Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Shenans… 10 of 'Em.

1.    Is it just me, or have we been missing some serious shenans up in here???   Yes, the answer is yes.

2.  Wanna know my upcoming race/ training schedule?   Yep, ya do and it's coming in a hot second.  

3.  The 10 Day Cleanse starts on Monday, friends!    Y'all are gonna get to see my weekend prep yet again.   Don't be scared.   Cosco and I are about to become thick as theives.   

4.  Speaking of getting healthy, 614 friends, did you know all kinds of gluttony is happening in these parts here in a sec?   First up, we've got the Food Truck Fest  and right down the street we've got the Summer Beerfest.   Columbus wants to make sure we stay on the top 10 list of most overweight cities in America.   

5.   I can't seem to get a handle on how to dress.  It's freezing in the morning and then I'm bursting into flames at high noon.   It's perplexing really.

6.  Howevs….this completely makes me super happy for s'mores and fall and candles and mums.  Y'all know how I love my mums.

7.   10 mile run with my running posse went down at the crack of dawn this morning.  I almost died.   Yes, it happens to me too , friends.

8.  The people at Old Navy told me that their Rockstar jeans  are on sale for 19 beans again.     Restocking immediately.   This I know for sure.

9.  This #Runnerdog of mine has been periodically going to doggy day care and I can not even tell you how exhausted and sweet he is at the end of the afternoon.   I mean?    $15 for 5 hours.  Worth every red cent to wear his large self out.

10.  Working on some bloggy posts for the weekend so come back.  Please?  Me miss you wrong time.

Happy Friday!

Laters Baby

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