Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August, Running, the Cleanse, and an Itunes Intervention

Well, hey!   Apparently it's August!!!

How in the french toast did that happen?

So getta loada this…my kiddos start school next week.   Surely that's not normal, is it?   This summer came and went like a thief in the night.  And yes, I know it's still technically summer.  However, school starting up in here signifies that it's not.  It just does.   

All kinds of busy, per usual. 

  Marathon training is in full effect.   Squeezing in the mileage during the week is no big, it's the weekend long run that is starting to take some planning.   14 on deck this weekend.   Local friends, who else is running Columbus?  Half, full, I don't care…I just wanna know.  Cuz I love this race and I wanna hear from other people who love it too.   

Countdown is on.   I'll be running a couple training races between here and then so giddy up.

Sooo…..last year we did a big 'ole group back to school 10 day cleanse.  And it was awesome.  And we all felt awesome going into Labor Day weekend.   So here's the deal…. we start on Monday August 18th.   More deets (and maybe even a giveaway!) to come.    If you've never done a 10 Day Cleanse, now is the time.  Trust me.  Facty.   Don't go into another fall feeling like less than your stellar self.   Don't.  

 The 10 Day Cleanse is an amazing kick start/ detox.   Never done a cleanse?   Check out some of my easy, helpful tips right here.   

Okay, what else?

I need some serious music downloading help.  Soo….I've been basically spending a small fraction of what could be the college funds of my innocent, small children on music downloads.   After a boxing class the other day, someone requested info. on a song on my playlist.   Long story short, I somehow confessed my Itunes obsession and three different people spouted off different super reasonably priced monthly or yearly music download sites.   

Help a sistah out…what do you guys use?  I need to know asap cuz my Itunes billing sitch is off the hook.

Remember when I used to post So What Wednesday!?    Tune in tomorrow…cuz it's back for a hot second!

Hope your summer is all you thought it would be an more.  #missyoulongtime!


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  1. I LOVE your blog. You always make me laugh! I would love to do a cleanse with you. Does it matter that I am a distributer? I don't sell advo to anyone but myself...and I have done 2 cleanses with no results. I think it would help me to be doing it with you and get some help!