Sunday, June 1, 2014

The 10 Day Cleanse is going down in 3,2,1..and Sunday Sentiments in Pics.

Hi Loves!
 First things first.  This outta control Neanderthal is starting the 10 Day Cleanse tomorrow.   Legit.     I'm seeing posts from errrrrbody and their brother that they are gearing up.   Initially, I was gonna put it off for a couple more weeks.  However, the bottom line is, I'm due.  And, despite some good workouts,  this weekend made me feel more than gross.  You can't out-workout crappy food.   You can't.         So as always, the time is now.   Go big or go home.      I need a reset and some accountability and the cleanse always does the trick.    10 Day is going down tomorrow.   #facty

Which brings me to...

Weekend Workouts:
Thursday- Taught the early birds at Title Boxing and 6 miles.
Friday-  3 miles with #Runnerdog (he's working on his fitness again.  Big time.)
Saturday- 6 miles and  shoulders, chest, bi's, tri's, and abs.
Sunday-  A little Title Boxing workout and 3 miles.
The weekend in pics.
** 4 year old getting pretty and loving every second.  #HME   (hot mess express for the newbies)
** Pretending we're fancy and VIP
**Memorial Tournament shenans.  614 friends, was the weather perfect or what?
** My BF with the teasing skills got ahold of a teasing brush and well, we all gained about 2 inches of height in less than 5 minutes.
** Last soccer game of the season for my little home slice.    Proud and rosy cheeked.
**Eating copious amounts of Mediterranean meats.   You guys,  our friends post golf tourney party included a food truck.  In their driveway.  With copious amounts of lamb.   Be still, my heart.  
** Flat out appalled at my own behavior.  1.  Drinking straight #diyabeetus.  2.  #butfirst,letstakeaselfie.   Need I say more?

**I kind of  acquired my BF, Bethenny Frankels personalized autograph. #dontbejelly   Clearly framing this in less than 48.
** More VIP/ us pretending we're grown ups. 
**  More diva shenans.  My fave part of this pic. is my big one in the background, in her own world, working it, with her neon pink crossbody bag.   I kind of love that the most.
**  Waiting in this God forsaken Starbucks line.   More than once.   #whoami?   
So in summary.....  do we see why I need an emergency 10 day cleanse?  
We've got....
1. Diyabeetus
2. Multiple trips to Starbucks
 3.  Copious amounts of meats and various sauces
4.  Many other naughty things (including white bread!!), which didn't make the collage.
I mean???   It's time.
Stay tuned for what I'm eating.   Because it's time for that too.
Laters Babers.


  1. I would like to say I love your blog!! You always share from the heart and keep life real as this is not a diey but a lifestyle where life happens. I am also venturing out and would like share my journey of healthy living with others. Its funny that we have so many things in common lol i am beginning my advocare business, I love title boxing, not a runner yet but working towards it... I would love to maybe kearn from you how you got started....

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Shalynne! Check under the Running tab for some running tips, including how I got started in long distance running. It still makes no sense. :) Congrats on your Advo business! My one piece of advice is do not hesitate to lean on your coach. The business can't be a success if you're doing it alone. You'll need support, knowledge, and insight. Stay the course, good luck, and keep me posted!