool, skinny, collected...

4.  The big one celebrated her birthday, which has apparently turned into an 8 day celebration.  Not even kidding.  There is no end in sight.    Good thing she's kinda awesome.  

5.    Five days until 26.2 and mamacita needs some new songs for the playlist!  Whatcha'll loving right now?    As always, I'll post the whole list later in the week so you can get ideas too.    Help a sista out.

6.   My next group challenge starts on Monday Novemember 3rd!    Why not get prepped for the holidays and actually feel a little lighter going in?   Guaranteed you'll make BETTER choices during the holidays as a result.  

Allow me to share thy ways in which this is a fabulous date to start…

A)  Halloween and candy eating season is ovahhhh!   
B)  What an amazing kick start of health, wellness, and going into the 5 week stretch of gluttony that we call Thanksgiving through New Years.   And if you're me, that extends into my birthday…which is RIGHT after New Years.
 Don't go into the holidays feeling gross.  Don't do it.   You'll be so behind the 8 ball come January and you're gonna hate that.  Trust me.  
C)  We END the challenge the day before Thanksgiving!   The timing couldn't be more perfect.   The plan is to have a little splurge on Thanksgiving and get back on track the next day.
D)  You'll get tons of support from my private FB group.  This is a group of around 700 people that I developed for my product users, my team, and their peeps.   You can print grocery lists, see specific instructions, ask questions, the whole 9 yards.  Trust me, you can't do a challenge alone.

So commit and join us!   Message me with Q's at or reach out to my team!!

Countdown is on!