Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fancy Some Shenans?

What's Up, Buttercup?

Ummm.. Huge congrats to those of you who dropped some serious El Bee's on the 10 Day Cleanse!    Our next group starts later this month and I'll have a huge group of 24 Day Challengers starting right after Halloween and ending before Thanksgiving.  If that's not perfect timing, I don't know what is!  Mmmkay?

Where've I been, you ask?

Just your normal Shenans.

1.   Having Labor Day fun at the lake.    Erie, that is.   With a little day trip to Put in Bay.   

The fam.

Goofy Papa Bear

Oh and get this, I found #Runnerdog's twin at Put in Bay.  Check it out, yo.   I couldn't get enough.   Pretty sure the owner thought I was certifiable.  Nothing new.

Oh and lots of gluttony went down that entailed #diyabeetus and #carbease.   The fries weren't mine but I owned those crab cakes like a boss.   I did.  

2.   Running.  Lots of it.    

One of my running besties and I after our 18 miler.     

Next long run….20.  I know.  But #dontcryformeargentina.   I can blame no one for this torture but myself.  And I kinda love it.

Oh and get this…. So my running mama friend has this husband who is an awesome marathon spectator.  They have 4 daughters and last year he trucked all over that 26.2 mile course, 4 girls in tow,  nothing but smiles, to hoot and holler for his wife and the running mama's.   He was awesome.  

So friend wakes up at 4:30 a.m. for her 18 mile run and finds this…

# 3 is clearly my personal fave.

ps-  Did I tell you guys I'm loving Slam for running lately?  Cuz I am.

3.   Loving that football is back.  Last week, I had the pleasure of basically watching the game AND gambling simultaneously.   Here we have a crappy picture but it encompasses the joy I felt while watching the Bucks and playing Keno.  #grandma #bluehair #oldpeoplegambling

Yes, that innocent bystander clearly busted me taking this pic.   (Don't ya hate that? )

Who else is going to the game on Saturday?    Time to start stalking the weather.     A beautiful scene, no?

4.  Monkeying around with deese foo's.

Somehow the little one roped me into getting her nails done. Again.   #dontjudge

And….she straps all Barbie's and various Elsa dolls in seat belts while en route to said nail salon.

Plus, she thinks Halloween is tomorrow.   Like everyday.  Although, can you blame her?

Celebrating National Dog Day.  Cuz we love that #Runnerdog.

I leave you with two questions…

1. Does anyone else love September and October as much as me???

I can't get enough.   And it fuels my candle addiction with a vengeance. 

2.  Doing some revamping on the blog.   What are your favorite posts?    Things You Need always gets a ton o hits as  does What I Ate Wednesday.  What Else?  What do you like? Hate? Wanna see more of?

ps-  I got some new Advo gear from my friends, the Cisneros of Cisneros Screen Printing.   Adorable stuff so stand by for details and a  photo shoot.    Yes, I'm serious.

    pss- Laters babes.

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