Monday, July 7, 2014

Winner, Winner, Weekend Wrap Up, and Jamie Eason

How's that for a random title?

But first, looks like we've got a winner!  

Entry #739…Lisa M!

Congrats girly!  I'll be emailing you for your mailing addy so stand by.   I'll also be throwing in a little extra love so giddy up!

And for the rest of you, another contest is coming soon.  'Tis true so stand by for deets.

Howzabouta little Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up?

I kinda love the 4th of July.   And all of the shenans that go with it.    Oh and how awesome was it that the 4th fell on a Friday?   

Weekend Workouts:

Thursday:   Taught boxing and a little 3 mile run.

Friday:   Back to back two hour double Power Hour class at Title Boxing.  OMG. I think I'm still sweating.   A great way to start off the 4th and all that it has to offer.    Some of the crew…

Saturday:  -   5 mile therapy run.   Tunes blaring.  Me loves. 

Sunday:   Took the early morning class at TBC and a 4 mile run with my nabe.  What a great way to catch up with a friend, no? 

What else?

**I may or may not have had to pay that casino a little vizzy.  Oh and it may or may not have welcomed me back with open arms.

**We took that #Runnerdog of ours on the road to grandma #runnerdog's casa.

**4th shenans with the little brother, baby daddy, and several random canine's.  Ps-  If you've ever tried to get a pic of 4 kids and 3 dogs, it's kind of like winning the cane game at the fair.  It's just not happening.
  The End. 

**Eating a crapload of good food, including #diyabeetus, a ribeye, and some glorious meatballs, amongst other things.  This is all precisely why I decided not to take a rest day from the gym this weekend.     Gotta pay to play, friends.

** Monkey girls in matching monkey nightgowns just monkeying around with sparklers.

** Our beautiful friend in the printed dress celebrated the big 4-0 this weekend.  Oh and her hubster threw her the most adorable party I've ever seen.   Oh and  I may or may not have consumed more meatballs at said party. #facty

 Other random tidbits...

I'm obsessed with Oprah again.  She gets me everytime...that Oprah.

 So….you know how you think you're eating 4 oz. or 6 oz. or how many ever ounces of meat that "the people" say normal people are supposed to eat?  Yeah….you aren't doing that. 
   I was stunned to find that I'm basically eating half a cow versus the 6 ounces I thought I was eating.  Quite comical, really.      I don't measure everything by any means.  However, this little diddy has been eye opening.  What happened is I started reading about Jamie Eason's Live Fit  weight lifting plan.    She's hard core on measuring everything, especially in the beginning.   Clearly, I needed to know how off the mark I was/am so ordered this asap.  Love it.  I do.   

Okay, so has anyone ever done Jamie's plan?  If so, I'm gonna need to hear from you.  I just can't imagine NOT doing cardio for an entire month.   I fear I would be a complete bitch on wheels.   This I know for sure.   But seriously, I need to hear from you if you've done it first hand.

Hope you guys  had a fabulous 4th.   Hope you spent time with your loved ones and lived it up like holidays are supposed to be lived up.   

Laters Babers.


  1. Uhm the JE LiveFit is/was/will be here again soon my jam!! Gets on it!

  2. Niki, I'm in. After baby #3?? Do tell.

  3. A runner like you would go crazy not doing cardio!!

  4. I'm currently doing Jamie Eason's plan and it's wonderful! I was intimidated at the thought of not doing any cardio for the first month too (I'm also a runner!) but I was still able to put in a great workout with her program with sweat and all, so I didn't really miss it as much as a I thought. Also, with it being stupid hot in Texas during the summer I'd rather bein a gym lifting than on the pavement running. When I jumped into the second month (where I'm at right now) I actually felt stronger with my cardio even though I hadn't done any for the month prior. I say give it a try!