Monday, June 30, 2014

Things You Need ASAP

If you haven't entered already,  you're very quickly running out of time to get in on my latest giveaway.  I may or may not be throwing in a extra little sumthin' sumthin' in the box too.  

You are gonna love the new apple.  Prom.  Reportedly, it keeps disappearing and reappearing on the site so don't miss the boat.  Here's your chance to try it for freeeeee…  Cuz you're #winning.  And loving it.

Without further adieu….

This is the simplest, most brilliant concept evahhh.    What you see here is an extra long, reusable lip gloss wand…. But wait...It's designed to get every single last lipgloss droplet out of every nook and cranny at the bottom of your fave gloss.   
 I hate nothing more than dropping $25 on a Bobbi and knowing that there is a solid $8 worth left at the botton and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.    I'm obsessed with this thing and it's provided me with a crapload of happiness in the 2 short weeks that I've owned it.

You guys, I have no idea what's going on down at the Suave factory but it's something good.
I mean….ya'll know I'm an open book when it comes to my product snobbery.  Howevs, if something works, I don't discriminate.   So my mom initially brought this to my attention.  I basically said "mmmmkay…yeah, no…"  This was all said with a furrowed brow, of course.  I finally tried it and loved it immediately.    Somehow, it reminds me of my fancy Enjoy shampoo that Jessica Simpson got me hooked on back in the day.  Smoothing, yet volumizing….. Oh and look, this stuff is $2.88 down at the Wally World.  I know.  

I can't make this stuff up.  So after I got over the shock of the Suave shampoo, I set out on foot to see what else Suave had up their sleeve.   I have been rotating between both the Aveda and the Bed Head root boosters for quite awhile.  Love them both, not gonna lie.  However, I'm completely hooked on this one for now.   And if my memory serves me right, it was around 5 billz at the Tarjay.

I'm super sorry about the price on this one.  However, I promise you it is worth every.single.penny.  Plus it will last forevs.   I scored this on accident.  I was checking out at Sephora and the sales girl announced that I had reached my 500 points in the Sephora frequent flyer club.   A box of PTR loot was one of the gems I could choose from.  Honestly, when she started pitching me on this actual product in specific is when I fell prey.  
Okay, so you're gonna wanna keep this in your fridge for max effect.   The proper protocol is to apply for about 10 min, rinse, then apply your regular eye rigamaro.   My theory on everything is basically that longer and more is better.   When I'm extra haggard, I actually sleep in this.   When I need a quick depuffing, (Hello, #diyabeetus), I actually follow the instructions.  At any rate, it's amazing.  And it works.  And  ya'll need it tonight.

I feel like I'm late to the game with Lush. This is likely a good thing.  Because it's making me real poor and it's making me desire more.    There's something about the store that sucks me in and makes me think I need one of everything.   I'll spare you the deets but I'm loving their dusting powders.   'Specially in 100 percent humidity.   Basically, you sprinkle these over your regular body lotion/ body butter and somehow you're not greasy or hot.   Yet you're still miraciously moisturized.   Oh and you've got a fab, good smelling little glow about you.  
LOVE these.

I've always had this weird, alluring relationship with Benefit.  I'm pretty sure it's the cutesy product names accompanied with adorbs packaging.     I used to be straight up obsessed with High Beam back in the day.   This kind of reminds me of a grown up version of that.   Don't let the picture scare you.   It's a multipurpose product for the entire face.  I only use it on my cheeks and a tad for highlighting.   Apparenlty, you can use it on the lips too, which I haven't done to date.   At any rate, it's super blendable and amazingly easy to make way subtle or way dramatic.     

Sadly, I've got about 4 more products that you guys do need asap.   However, those 4 will turn into 6 or 7 in no time so stand by for another full TYN post soon.     

Hope you guys have a fab Monday and I just may see you back here tomorrow for a recipe or two.   

Laters Babers. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Apple SPARK! Who wants it?! Oh and a recipe too!

So I was kinda obsessed when I found out that they were releasing Spark packets in stick form.  I REALLY hope this is the new thing and the Advo peeps are converting all spark packets to stick form. I do.    I was also super obsessed when I found out we were getting green apple in general.   

Jolly Rancher.  Exactly what it tastes like.  Delish. #facty.

I've been mixing it with club soda for a little fizzy ditty.   It's delish.

So let's get down to biz….  You can read all about why you need Spark in your life here.  

Note…. if you already like the Facebook page or already follow me on the Insta (Advorunner)…no big...  Just give yourself the entry.

Secondly, ya'll need to make this awesome, easy summertime recipe stat.

The original recipe is here.   I basically changed the whole thing because as you can see…it's loaded with dairy.  And unnessary shoogs…

Mexican Chicken Salad


4 chicken breasts
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar (hollah!)
garlic cloves
1 package frozen corn
2 cans black beans
2 cups diced tomatoes
1/2 c red chopped onion
chili powder
sea salt 
cayenne pepper


Chop chicken breasts to your liking.   Cook through in olive oil, garlic (I used 3 cloves), sea salt, and pepper.

While this is happening…make your "dressing."

In a separate small bowl combine apple cider vinegar,  sea salt (to taste), black pepper, 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1/2 tsp cumin, 3-4 packets of stevia, and 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper.  

Set aside.

Once cooked chicken somewhat cools, add in corn, black beans, tomatoes, and onion.   

Add in "dressing" and stir.

Chill in fridge until you are ready to serve.

Top with avacado and cilantro.

Again, another recipe that you could make 100 different ways.   It's refreshing, clean, and definitely 24 DC friendly.

Happy Friday, love lambs!

See you guys back here on Sunday for SS/WW!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

Hey Kitty Cats!  Lookame!   It's just like the olden days!  Remember when I used to post SWW religiously???  SWW is back.  In black.  #facty.

And  just like the good old days…

Here we go, yo!

**SO WHAT if I'm now a legit hypocrite and the little one is wearing character clothing?  Like on the Reg.  Like left and right.    I had the big one brainwashed long ago and somehow we escaped this phenomenma with her.    But somehow it makes this here little one super happy and super proud.  So somehow, somewhere I've thrown in the towel and can't deny her this kind of happiness.  I can't.
We're talking cheaply made shirts with the cast of Frozen and stuff on the front.   I know.     This completely reminds me of that time I had to eat crow when I put the Advocare sticker on my car.   It does.

**SO WHAT if Big Brother is back and I couldn't be more pumped???   Don't say a peep about the cast of characters because the first eppy is safe and sound on my DVR…just waiting for my undivided viewing attention.   Oh and I really miss my girl Julie,  and basically analyzing her outfits and wondering how she got so skinny.  So there's also that.   #winning 

**SO WHAT if I may or may not have numerous items for my next "Things You Need" post?   It's all just waiting for the time for my little fingers to get excited enough to feverishly type it all up.   I'm aiming for this weekend.   And you're all gonna love/hate me, per usual.

**SO WHAT if I accidentally ran to beat an innocent man to the Chipotle door the other day in order to be ahead of him in line?  It was an out of body experience and I felt like the poor soul looked at me as if to say "OMG, are you 10 years old!?!?"  It was only then that I realized my ridiculous behavior.   The problem is that I had the hunger of ten large men and I needed that giant bowl in my belly before the man behind me got his.  I did.

**SO WHAT if every night I say I'm gonna go to bed at 10 and every night I'm up well past midnight dilly dally-ing around the house?   I don't even know what to do about this or where to start.     What I do know is that the more sleep I get, the more tired I am so I'm really thinking my "you can sleep when you're dead" theory is right on.

**SO WHAT if I feel like summer is half over and it's kinda stressing me out?  These kiddos go back to school on August 13th, which is not right.  'Tis not right at all.  And it's making me nervous and making me think that we haven't even caught lightning bugs yet.  Ps-  Lightning bugs are "fireflies"  for those of you that aren't in the midwest or south..or don't have a small amount of hillbilly in you.  

S'all for now but I will see you guys back here for a giveaway (a seasonal product..woot woot) as well as my new favorite, super clean, super easy peasy, super fantabulous recipe. 

Laters Taters.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up!

First things first…for those of you who sent me this little ditty…#meloveyoulongtime… Cuz it's awesome.

I die.   But they've got it all wrong.  It's actually Diyabeetus.  It is.  Where's the Y???

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  A 5k on the tready and a random, speedy weight circut.  I had about 40 minutes and it all had to go down at 5 a.m.  Oh and it had to happen at home.   Although I wasn't fully satisfied, a quick workout is better than no workout.   For sure.

Saturday-  5 miles on the lake.   

Sunday-  50 minutes on the Arc Trainer, followed by a huge sweat sesh in the sauna.   The Arc makes me sweat like a beast.  Just like I likey....   If you aren't familiar with the Arc Trainer, it looks like this….

And you're gonna need to become BFF's with it for emergency situations.  Like when you need an emergency de-bloat.   

A fun weekend indeed.

Friday was spent with the padre and his fiance at the lake.  Where I accidentally had this.

And I swear it was infused with extra salt, which is why I needed the Arc so severely on Sunday.

The little one…bucking the system.   And basically protesting all conformity in general.  

 Fishing monkey girls, with a side of gramps.

Saturday morning 5 miler scene. 

Obsessed with this house.  I am.  Oh and check out the Jet Express, locked and loaded for Put in Bay with hooting and hollering boozers at 8:30 a.m.  I kid you not.     Clearly I'm old.  And tired.   

Saturday night, our very own Brian "the Bull" Holstein from Title Boxing Club Powell fought in the main event.

Some of the girlys...

Sunday was spent driving back to the lake to retrieve above said monkey girls.     Oh and eating what may now be my fave thing ever.   For realz.
   Peanut Calamari???   Oh Ma Word.   Yes please.

This week on the bloggeroni….

Another Advo giveaway!   


  Because Columbus Advocare Runner is well over 1,000 likes on the FB.  And I'm kinda pumped about that.

What else?

An Advo product spotlight.    Wanna know what it is??   Gonna have to tune back in.

Laters Babers.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two Healthy Obsessions

What What?   Two days in a row.  Looks like somebody is back in bloggy biz…

First things first…I've been drinking this stuff like it's my job.  

 If it makes Bethenny Frankel fabulous, I'm pretty sure it's gonna do the same for the rest of us.    This stuff isn't new to me and I've always loved it.   However,  the fact that Target and my regular Kroger is now carrying it, basically makes all things right in the world.    

How's that for an obnoxiousness?   Literally driving around ON the job, drinking Kombucha like it IS my job.  Go fig.  

And look at the stats… Not bad.   Huge energy boost and it keeps me full, amongst a million other things.   If I were that boy on Silver Spoons, I'd be buying this by the case and drinking 2-3 a day.    The problem is, it's steep.  I'm talking $3-$4 a bottle.  

You can read about the benny's of Kombucha here.  

Secondly, I'm full on obsessed with this oh so delcious, yet oh so ridiculously easy and simple snack.

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

To me, these are the equivalent of healthy potato chips.    Beware, though.  You are going to want to eat the entire batch.  Trust me.   Proportion these out.   As you know, we can't be trusted.   None of us.

 I've seen various recipes where people remove the skin.  Yeah, I don't do that.  Primarily because I need instant gratification and that would require one more step.


3 cans of chickpeas (drained and rinsed like a beast)
olive oil
sea salt
black pepper
cayenne pepper


Preheat over to 400
Throw rinsed chickpeas in a large bowl
Drizzle with olive oil
Sprinkle with above seasonings to taste
Spread on baking sheet
Bake for 35-40 minutes, depending on desired crunchiness

Again, another recipe that you could completely freestyle and come up with a zilion variations.  Ya'll know I'm obsessed with cinnamon.  Definitely trying a slightly sweet cinnamon variation so stand by for deets.

Oh and definitely a 24 DC/ 10 DC friendly snack.   #winning #getthere

Laters, Loves!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Well Shizzz…is it really mid June?

Howza bout a little "What I've been doing" and a recipe?

Let's talk about my last 10 DC…   Here's the deal.  It was needed.  And gave me a good reset.  And also forced me to make this recipe that I'm about to share in a hot second.

But secondly,  can we talk about my favorite quote in the history of the world?

I've been doing a little of this.  Or at least trying to.  This quote has always made me happy. Forever and ever, amen.

What else has been happening up in here?   We've been all kindsa wrapped up in summer shenanigans….swim team taking front and center.

Speaking of summer shenans,  the big one "ran" her first 5k this weekend.   Now when I say "ran" what I really mean is that she sprinted full throttle for approximately 50 yards, stopped and gasped for air for a couple minutes, and then rinsed and repeated this cycle for 3.12 miles.   As we all know,  my goal in life is basically to breed runners and hot sauce lovers, so clearly I'm happy as a clam either way. 

I've also been doing a lot of this….

 What you see here is your annual Summer Boardwalk   candle hoarding event that you've seen in these parts before.     I do feel confident that my stash will get me through till early Fall.  And for those of you that have messaged me on the Insta with SB sightings here in the 614…. #meloveyoulongtime.

I've also been participating in various random summer shenans, in general.

Fireworks, sprinklers, #diyabeetus, pool shenans,  parties,  popsicles…the things summertime is made of.

I've also discovered my favorite little "fake vacation" place in the 614.

Bel Lago, have you been here all along?   It's like you're not even in the C-bus...  But you are.

Patio is so cute.  And so peaceful.  614 people, if you haven't been here, you need to go asap.   

Okay, so let's get down to biz and talk about something healthy.

So my neighbor has been dabbling in the Whole 30.    She sent me this amazing recipe for Mini Egg Pizzas.  

The problem is, I had about 1/4 of the ingredients for the above recipe.   Instead of driving to the grocery store like a sane person, I needed immediate gratification and started throwing things in a skillet.  I've made at least 3 batches of these now and they have never failed me.  Oh and the 4 year old can not keep her paws off.

Pizza Egg Muffins

Per usual, feel free to stand by and admire my amazing photography skillz…

Okay, here's the deal, you can basically throw in whatever you've got.  Not even kidding. I've made these a couple different ways and somehow it's magical.       Here's what I had on hand the first time.  


A dabble of olive oil
1/2 c clean marinara sauce (I used TJ's)
diced tomatoes
8 slices of diced no sugar added bacon
12 eggs
Italian seasoning (I used Mrs. Dash)
diced olives


-Heat olive oil in large, deep skillet.  I used about 2 tbsp.
-Add in chopped/diced bacon.  Cook until done.
-Add in marinara sauce.  I used this..

Hardly any shoog.  And awesome. 

Add in the rest of your non-egg ingredients.  For tomatoes, I used this.

Heat it all up, meld it all together.   

Slowly start adding your eggs.  

And stir.
Continuously stir.
Add in your Italian seasoning…
You can use the real stuff or you can use this.  I was forced to use this.   #pleasedonthatemeiloveyou

Let this all kind of hang out together and continue to stir.    You want your eggs almost fully cooked and slightly fluffy but not "done."   

Fill muffin cups approx 3/4 full.    

Bake on 325 for about 25 minutes.

These are an awesome breakfast or snack.   They are packed with protein so certainly have staying power.   And as mentioned above, the options are endless.  They are.

Before I peace out, allow me to leave you with this.     It's so us.  Us nut butter lovers.   It is.  If only.

Another recipe on deck!

Love you, miss you, mean it.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The 10 Day Cleanse is going down in 3,2,1..and Sunday Sentiments in Pics.

Hi Loves!
 First things first.  This outta control Neanderthal is starting the 10 Day Cleanse tomorrow.   Legit.     I'm seeing posts from errrrrbody and their brother that they are gearing up.   Initially, I was gonna put it off for a couple more weeks.  However, the bottom line is, I'm due.  And, despite some good workouts,  this weekend made me feel more than gross.  You can't out-workout crappy food.   You can't.         So as always, the time is now.   Go big or go home.      I need a reset and some accountability and the cleanse always does the trick.    10 Day is going down tomorrow.   #facty

Which brings me to...

Weekend Workouts:
Thursday- Taught the early birds at Title Boxing and 6 miles.
Friday-  3 miles with #Runnerdog (he's working on his fitness again.  Big time.)
Saturday- 6 miles and  shoulders, chest, bi's, tri's, and abs.
Sunday-  A little Title Boxing workout and 3 miles.
The weekend in pics.
** 4 year old getting pretty and loving every second.  #HME   (hot mess express for the newbies)
** Pretending we're fancy and VIP
**Memorial Tournament shenans.  614 friends, was the weather perfect or what?
** My BF with the teasing skills got ahold of a teasing brush and well, we all gained about 2 inches of height in less than 5 minutes.
** Last soccer game of the season for my little home slice.    Proud and rosy cheeked.
**Eating copious amounts of Mediterranean meats.   You guys,  our friends post golf tourney party included a food truck.  In their driveway.  With copious amounts of lamb.   Be still, my heart.  
** Flat out appalled at my own behavior.  1.  Drinking straight #diyabeetus.  2.  #butfirst,letstakeaselfie.   Need I say more?

**I kind of  acquired my BF, Bethenny Frankels personalized autograph. #dontbejelly   Clearly framing this in less than 48.
** More VIP/ us pretending we're grown ups. 
**  More diva shenans.  My fave part of this pic. is my big one in the background, in her own world, working it, with her neon pink crossbody bag.   I kind of love that the most.
**  Waiting in this God forsaken Starbucks line.   More than once.   #whoami?   
So in summary.....  do we see why I need an emergency 10 day cleanse?  
We've got....
1. Diyabeetus
2. Multiple trips to Starbucks
 3.  Copious amounts of meats and various sauces
4.  Many other naughty things (including white bread!!), which didn't make the collage.
I mean???   It's time.
Stay tuned for what I'm eating.   Because it's time for that too.
Laters Babers.