Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So What Wednesday!?!?

*So What if I'm straight up obsessed with this Ebola virus situation?!   I mean….!?  I'm typically not an over-reactor…(nevermind, I totally am..) but still...   This is super frightening stuff.  It is.

* So What if I'm still borderline sore from a class I took on Saturday?   We all know I LOVES that.   614 friends….System of Strength… get there.   

*So What if now that summer is over, I'm counting down the days until OSU football.  Hollah!  The best time of year for sure.  (aside from patio season, Christmas, and the first fake day of spring when we're all wearing flip flops).

*So What if I've got that urge to chop my hair into a bob again???   Someone talk me off the ledge.  This happens every few years and the itch is here.

*So What if I've been the worst blogger in the history of the world lately?  It's summer and I've had a copious amount of cray cray going on.   I'm coming back.  Prommy.  Swear.  Facty.  

*So What if I fried myself like a teenager at the pool on Sunday?   I have no explanation or defense other than the fact that we got screwed on a large portion of summer due to weather.   I was making up for lost time.   Oh, and my face was protected.   But seriously… who does that at my age???  That's what I wanna know.   That's all.

That felt good!  I miss SWW!  

Hope your humpday is fab!

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