Monday, September 15, 2014

Just Another Random Sunday Sentiments On Monday Post.

Hey Girl, Hey!

Lots to discuss. 

1.   If you haven't tried the new Advo SYS skin care line, you may wanna. 

 It's getting absolutely awesome reviews.   But more importantly, a little birdie told me today that the new eye cream is going to be released on Wednesday.  As in two days from now.  I plan to get on that immediately.   And will likely have a lifechanging experience within 4 minutues.   And then I'll promptly blog about it and y'all will want a piece 'o that pie asap.     And yes, I'm going to take before and after comparison pics so you're all about to become BFF's with my crowsfeet.  Pics don't lie (and neither do hips, according to Shakira) so stand by.

2.  I need amazing and fabulous Halloween costume ideas.    Who has 'em???   Fork 'em over.   I'm serious.   Email me though because the people that will be at said parties, also read said bloggy and they kinda can't know.

3.   Our 20 mile run went down without a hitch.   

Friday night meal before 20 mile run.  
Ummm…hello, lover.

Homemade pesto, grilled chicken thighs, beautiful pasta… I could eat this meal every day for 40 days and nights.

  My pace group ran to campus and game day was in full effect due to the noon kickoff.  The band was front and center, the alumni band was front and center, and the smell of delicious tailgating food filled the air with deliciousness.   Obvi we had to stop at the shoe for a photo shoot.

Some of the running mama's.  

Saturday consisted of an  ice bath and Post Workout Recovery Shake.   Oh and a nap.   I actually napped.   With my eyes closed and everything.  

Then I ate this.  

AFFFFter eating at Roosters.  

Who does that?   

But mama needed a night off from being healthy.  And I got it.

What you see here is the perfect combo of sweet salty.  That chocolate was off.the.hook.   

Sunday was a little 6 mile recovery run at a nice 9:30ish pace.   

And then my boyfriends Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean came to down.  And they Burned it Down.  

Does anyone else love a country concert?   Not much more fun to have than that.  Well except playing craps at the casino.  But we can't have it all.

And then today I woke up and looked like this….

Surely I can't be the only one.  

3.   It's Monday and we're back on the wagon.   On deck this week...

A little impromtu 10k trail race

Oh and the move is next week.  So I kinda need to pack up an entire house.

And the regular work, marathon training, kids, title boxing, breathing and sleeping, and making sure the backpacks have what they need inside.      Which tells me at some point, I'm gonna be thinking this….

But #dontcryformeargentina because I work well under pressure.   And I've got good helpers.  All good in the hood.   

4.   Tell me about you.  Who is training for what?   Lots of runners follow this bloggy as well as my FB page and I wanna hear what's on deck for you.     I already told you my race schedule.     Pretty sure it's your turn.      Speaking of races…working on a new playlist so giddy up.

Hope you didn't have to punch your Monday in the nose!    Laters!

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