Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My current FAVE at home full body strength training workout

Soo…  My schedule has been all over the place.  This basically means that I've developed a new hobby which consists of constantly trolling the innerwebs for new strength training workouts that can be done at home when I've got a 30 minute window.   Did I mention that you ONLY need dumbbells?   That's the beauty.

First things first, if you aren't strength training, you need to start.  Yesterday.   I can't preach it enough.

Do you want better fitting clothes, a mental boost, stronger bones, lower cholesterol, more energy, higher metaboslim, increased self confidence, decreased stress, better sleep, decreased body fat, and a zillllllion and one other fabulous things?     Yes, the answer is yes.

Okay, so I have this.   Which is basically awesome and worth every cent.

However, if you aren't ready to make that kind of investment and don't already have dumbbells, go to Dicks or even Target and buy yourself a couple sets and you're good to go.    We're looking at a minimal investment.  But seriously, get yourself some weights.  For shizzle.

I tend to fluctuate between 10 lb, 12 lb, or 15 lb weights with this particular workout.

If you're a newbie to strength training, I would start with a pair of 5's and a pair of 8's.  

*I rest 20-30 seconds in between each set.   This will keep your heart rate up.  Trust me.   The recommendation is a full minute rest between sets.   Howevs, we all know that rules are meant to be broken.  

Gurrrruntee, if you don't take the full minute rest and do you each exercise with intention, you'll be deeerenched in sweat and happy as a PIS.

I've added random pics just to show you guys how this should look.   I have zero idea who any of these people are.  

Here's the deal…we are technically only talking 10 exercises here.   Howevs,  you will be sore.  And happy. And you're gonna feel awesome about the whole thing.   So get there, mmmkay?

  Here we go, yo.


Dumbbells on shoulers, squat as close to parralel as possible and return to starting position.  

3 sets of 12 reps.    I use 15 lb dumbbels for this.  

Looks like this

Muslces worked:   Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads


3 sets of 12 reps.   I use 12 lbs dumbbells and get a fabulous burn every time.   Should look like this.    This is one rep.

Muslces Worked:  Hamstrings, Glutes, Lower Back


3 sets of 12 reps.   I usually use 10's on these.

Muslces Worked:  Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

*This can be done on a mat, bench, exercise ball, floor, etc.


3 sets of 12 reps.  I ususally use 10's.

Again, can be done on mat, bench floor, ball, etc.

Muslces Worked:  Chest, Shoulers, Biceps


3 sets of 12.   I usually start with 10's and end up with 8's by the last set.  These kill me.

Muscles Worked:   Shoulders 


3 sets of 12.   I ususally use 12's on these.  Love this exercise for bangin' shoulders, amongst other things.

Muslces Worked:  Shoulders, Biceps, Back

Howza bout a little cartoon for good measure?


3 sets of 12.  I ususally use 12's on these as well.

Muscles Worked:  Middle Back, Biceps, Lats, Shoulders


3 sets of 12.  I use 10's on the first set and have to end up switching to 8's for second and third sets.

Muscles Worked:  Biceps


3 sets of 12.  I use 10's on these.

Muscles Worked:   Triceps, Shoulders

10.  ABS

I make this up everytime but always aim for 200 reps of a variation of exercises. 


One of my faves… An oldie but goodie.. The bicycle

LOVE a plank series

And end with a good old fashioned plank

Challenge yourself.  Hold that sucker for as long as you can but aim for at least 30 seconds to start.  If you take my class at Title,  you know I'm mean with those planks and have been known to make poor soul hold a two minute plank.   Start with 30 and work your way up.  You can do it, friends.   Promise ya that.

There you have it, friends.    My fave, quick, FULL body workout.  Technically 10 exercises that will leave you sore, sweaty and happy. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Winner, Winner, Weekend Wrap Up, and Jamie Eason

How's that for a random title?

But first, looks like we've got a winner!  

Entry #739…Lisa M!

Congrats girly!  I'll be emailing you for your mailing addy so stand by.   I'll also be throwing in a little extra love so giddy up!

And for the rest of you, another contest is coming soon.  'Tis true so stand by for deets.

Howzabouta little Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up?

I kinda love the 4th of July.   And all of the shenans that go with it.    Oh and how awesome was it that the 4th fell on a Friday?   

Weekend Workouts:

Thursday:   Taught boxing and a little 3 mile run.

Friday:   Back to back two hour double Power Hour class at Title Boxing.  OMG. I think I'm still sweating.   A great way to start off the 4th and all that it has to offer.    Some of the crew…

Saturday:  -   5 mile therapy run.   Tunes blaring.  Me loves. 

Sunday:   Took the early morning class at TBC and a 4 mile run with my nabe.  What a great way to catch up with a friend, no? 

What else?

**I may or may not have had to pay that casino a little vizzy.  Oh and it may or may not have welcomed me back with open arms.

**We took that #Runnerdog of ours on the road to grandma #runnerdog's casa.

**4th shenans with the little brother, baby daddy, and several random canine's.  Ps-  If you've ever tried to get a pic of 4 kids and 3 dogs, it's kind of like winning the cane game at the fair.  It's just not happening.
  The End. 

**Eating a crapload of good food, including #diyabeetus, a ribeye, and some glorious meatballs, amongst other things.  This is all precisely why I decided not to take a rest day from the gym this weekend.     Gotta pay to play, friends.

** Monkey girls in matching monkey nightgowns just monkeying around with sparklers.

** Our beautiful friend in the printed dress celebrated the big 4-0 this weekend.  Oh and her hubster threw her the most adorable party I've ever seen.   Oh and  I may or may not have consumed more meatballs at said party. #facty

 Other random tidbits...

I'm obsessed with Oprah again.  She gets me everytime...that Oprah.

 So….you know how you think you're eating 4 oz. or 6 oz. or how many ever ounces of meat that "the people" say normal people are supposed to eat?  Yeah….you aren't doing that. 
   I was stunned to find that I'm basically eating half a cow versus the 6 ounces I thought I was eating.  Quite comical, really.      I don't measure everything by any means.  However, this little diddy has been eye opening.  What happened is I started reading about Jamie Eason's Live Fit  weight lifting plan.    She's hard core on measuring everything, especially in the beginning.   Clearly, I needed to know how off the mark I was/am so ordered this asap.  Love it.  I do.   

Okay, so has anyone ever done Jamie's plan?  If so, I'm gonna need to hear from you.  I just can't imagine NOT doing cardio for an entire month.   I fear I would be a complete bitch on wheels.   This I know for sure.   But seriously, I need to hear from you if you've done it first hand.

Hope you guys  had a fabulous 4th.   Hope you spent time with your loved ones and lived it up like holidays are supposed to be lived up.   

Laters Babers.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

What, what!?  Two weeks in a row…told ya'll I was back!  (in black).

As always, here we go, yo!

**SO WHAT  if I've got this runner mama friend (Hi Nik!) who is legit like my own human Genius app?  It's like she's secretly got the password to my Itunes library.  No joke.  The minute a song of my caliber and liking is released, I get a 911 #downloadimeeeed text from her, accompanied with a screenshot of said song/artist.    #itunesmakesme'po  #sodomyfriends

**SO WHAT  if I'm jonesing for the casino. Real bad.   They sent me more propaganda and I'm pretty sure this means they miss me too.   Mama needs a hit 'o craps.  Real bad. 

**SO WHAT  if once again I'm falling prey to all of those 4th of July desserts on the Pinterest?  I mean…they're so cute.. and artistic... and blueberry-ish.    As much as I try and buck the system, my hands are tied.  It's the right thing to do.  #merica.

**SO WHAT  if the cutest, most reasonably priced boutique just opened in our hood and I may or may not have tried to become BFF's with the owner in attemtps to privately look at the loot in the back room?   And upstairs.  I couldn't help it.

**SO WHAT if fall marathon training is in full effect and as much as I like to pretend I'm complaining about it, I'm actually happier than a tornado in a trailer park.  
  THIS is my jams.  And THIS makes me happy.   It's comfortable.  And I love the obsession. And planning.  And calculating.   So there.

**SO WHAT if  I'm legit obsessed with the current status of Chris and Gwyneth!?  So wait, are they still for real living together?   We've got to get to the bottom of this immediately.  We do.   Anyone with credible intell needs to fill me in immeed.  Yes, People magazine counts. 

S'all for now.   
Love ya, miss ya, mean it.   
See you back here within the next 48.