Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and A Recipe You're Gonna Need

Holla Homies!

First up,  I gotta tell you guys about this amazing dinner I'm about to make and then promptly slay like a 400 lb man.     The Preppy Paleo hooked us up with this.  

I mean…????  Anything Asian that involves a nut product and I'm pretty much in.  Like Flynn.

I'm not adding in the palm sugar but pretty much doing everything else as written.    Definitely appropriate for Max Phase of 24 Day Challenge.   

Stand by for my review.  

Howza bout some Sunday Sentiments???

An action packed weekend.  

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   6 mile run.  Was supposed to be 10 but my knee was killing me and I freaked out and actually did the right thing and listended to my body for once.  (Am I finally a grown up?)    I have about 6 pair of running shoes in rotation and ran in a pair that are pretty much dead.   I really think that's where I went wrong.  Feeling much better today.

Saturday-  30 minutes on the ARC trainer (holy sweat) and full body shred session.   Lifted hard and heavy.

Sunday-  10 mile run.   Felt great, no knee pain,  and near perfect running temps.   Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

20 miles on deck this weekend.  What What?   Is the marathon really only 5 1/2 weeks away???    Two 20 mile runs and a some shorter long runs in between and then we taper….which we all know I'm horrible at.   Remember last year when I got caught doing speed work on the treadmill the Friday before the marathon?     Yeah, gonna try not to do that again.   Or try not to get caught at least.

If you follow me on the Insti (Advorunner), you already know some of my shenans.  If you don't, find me.   

Weekend involved….

 High school football. 

#fridaynightlights #daburbs

A round of #diyabeetus for the 39 kids we had in tow.   Just kidding….kinda.

The monkeys and I, monkeying around before and after said game.

Can we please discuss the photobombing skills the of the big one?   She darted out of nowhere to precisely bomb this pic.  I mean, she's even blocking out an entire human being and everything.   We're super lucky that we can walk to the high school from my house because this game be crazytown.   

Watching the Bucks…

Even though they played horribly and lost the game, I was kinda in love with the seats.  

Hanging with some people I love.

Sisters from another mister.

Eating a lot of good food (#carbease) which involved topping the weekend off with Menchies.    It was the right thing to do.   Summer is slipping away and I did it for my innocent, small children.   Can we take a moment of silence to admire my chocolate dipped waffle cone cup divider??  


So clearly back in the saddle and back to the grind today.  On deck-  a 3 mile recovery run and hitting the weights.    As mentioned, 20  miler on deck for Saturday so I will definitely be taking Friday off from all activity and quite possibly Thursday as well.  
 Actually…let's not get crazy... We all know I'm not taking Thursday off.

Hope you guys are having a great start to the week.   I'll #hollabackatcha in the next 48.  

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