Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tueday Troubles

Stealing my girl Jen's button,  NBD.

Back in action with some #firstworldproblems…also known as Tuesday Troubles.

1.  WHY did George Clooney put a ring on it?  Miso Confused.

After a lifetime of self proclaimed Bachelorhood-ism, can we all agree that he's just too old to adapt to this lifestyle?  He just is.   Is she preggers?    Can we please discuss this?

2.   I need new music.   And you guys never fail me with your running music recs.   So send 'em my way.  Pretty please?   I'll compile another playlist and post it for y'all and #errrrbody happy.

3.   You guys, I'm off Quest bars.  I can't be trusted.   If I have them in my house, I have an undeniable desire to want to eat 12 in one day.   And this is no bueno.  So I'm sorry I got you addicted.   Howevs, for now, I had to remove them from my life.

Exhibit A)….
This is the kind of stuff I've been doing….
  Dipping Quest bars in PB2, just for fun.   Making PB2 spread and topping said Quest bar... just for fun.   For now, I'm banned.  Like I said, I can't be trusted.

4.   Why are my favorite running shorts always dirty?   And furthermore, why doesn't Lulu make my favorite runinng shorts anymore????  Lulu, please oh please bring back the Bright at Night!   Stalking Ebay is exhausting.    I can't live like this.  

5.    The next "Things You Need" post is growing exponentially.   #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.

6.   I can't stop stalking the weather for Saturday and it's really not looking good, friends.   However, my boy, Jym Ganahl always seems to pull through for me on race day so hope is not lost.   Remember last year when I ran this exact race and then hopped a flight to Disney?  Who does that?!?

7.  I'm once again super distraught about the lack of availablity of my favorite B&BW candle.   It used to be called Summer Boardwalk 

and now it's called American Boardwalk

 but it's the exact same scent and I'm legit obsessed.   Howevs, the bottom line is, it's gone.   Like totes.    So bloggy friends, if you happen to miraculously stumble upon one of these gems at your local B&BW,  I'm gonna need you to basically send me a 911 email.

S'all for now.  

WIAW is back.  In black.  Tomorrow.   Be there.

Laters Babers.

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