Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Sentiments…It's Monday?

Apparently it's Monday and the weekend flew by at lightning speeds.   I got about 1/8 of the stuff done that I was supposed to be getting done.  So there's that.   But the weather basically looked like this

all weekend.   And well, that kind of weather doesn't afford staying indoors and being productive.   We all know that. 

Let's get down to biz.      

As mentioned on the Insta, I got my SYS eye cream and wouldn't ya know, they sent me two tubes as an apology because apparently they hate their packaging!?  Yokay…if you insist.     

Getting ready to start these asap and y'all know I'll tell you the real deal on what I think.   Just because I love me some Advo, doesn't mean that I love every single product.  The bottom line is, I really try and be honest about what I love and what works for ME.   Every product isn't gonna be a sure fit for everyone.   However, I have no doubt that there are Advo products out there for everyone.  This I know for sure.

Giddy up for an update on the above.   

Howza bout some Sunday Sentiments?  (on Monday..per usual).  

The weekend kinda started on Thursday night with a really great trail race.   A 10k but the trail was tough, I must admit.   And really, it kind of took me by surprise.     

The scenery was gorgeous and somehow I felt zero pressure to run a good time.  I just ran, had fun, and enjoyed the whole process.   #whoami?

Oh and I totally wiped out.     Right in front of the race photographer.     I took my eyes off the trail for one second and down I went.  Comedy.  

Have I ever told you guys my theory on what to do after an embarrassing fall?  

You've got two options.

1.  Act somewhat injured.  For at least 3 minutes.  No one can laugh at you or your mishap.   Anyone that laughs at a borderline injured fall victim is an a-hole. Everyone knows that.

2.   Crack up at yourself.  I mean, laugh... for real.    All eye witnesses end up laughing, you're laughing, s'all good and it's over before you know it.  

As you can see from the above pic and for the sake of time, I went with option #2 in this siutation.  

Under no circumstances should you do neither.    That's just gonna make everyone uncomfortable.  Including yourself.  

Okay, back to my story….

I really loved this trail race.  I did.   So I came home and immediately signed up for this…

Oh and this, which I've done before.  Still a beautiful race, nonetheless.

So in summary, I kind love trail running right now.

What else?

Kicking off a wild Friday night with the big one and I showing off our serious handshaking skills.

Exhibit A.

Had a super stellar and hilarious night with the nabe ladies.   As I mentioned, I'm moving ya see and we definitely had one big last hurrah.     #dontcryformeargentina,   the move is a mile away and  I'll still be crashing all future parties.    Just like a bad penny.  I won't go away.
There may have been some karaoke under a disco ball involved.  

A glorioius day for soccer.

Yes, #runnderdog is wearing the little one's cardigan.     Not much makes sense around here.  That's how we like it. 

Soccer with a side of grandma.

The rest of the weeekend was basically spent sitting in a camp chair, sitting in a driveway, hanging with the nabe's.   #suburbia. 

On deck for this week….

The move, kid shenans, OSU/UC game, another 20 mile run (!) and enjoying every second of this glorious fall weather before it becomes -2.

I'll likely be procrastinating packing this week which means you may see me more than normal up in these parts until the movers show up and it's time to get serious about packing.   Just kidding.  Kinda.

Hope your week is off to a fab, five, freddy start!

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