Monday, September 29, 2014

Things You Need! Five for Fall Y'all Edition!

Hey girl hey…

So…all moved in!  How about a little procrastination on the unpacking process with a 
"Things We Need…Fall Edition?!?"

So it's finally officially, legit, real deal fall up in here.  First off... Hollah!  

Here in the midwest, ya see, we get down on some fall.   We love our football, we talk about PSL's and seasonal coffee creamers, we love our pumpkin farms, our fall festivals, obsess about the leaves, obsess about WHO we can talk about said above topics with,  make slow sweet love to our crockpots, drum up pumpkin recipes and then promptly post them on the Insta for all of our pumpkin/fall loving friends to love and admire. .   Das how we roll.   

So let's get down to biz.  Shall we?

Buy this immediately.    I can't tell you how many people have walked into my house asking where oh where does that amazing smell originate from?  This has got it all going on.   Fallish, sweet, and cozy.   

And you need this to go with it.  Several of them, actually.

If you want to walk into your house  and immediately be in a better mood, you need these.
So the 3 wicks are currently full price, which is no beuno.  However, the mason jars are currently 2 for $20 and not a bad deal.   Smaller than the 3 wicks but if you need an immediate fix, here it is.

  Let's face it, J Crew makes us poor.       And their prices have gotten outta hand over the past couple years.   
But….everyone needs a super cozy, chunky boyfriend sweater like this.     For a piece that's going to last forever, the price isn't ridiculous.  
I've only worn this once but I can tell it's gonna be super easy to throw on over leggings and skinny jeans and well…I'm pretty sure it's about to become my uniform.
 It's basically a coat but it's not.  A chunky sweater but not quite.    At any rate, it's cozy and kinda like walking around in a blanket.

It comes in the two above colors and also a softer grey.   Time to invest in your future and happiness.  

3.  Booties!

The options are endless.  I don't discrimate but am loving the low heel as well as the tie up wedge.  

I went off the rails last fall with my booties purchases so actually feel like I'm in good shape.  (who says that!?)

If you're not sure exactly HOW to wear booties???  Here ya go, yo.

Wanna see some booties that I'm currently loving around the innerwebs…?

Pefect with pretty much everything.  

I think myself as well as about 70% of my local friends ended up with these Vince Camuto booties  below last year.      Don't order them full price because they WILL be on sale.  I got mine on sale at Macy's towards the end of season.   Anyway, they're versatile and look adorable with jeans or dresses and the quality is awesome.  Plus, they're remarkably comfortable, considering that they're borderline hooker heels.

The Toms Desert Bootie.   These are the best.  And so comfortable.   I'm pretty sure I could run a marathon in these.  Love that they give a little height but I don't feel like I'm traipsing around in heels during the day.

Exhibit A… Yes, if you buy these, you'll automatically look this hot.

I've currently been deeply yearning for  these Dolce Vita's.   

Something about these I adore.  They kinda remind me of last years Rag and Bone's but for less than half the price.  I love everything about these babies.  

4.   Grey Nails!

I'm kinda obsessed with grey nails for fall.  Basically any and all kindsa grey.    Love that it's fresh and fallish but not your typical dark brown/ maroon stuff that we all know and love.  

A more subtle option… love.  

5.    Plaid.   

It's everywhere right now. 

Love, love, love everything about this. 

How cute is this plaid/vest combo?  With a side of mono?


Okay, I know that was five things but I can't resist #6….

6.  Mums! 

Oh em gee… if you've been reading the blog for more than 5 minutes, you know I love mums.   They make me happier than a PIS.

Eye Candy…

Go buy yourself a giant pot of mums and you'll immediately be in a good mood.  #facty.   My favorite place to buy mums is actually Lowe's.     They consistently have giant pots of perfectly bloomed beauties for $19.   Be still, my heart.  And yours too.  

There you have it friends.   

It's almost October so get ready for some marathon taper shenans!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Sentiments…It's Monday?

Apparently it's Monday and the weekend flew by at lightning speeds.   I got about 1/8 of the stuff done that I was supposed to be getting done.  So there's that.   But the weather basically looked like this

all weekend.   And well, that kind of weather doesn't afford staying indoors and being productive.   We all know that. 

Let's get down to biz.      

As mentioned on the Insta, I got my SYS eye cream and wouldn't ya know, they sent me two tubes as an apology because apparently they hate their packaging!?  Yokay…if you insist.     

Getting ready to start these asap and y'all know I'll tell you the real deal on what I think.   Just because I love me some Advo, doesn't mean that I love every single product.  The bottom line is, I really try and be honest about what I love and what works for ME.   Every product isn't gonna be a sure fit for everyone.   However, I have no doubt that there are Advo products out there for everyone.  This I know for sure.

Giddy up for an update on the above.   

Howza bout some Sunday Sentiments?  (on Monday..per usual).  

The weekend kinda started on Thursday night with a really great trail race.   A 10k but the trail was tough, I must admit.   And really, it kind of took me by surprise.     

The scenery was gorgeous and somehow I felt zero pressure to run a good time.  I just ran, had fun, and enjoyed the whole process.   #whoami?

Oh and I totally wiped out.     Right in front of the race photographer.     I took my eyes off the trail for one second and down I went.  Comedy.  

Have I ever told you guys my theory on what to do after an embarrassing fall?  

You've got two options.

1.  Act somewhat injured.  For at least 3 minutes.  No one can laugh at you or your mishap.   Anyone that laughs at a borderline injured fall victim is an a-hole. Everyone knows that.

2.   Crack up at yourself.  I mean, laugh... for real.    All eye witnesses end up laughing, you're laughing, s'all good and it's over before you know it.  

As you can see from the above pic and for the sake of time, I went with option #2 in this siutation.  

Under no circumstances should you do neither.    That's just gonna make everyone uncomfortable.  Including yourself.  

Okay, back to my story….

I really loved this trail race.  I did.   So I came home and immediately signed up for this…

Oh and this, which I've done before.  Still a beautiful race, nonetheless.

So in summary, I kind love trail running right now.

What else?

Kicking off a wild Friday night with the big one and I showing off our serious handshaking skills.

Exhibit A.

Had a super stellar and hilarious night with the nabe ladies.   As I mentioned, I'm moving ya see and we definitely had one big last hurrah.     #dontcryformeargentina,   the move is a mile away and  I'll still be crashing all future parties.    Just like a bad penny.  I won't go away.
There may have been some karaoke under a disco ball involved.  

A glorioius day for soccer.

Yes, #runnderdog is wearing the little one's cardigan.     Not much makes sense around here.  That's how we like it. 

Soccer with a side of grandma.

The rest of the weeekend was basically spent sitting in a camp chair, sitting in a driveway, hanging with the nabe's.   #suburbia. 

On deck for this week….

The move, kid shenans, OSU/UC game, another 20 mile run (!) and enjoying every second of this glorious fall weather before it becomes -2.

I'll likely be procrastinating packing this week which means you may see me more than normal up in these parts until the movers show up and it's time to get serious about packing.   Just kidding.  Kinda.

Hope your week is off to a fab, five, freddy start!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Running Playlist!!! September 2014 #whatwhat

I haven't posted a playlist in a hot second.    I'm absolutely loving this one.    If you take my class at TBC,  giddy up cuz you're about to get a big dose tomorrow.

Show Me the Money-  Petey Pablo (LOOOOVE this song…Remember last summer when I was obsessed with Blurred Lines?  Yeah, it's like that.)
Break Free-  Ariana Grande
All I Ever Wanted-  Basshunter
Dog Days Are Over-  Florence and the Machines
Shake it Off- Taylor Swift  (if you don't love this song, you're lying to yourself)
Black Widow-  Iggy Azalea
What Are you Waiting For?- Nickleback (love this song and the message…life is short, do it now)
Centuries-  Fall Out Boy
Fireball-  Pitbull
Sweet Little Somthin'-  Jason Aldean
Really Don't Care- Demi Lovato (My kids are obsessed with this song.  My hands were tied)
Everlong- Foofighters
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor- Activator
Sky Full of Stars- Coldplay
Bass Down Low- Dev
Lifehouse- All In
Rap God- Eminem
Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World
Stone in Love- Journey
Back that Azz Up- Juvenile
My Life Would Suck Without You-  Kelly Clarkson
Country Girl- Luke Bryan
Figured You Out- Nickelback
Notorious B.I.G.-  Hypnotize
Shut Up and Kiss Me-  Orianthi
Walk of Shame- PINK
Still Into You-  Paramore
Give It To You-  Robin Thicke

So yeah, you  need these.     As always, I love hearing what you guys are listening to!  You guys hooked me up big time for my Columbus Marathon playlist last year.  Don't think I won't be asking again.

Love you, miss you, mean it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just Another Random Sunday Sentiments On Monday Post.

Hey Girl, Hey!

Lots to discuss. 

1.   If you haven't tried the new Advo SYS skin care line, you may wanna. 

 It's getting absolutely awesome reviews.   But more importantly, a little birdie told me today that the new eye cream is going to be released on Wednesday.  As in two days from now.  I plan to get on that immediately.   And will likely have a lifechanging experience within 4 minutues.   And then I'll promptly blog about it and y'all will want a piece 'o that pie asap.     And yes, I'm going to take before and after comparison pics so you're all about to become BFF's with my crowsfeet.  Pics don't lie (and neither do hips, according to Shakira) so stand by.

2.  I need amazing and fabulous Halloween costume ideas.    Who has 'em???   Fork 'em over.   I'm serious.   Email me though because the people that will be at said parties, also read said bloggy and they kinda can't know.

3.   Our 20 mile run went down without a hitch.   

Friday night meal before 20 mile run.  
Ummm…hello, lover.

Homemade pesto, grilled chicken thighs, beautiful pasta… I could eat this meal every day for 40 days and nights.

  My pace group ran to campus and game day was in full effect due to the noon kickoff.  The band was front and center, the alumni band was front and center, and the smell of delicious tailgating food filled the air with deliciousness.   Obvi we had to stop at the shoe for a photo shoot.

Some of the running mama's.  

Saturday consisted of an  ice bath and Post Workout Recovery Shake.   Oh and a nap.   I actually napped.   With my eyes closed and everything.  

Then I ate this.  

AFFFFter eating at Roosters.  

Who does that?   

But mama needed a night off from being healthy.  And I got it.

What you see here is the perfect combo of sweet salty.  That chocolate was off.the.hook.   

Sunday was a little 6 mile recovery run at a nice 9:30ish pace.   

And then my boyfriends Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean came to down.  And they Burned it Down.  

Does anyone else love a country concert?   Not much more fun to have than that.  Well except playing craps at the casino.  But we can't have it all.

And then today I woke up and looked like this….

Surely I can't be the only one.  

3.   It's Monday and we're back on the wagon.   On deck this week...

A little impromtu 10k trail race

Oh and the move is next week.  So I kinda need to pack up an entire house.

And the regular work, marathon training, kids, title boxing, breathing and sleeping, and making sure the backpacks have what they need inside.      Which tells me at some point, I'm gonna be thinking this….

But #dontcryformeargentina because I work well under pressure.   And I've got good helpers.  All good in the hood.   

4.   Tell me about you.  Who is training for what?   Lots of runners follow this bloggy as well as my FB page and I wanna hear what's on deck for you.     I already told you my race schedule.     Pretty sure it's your turn.      Speaking of races…working on a new playlist so giddy up.

Hope you didn't have to punch your Monday in the nose!    Laters!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and A Recipe You're Gonna Need

Holla Homies!

First up,  I gotta tell you guys about this amazing dinner I'm about to make and then promptly slay like a 400 lb man.     The Preppy Paleo hooked us up with this.  

I mean…????  Anything Asian that involves a nut product and I'm pretty much in.  Like Flynn.

I'm not adding in the palm sugar but pretty much doing everything else as written.    Definitely appropriate for Max Phase of 24 Day Challenge.   

Stand by for my review.  

Howza bout some Sunday Sentiments???

An action packed weekend.  

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   6 mile run.  Was supposed to be 10 but my knee was killing me and I freaked out and actually did the right thing and listended to my body for once.  (Am I finally a grown up?)    I have about 6 pair of running shoes in rotation and ran in a pair that are pretty much dead.   I really think that's where I went wrong.  Feeling much better today.

Saturday-  30 minutes on the ARC trainer (holy sweat) and full body shred session.   Lifted hard and heavy.

Sunday-  10 mile run.   Felt great, no knee pain,  and near perfect running temps.   Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

20 miles on deck this weekend.  What What?   Is the marathon really only 5 1/2 weeks away???    Two 20 mile runs and a some shorter long runs in between and then we taper….which we all know I'm horrible at.   Remember last year when I got caught doing speed work on the treadmill the Friday before the marathon?     Yeah, gonna try not to do that again.   Or try not to get caught at least.

If you follow me on the Insti (Advorunner), you already know some of my shenans.  If you don't, find me.   

Weekend involved….

 High school football. 

#fridaynightlights #daburbs

A round of #diyabeetus for the 39 kids we had in tow.   Just kidding….kinda.

The monkeys and I, monkeying around before and after said game.

Can we please discuss the photobombing skills the of the big one?   She darted out of nowhere to precisely bomb this pic.  I mean, she's even blocking out an entire human being and everything.   We're super lucky that we can walk to the high school from my house because this game be crazytown.   

Watching the Bucks…

Even though they played horribly and lost the game, I was kinda in love with the seats.  

Hanging with some people I love.

Sisters from another mister.

Eating a lot of good food (#carbease) which involved topping the weekend off with Menchies.    It was the right thing to do.   Summer is slipping away and I did it for my innocent, small children.   Can we take a moment of silence to admire my chocolate dipped waffle cone cup divider??  


So clearly back in the saddle and back to the grind today.  On deck-  a 3 mile recovery run and hitting the weights.    As mentioned, 20  miler on deck for Saturday so I will definitely be taking Friday off from all activity and quite possibly Thursday as well.  
 Actually…let's not get crazy... We all know I'm not taking Thursday off.

Hope you guys are having a great start to the week.   I'll #hollabackatcha in the next 48.