Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

Hey Kitty Cats!  Lookame!   It's just like the olden days!  Remember when I used to post SWW religiously???  SWW is back.  In black.  #facty.

And  just like the good old days…

Here we go, yo!

**SO WHAT if I'm now a legit hypocrite and the little one is wearing character clothing?  Like on the Reg.  Like left and right.    I had the big one brainwashed long ago and somehow we escaped this phenomenma with her.    But somehow it makes this here little one super happy and super proud.  So somehow, somewhere I've thrown in the towel and can't deny her this kind of happiness.  I can't.
We're talking cheaply made shirts with the cast of Frozen and stuff on the front.   I know.     This completely reminds me of that time I had to eat crow when I put the Advocare sticker on my car.   It does.

**SO WHAT if Big Brother is back and I couldn't be more pumped???   Don't say a peep about the cast of characters because the first eppy is safe and sound on my DVR…just waiting for my undivided viewing attention.   Oh and I really miss my girl Julie,  and basically analyzing her outfits and wondering how she got so skinny.  So there's also that.   #winning 

**SO WHAT if I may or may not have numerous items for my next "Things You Need" post?   It's all just waiting for the time for my little fingers to get excited enough to feverishly type it all up.   I'm aiming for this weekend.   And you're all gonna love/hate me, per usual.

**SO WHAT if I accidentally ran to beat an innocent man to the Chipotle door the other day in order to be ahead of him in line?  It was an out of body experience and I felt like the poor soul looked at me as if to say "OMG, are you 10 years old!?!?"  It was only then that I realized my ridiculous behavior.   The problem is that I had the hunger of ten large men and I needed that giant bowl in my belly before the man behind me got his.  I did.

**SO WHAT if every night I say I'm gonna go to bed at 10 and every night I'm up well past midnight dilly dally-ing around the house?   I don't even know what to do about this or where to start.     What I do know is that the more sleep I get, the more tired I am so I'm really thinking my "you can sleep when you're dead" theory is right on.

**SO WHAT if I feel like summer is half over and it's kinda stressing me out?  These kiddos go back to school on August 13th, which is not right.  'Tis not right at all.  And it's making me nervous and making me think that we haven't even caught lightning bugs yet.  Ps-  Lightning bugs are "fireflies"  for those of you that aren't in the midwest or south..or don't have a small amount of hillbilly in you.  

S'all for now but I will see you guys back here for a giveaway (a seasonal product..woot woot) as well as my new favorite, super clean, super easy peasy, super fantabulous recipe. 

Laters Taters.

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  1. Wow August 13th? thats crazy! Our schools just got out yesterday! And Chiptole...yeah I would do the same thing! I think I need Chiptole now for lunch, thanks lady!