Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up!

First things first…for those of you who sent me this little ditty…#meloveyoulongtime… Cuz it's awesome.

I die.   But they've got it all wrong.  It's actually Diyabeetus.  It is.  Where's the Y???

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  A 5k on the tready and a random, speedy weight circut.  I had about 40 minutes and it all had to go down at 5 a.m.  Oh and it had to happen at home.   Although I wasn't fully satisfied, a quick workout is better than no workout.   For sure.

Saturday-  5 miles on the lake.   

Sunday-  50 minutes on the Arc Trainer, followed by a huge sweat sesh in the sauna.   The Arc makes me sweat like a beast.  Just like I likey....   If you aren't familiar with the Arc Trainer, it looks like this….

And you're gonna need to become BFF's with it for emergency situations.  Like when you need an emergency de-bloat.   

A fun weekend indeed.

Friday was spent with the padre and his fiance at the lake.  Where I accidentally had this.

And I swear it was infused with extra salt, which is why I needed the Arc so severely on Sunday.

The little one…bucking the system.   And basically protesting all conformity in general.  

 Fishing monkey girls, with a side of gramps.

Saturday morning 5 miler scene. 

Obsessed with this house.  I am.  Oh and check out the Jet Express, locked and loaded for Put in Bay with hooting and hollering boozers at 8:30 a.m.  I kid you not.     Clearly I'm old.  And tired.   

Saturday night, our very own Brian "the Bull" Holstein from Title Boxing Club Powell fought in the main event.

Some of the girlys...

Sunday was spent driving back to the lake to retrieve above said monkey girls.     Oh and eating what may now be my fave thing ever.   For realz.
   Peanut Calamari???   Oh Ma Word.   Yes please.

This week on the bloggeroni….

Another Advo giveaway!   


  Because Columbus Advocare Runner is well over 1,000 likes on the FB.  And I'm kinda pumped about that.

What else?

An Advo product spotlight.    Wanna know what it is??   Gonna have to tune back in.

Laters Babers.

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