Monday, September 29, 2014

Things You Need! Five for Fall Y'all Edition!

Hey girl hey…

So…all moved in!  How about a little procrastination on the unpacking process with a 
"Things We Need…Fall Edition?!?"

So it's finally officially, legit, real deal fall up in here.  First off... Hollah!  

Here in the midwest, ya see, we get down on some fall.   We love our football, we talk about PSL's and seasonal coffee creamers, we love our pumpkin farms, our fall festivals, obsess about the leaves, obsess about WHO we can talk about said above topics with,  make slow sweet love to our crockpots, drum up pumpkin recipes and then promptly post them on the Insta for all of our pumpkin/fall loving friends to love and admire. .   Das how we roll.   

So let's get down to biz.  Shall we?

Buy this immediately.    I can't tell you how many people have walked into my house asking where oh where does that amazing smell originate from?  This has got it all going on.   Fallish, sweet, and cozy.   

And you need this to go with it.  Several of them, actually.

If you want to walk into your house  and immediately be in a better mood, you need these.
So the 3 wicks are currently full price, which is no beuno.  However, the mason jars are currently 2 for $20 and not a bad deal.   Smaller than the 3 wicks but if you need an immediate fix, here it is.

  Let's face it, J Crew makes us poor.       And their prices have gotten outta hand over the past couple years.   
But….everyone needs a super cozy, chunky boyfriend sweater like this.     For a piece that's going to last forever, the price isn't ridiculous.  
I've only worn this once but I can tell it's gonna be super easy to throw on over leggings and skinny jeans and well…I'm pretty sure it's about to become my uniform.
 It's basically a coat but it's not.  A chunky sweater but not quite.    At any rate, it's cozy and kinda like walking around in a blanket.

It comes in the two above colors and also a softer grey.   Time to invest in your future and happiness.  

3.  Booties!

The options are endless.  I don't discrimate but am loving the low heel as well as the tie up wedge.  

I went off the rails last fall with my booties purchases so actually feel like I'm in good shape.  (who says that!?)

If you're not sure exactly HOW to wear booties???  Here ya go, yo.

Wanna see some booties that I'm currently loving around the innerwebs…?

Pefect with pretty much everything.  

I think myself as well as about 70% of my local friends ended up with these Vince Camuto booties  below last year.      Don't order them full price because they WILL be on sale.  I got mine on sale at Macy's towards the end of season.   Anyway, they're versatile and look adorable with jeans or dresses and the quality is awesome.  Plus, they're remarkably comfortable, considering that they're borderline hooker heels.

The Toms Desert Bootie.   These are the best.  And so comfortable.   I'm pretty sure I could run a marathon in these.  Love that they give a little height but I don't feel like I'm traipsing around in heels during the day.

Exhibit A… Yes, if you buy these, you'll automatically look this hot.

I've currently been deeply yearning for  these Dolce Vita's.   

Something about these I adore.  They kinda remind me of last years Rag and Bone's but for less than half the price.  I love everything about these babies.  

4.   Grey Nails!

I'm kinda obsessed with grey nails for fall.  Basically any and all kindsa grey.    Love that it's fresh and fallish but not your typical dark brown/ maroon stuff that we all know and love.  

A more subtle option… love.  

5.    Plaid.   

It's everywhere right now. 

Love, love, love everything about this. 

How cute is this plaid/vest combo?  With a side of mono?


Okay, I know that was five things but I can't resist #6….

6.  Mums! 

Oh em gee… if you've been reading the blog for more than 5 minutes, you know I love mums.   They make me happier than a PIS.

Eye Candy…

Go buy yourself a giant pot of mums and you'll immediately be in a good mood.  #facty.   My favorite place to buy mums is actually Lowe's.     They consistently have giant pots of perfectly bloomed beauties for $19.   Be still, my heart.  And yours too.  

There you have it friends.   

It's almost October so get ready for some marathon taper shenans!

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